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  1. OMG you are an angel for keeping this mod a live! This mod is not the biggest, but it really elevates the whole process of building probes or rockets in general! I have one tiny request, could it be possible to implement a reset function on the fuel sensors and the possibility to monitor if the resource goes above instead of just below? I got around this problem by using two sensors and a timer circuit in my last probe that used smart parts to automate functions like backup communication, though that was back in 0.25 I would actually really like to be able to flip the sensors fuel trigger and have two thresholds.
  2. hey I'm having trouble with the Nuclear engines, they seem to generate electricity even though their internal reactors are shutdown. you could build a whole ship without thinking about batteries or power generators (the one that go on the nuclear reactors). I've had this problem through out several updates.
  3. I've been wondering for a long time, why does the flight computer buttons for custom sas (pitch +-, roll +- and heading +-) lock up after a reload/revert? and when it's not locked, why is does it increase/decrease so fast?b
  4. Talk about a game breaking update! RemoteTech is a must for me, can't wait for the update
  5. Really awesome tool, gone are the days of guessing or overcompensation! Though do you think you could implement a "max polar range" number, because the stable range is not telling the whole story. The polar range would be a guarantied continues link at any inclination.
  6. Hey Love this mod! I use it on almost every single rocket, though there's only one thing that's bugging me that I would like to suggest. Why doesn't the fuel sensor auto reset, or at least give the option for auto reset? This would make my rockets so much smarter with less parts and development time from me . I've made some ships with auto functions, like low power mod and emergency power, by using a couple of different parts put together. this takes time to gain and it's kinda of a pain to rig up several actions. What I would like to see is a fuel sensor that can detect two levels, high and low with the middle reseting the sensor for detecting the state (high or low). This could easily be used on a battery to control the generators, thus allowing for more control over the resources, as of now it's not possible to do those kind of functions without using the timer part and it takes 3 or 4 parts per functions (glitches out with just two fuel sensors). That's just a suggestion, I don't know if it was by design that you didn't implement auto reset or if you've found a better way to do what I'm trying to do
  7. Ok I found the mod that was crashing with FAR. It was the toadicius.dll from toadicius tools used by the tweakable everything mod.
  8. Ok so I'm not sure if anybody has mentioned it, but I'm having a lot of performance hit in the VAB and SPH after installing the Fanno update. This is due to FAR constantly trying to update the Voxel thing: Those spikes makes it very jerky and now it averages 60fps, with lag spikes dipping at 20 every half second. it used to run at a smooth 100+ in the VAB. Edit: It seems that it's only some parts that are causing this bug, the parts don't need to be added to the ship, just selecting them causes FAR to constantly update the vexel thing. I'll try to remove all the other mods.
  9. ops my bad yeah, it's from universal storage thought on a side note: I'm having another minor problem with KIS (though I'm pushing it to the limit). I tried to install fairings (from procedural fairings) with KIS but it said wrong node to attach. it treated the fairings as side mounted objects.... What I was trying to do was, using the KIS storage containers to hold two extra fairings, I wanted to replace the fairings while in orbit. I'm not sure how this could be fixed without the two mods collaborating or something, but I guess I'll just have to find another way to design my ship
  10. this is the only mod that I really want for 1.0. it feels like cheating playing KSP without this mod.
  11. I tried going back a few pages in this thread, but here is my problem: I tried using the Oxygen-hydrogen full cell, but when ever I use it it and let it run for a few minutes it starts to over heat both the full cell and the rest of the ship. I'm not sure if it's because I'm using it wrong (like not adding cooling if there's cooling in the mod?) or if there's something wrong with the amount of heat that's getting generated by the full cells. I was making a unnamed Kerbonaut rescue drone using the full cell as a power and water generator
  12. huh, if I just put parachutes in the command pod's inventory it doesn't get added to the total weight of the ship. I haven't really tested a lot of other stuff, but it does the same with the Mystery Goo. I'm guessing it's supposed to ad the weight...?
  13. oh sweet jesus thanks for the update, though you should definitively update the old thread to point people here! I've had this damn problem for a while (attachment note not scaling down), but as far as I can see this version fixed it