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  1. How do I move the camera in small increments? I have my gyro sensitivity as low as it goes and my reaction wheels on the probe are it still jumps all over the place. Thanks!
  2. Are there any issues with TWR for the development version? My readout says the TWR is 2.20 and my rocket can't lift off. NEVERMIND: There was some old mods in there somewhere.....I bleached my Gamedata folder and it works. Thanks!
  3. How do you bring the docking port bumpers in? I tried to dock with them sticking out and it won't dock. I'm guessing I have to bring them in. I clicked on the docking port but there was no option. Thanks!
  4. It's not the OPM, because my KER display is the exact same and I don't have OPM. Was just coming here to ask the same question.
  5. How do I get the orbital & manuever node information to show time based on the 6 hour Kerbal day instead of Earth days?