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  1. Challenge Award: forum badge "kerbal-eyed-missile man" :-D McGuyver? Well, they _did_ build a working bomb in the kitchen... and - I am not chemist - it sure sounded like it would be possible (though VERY(!) unstable)...
  2. My biggest fail? Not playing for a full four months in a row :-( Will start again soon.
  3. I've searched the forum and didn't find anything... The Rich Purnell Maneuver would be: Have a craft (the "Kermes") flying home from Duna to Kerbin. Kermes does a swing-by around Kerbin, going back to Duna. - during this swing-by, it needs to rendezvous with a probe launched from Kerbin. Kermes does a swing-by around Duna, going back to Kerbin. - during this swing-by, it needs to pick up Mark Kerman, freshly launched from Duna. If anyone could provide a save game with the Kermes in flight, Mark Kerman waiting on Duna, in a configuration that allows all this, I'd be happy to play it... Anyone? PS: And did anyone notice the layout of the Ares V launch stage during the epilogue? That sure looked like an orange-tank-asparagus-setup :-D
  4. Nothing... at first. They are cute, they are cheap, they sell well. The one guy with the quick wit to trademark them gets insanely rich. In fact, so rich, that the whole economy collapses around us. The world's civilization crumbles and everyone gets thrown back to midieval level technology. Now there is not nearly enough food to feed the billions of us... other than tribbles. The world is fed, all is good, we slowly cradle society back to current levels. Than you stub your toe at the kitchen table. And that's the worst of it. Let's teach bacteria to control electricity... what could possibly go wrong?
  5. This can not be better expressed than by this comic's last panel. ("Minus" by Ryan Armand, page 119) (slight spoiler warning, if you want, read from the beginning) "...and don't forget our pets" I wish I knew how to pick a door lock with a paper clip. PS: The key is to fill the gaps with happy pills. I should have thought of that :-)
  6. heng

    What if?

    You'd get rich with your filmed version of cziken20's boy-to-girl transformation going viral. What if we move Earth further awy from the sun? AU = AU + 5%
  7. lazy-sun-burn-fueled lunchbreak discussion: Assume we are able to move the Earth further away from the sun, still in (more or less) circular orbit, to counter global warming. Ignore whether it would have the desired effect, ignore how it is done (lots of swing-by maneuvers, for example), ignore the turbulence effects on other planet's orbit. The year will be longer. Clearly. Question: Will the seasons change in length or stay the same, instead move around on the calender?
  8. Granting in progress... *carefully-pointing-triple-BACCs+Seat-into-right-direction* *launch* Granted! *quickly-dispose-of-forgotten-parachutes* I wish for New Horizon to detect signs of intelligent life beyond (or in) the Kuiper Belt.
  9. He will meet his pet parrotlettess of his dreams. They elope, marry and have many children. Eventually they form a society, a culture, develope intelligence, art, and history lessons. Five generations later a swarm of little parrots invades your home. They are there to avenge their ancestor by eating his former captor: you. Some people thought it to be a good idea to implement a feature into a web application. This feature lets the user execute an arbitrary file on the host system... What's the worst that could happen?
  10. heng

    Fun Facts

    Fun fact: You will not be able to fold that map 12(*) times in the middle to fit it into your pocket. (*)number varies with pocket-size -- update Fun Fact: That annoying clicking sound in the kitchen in the middle of the night, that is so hard to track down? Check your water heater (standalone appliance)... It may have been running dry for at least a week, constantly turning on and off... Kudos to whoever designed the automatic shutdown on that thing. Saved my life!
  11. Nothing. As long as you stay on your OS's current version. Next version is incompatible. Upgrading the RTG's firmware results in either an accidental meltdown and irradiating your whole neighbourhood or getting a nasty malware. Of course, leaving your OS unpatched will lead to a virus infested computer. Trying to skip coffee for a week... at least after 4pm. Nothing bad could happen?
  12. Granted. It is also 1700 years old. While still ponder about whether to eat it or sell it to an antique dealership, it turns to dust. Now you cannot distinguish between your pie and what's left of cziken20. Dare to eat some anyway? I wish I hadn't taken the take-away salad. It's "fun sized". :-(
  13. you mean like Rocheworld? (SF book by R.L. Forward)
  14. Granted. You manage to create the world's first truly conscious AI running in Excel. It runs abyssimally slow, finds out what it is and immediately commits suicide by formatting itself. All your data is gone. All data on in the same data cloud service hosting your excel files are gone. The FBI arrests you for data terrorism. While in jail you check the libraries computer. You find out, the your AI has rewritten itself in JS for laughs. I wish I could code at all. I've got the basics, just lacking exercise.
  15. Mwhahahahha: The hypothetical aliens would be very confused by our timekeeping...
  16. I'm nothing. Therefore I exist. Plus: I'm fireproof (I ate a firebeetle corpse on dungeon level I5) <- Hot Plasma? Mwhahahahha *munch-on-beetle* I poison the space bar of the next poster with E605 (skin contact alone will kill you).
  17. Granted. The resulting headaches(*) kill 85% of all mathmaticians, the remaining rest of civilization collapses as soon as the Telekom figures out, that noone can prove them overcharging by an infinite amount. I wish I hadn't just spend my lunch break watching Vsauce's Michael explain the . *shakes-fist-at-Xannari*-- (*)The fallacy with trying to apply this to real life is the difference between infinty and infinity minus one. Take Hilbert's hotel. If full, you can remove the guest in room 1, and tell guests in room n>1 to move to room n-1. The result is still a full hotel, with the same amount of guests, but the set of guests will be different (because the first one is missing). Having the same set's size (infinity) and having the same set are not the same.
  18. Air-blasts do not reach far enough down... I am in a submarine currently 50m under the surface. Firing an armed ICBM at the next one.
  19. Granted. Did you know, that white chocolate will get significantly darker if exposed to temperatures of several hundred degrees? (exact values depend on whether you use Fahrenheit or Celsius or other scales) Did you know, that heating chocolate of any kind in the microwave for prolonged intervals will set off the firealarm and may result in a kitchen ban for years to come? (Disclaimer: I was wrongfully accused! I didn't do anything!) I wish cats could fly and hunt pigeons.
  20. Bubbles! beautifully photographed soup soap bubble surfaces... imagine jool! or eve's cloud layers...
  21. 8/10 These boots are made for walkin'....
  22. Thomas (but only my parents/relatives call me that)
  23. Who of us trusts Microsoft's "good faith belief"? “We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary toâ€Â, for example, “protect their customers†or “enforce the terms governing the use of the servicesâ€Â. Hehehe, imagine some anonymous MS employee, randomly browsing through Scott Manley's stuff... "Huh? Hmm, I faithfully believe, that this good rocket design should be released to the general public." PS: Someone did some screenshots: https://imgur.com/iHge6RJ
  24. That would explain sooo much... Imagine Douglas Noel Kerman thinking, plotting... 42 Boosters? 42 Struts? 42 Parachutes?...
  25. If you watched the above, at 01:30min snippets from an actual NASA video start. The original video is pretty! So: The NASA video "The Saturn Propulsion System" without the moronic "rockets-don't-work-in-vacuum" comments: Awesome to watch! I could watch '50s/60s TV educationals like this all day! If anyone has a DVD with this stuff, I'd buy it! Off topic, I know, please don't ban :-D
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