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  1. Those screenshots look amazing !! Really excited to see a 1.8 version is coming up. Keep up the good work, folks
  2. Hello, With the removal of Lili's orbit line, I can't seem to be targetting it (I can still focus on it). That makes doing an intercept Hohmann transfer really hard. Am I missing something? Thank you.
  3. May I suggest that, in the install instructions, you specify that there is a new texture file to download? I was having an error until I realized it. Didn't think of it at first because for a few versions the texture file was always the same. thank you!
  4. Today is a good day. You guys are awesome. Just sent a little something to show my appreciation. Thanks a thousand times!
  5. Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that your work and dedication in this project is amazing. Thank you so much ! I'm a junior programmer with experience with C++ and some free time on my hands. So, if you want to send some work my way, please don't hesitate, I'd be really happy to help out. My handle on github is fusionjv.
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