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  1. No I downloaded it from curseforge. redownloaded it now from your link, it works! thanks!
  2. Did this now a few times, still no icon. I know that icon but it is still missing. I am using EVE and scatterer, could they interfere? module manager is also installed.
  3. Greetings, I am using KSP 1.2.2 and do not have a GUI for texture replacer anymore. Why is that? I had this once? I could choose and assign textures to specific kerbals and jobs. Am i missing something?
  4. THank you for this game that connects people, teaches us complex things with ease and fun. When you start your next project let us know so we can look after you again. A hearty farewell to you, my fine sire.
  5. Oh this is so nice. Well, after you took most of the kerbalish stupid fun out of the story (just for me) with the introduction of the romulans this scene with lisa is just wonderful. Aaaaaaw. Now I wonder what she thinks. Is she going to support kenlie? What is she up to. hmmmm.
  6. You know that you can make screenshots in KSP by pressing F1 ? Why did you take a photo of your screen? And you can also rotate your pictures really easy. DO you know?
  7. Dont know when I joined, but me thinks that many of us just lurk around and read rather than post
  8. I do not comprehend what is happening right now. Never felt better XD
  9. I see, thanks for the explanation. Here at my work place I tried to talk about the SpaceX powered landing and what it means, but unfortunately no one cares. It's a bliss to be able to read all the opinions here
  10. @Kuzzter don't tell me this design actually works. Nearly no wings/lift and only this tiny amount of fuel? And here I am, still trying to figure out how to fly my Planes to Orbit. Was no problem in 0.90 but since 1.0 I was not able to do it :/
  11. What I don't understand is why rocket *scientists* still use the imperial system, in presentations even. It's highly impractical and does not follow a logic whatsoever, just arbitrarily defined nonsense for measurement for use during the colonial times of the british people. Is there actually a benefit for using the imperial system in science? <- this is a serious question, because I just don't get it. @GoSlash and Starhawk
  12. But of course. It's an entirely different kind of flying... all together.
  13. My suggestion: the game "flags" the ship you used to complete the contract as station. If a cupola/lab/whatever is part of the station determines the contract (of course). So complete two stationquests with two different ships, they are hence flagged as station and this triggers the contextual.
  14. Thank you, didn't know the option was there. Great!