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  1. Regarding the post I made yesterday, I found out that IFS is working with it's own tanks, but exclusively with those. Is that on purpose or is my Module Manager messed up and fails to patch the other tanks correctly? It used to be standard that IFS used MM to patch all detected tanks to use the fuel switches, wasn't it? And if that is intentional, can I somehow undo these changes? I liked to be able to change to liquid fuel only in all my tanks to have freedom of building with nuclear engines. Sadly enough that is not possible anymore with this state. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me having trouble with MM and IFS together?
  2. Hey, I have some trouble with IFS after updating to version 1.15. I do use a massive amount of mods, so there is a wide field of potential collision, but so far the mods worked together pretty well. After updating I now dont get the option to change any of my fuel types in any of my tanks. Even the stock tanks are not interchangeable anymore. Was there a new dependency in IFS 1.15 that I might be missing maybe?
  3. Thanks for these fast responses guys. And before I forget to mention it again: you guys do a fantastic job on this mod! I am using it since I've found it back in 2013 and never started any game without it ever since Just love the details and the estetics your parts bring into this game. This should definitly be stock! B2T: Damn it, i forgot to mention that i checked Taskmanager while loading. When it gets stuck KSP (32 Bit version) consumes 1,37 GB out of the ~3,7 it could adress, so there shouldn't be a reasonable memory problem. Before that i tried loading the 64 Bit version and it got stuck aswell (same step, cockpits of B9) and it could adress 8 GB in that version, so memory shouldn't be a problem at all. I worked with cutting out parts in the past, where there was no ATM and stuffs, but stopped doing that because oddly enough KSP 64 Bit worked perfectly fine for me in 0.24. So I just used ATM and 64 Bit and it went well with around 25 installed Mods (B9, Novapunch and KW included) and 3,2 GB of RAM used after the initial loading. I would like to upload the output_log, but at the moment I'm just to stupid to find out how to upload it unto this post. Gimme some time to check how I can do it PS: sorry for any typos, I'm used to speaking english a lot, but I am not writing it very often, so it's not the best to be honest. I'm from germany actually. Edit: I've yet to find an option to upload my stuff (other then to upload it elsewhere and then link it here). But i searched the log for any entries with "HL_Aero_Cockpit" (cause that seems to be the part where it gets stuck) and only found 3 mentionings where the ModuleManager succesfully deleted optional nodes due to "missing" mods (for example: I'm not using Deadly Reentry, so there was stuff included into the cockpit from the devs, that isn't needed in my situation and thus got deleted by MM - if i get that right?!). Other then that the part isn't mentioned anywhere else in the log. Searching for any "memory" relations didn't work either. Edit2: Ok 3rd test revealed, that it seems to not be related to B9 (or at least not exclusively). I deleted B9 and tried to load the game and it still will get stuck after the ModuleManager worked his stuff out. After I deleted B9 it got stuck at NFP-Parts. Could it be that the ATM isn't working propperly or that i have a conflict with some scripts for the MM? Edit3: strangely enough it seemed to be an issue with KSPs main installation. I tried a clean installed and it didn't work, after a second attempt to repair the installation STEAM reloaded about 100 MBs of files and now everything is running smooth as silk So after all it was nothing about the mods but about STEAMs uplader. Sorry for blowing the whistle too early on this one!
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to the forums as a poster but im reading it very frequently. Im playing KSP for two years now and kind of always modded it to the maximum. Since KSP 0.25 came out a few weeks ago I'm having trouble with B9 and it's cockpits. When i load the game (heavily modded, but functional until I installed B9 with his latest patch) the loading process gets stuck on one of the cockpits of B9. First its the HL-cockpit, when i exclude it, it goes on to the next best one (S2) and gets stuck there. I have the latest ATM installed, tried using 32 and 64 bit versions of KSP to load, reinstalled the mods twice now and am running out of things to try to fix this I would appreciate it if someone could try and help me out with this loading issue, cause i can't play KSP without B9 anymore. PS: since there is no crash involved i can't post any crash loggs here.