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  1. I was hoping i could help with my knowledge of old norse, but i have to admit that I do not know how "apoapsis", "thrust vectoring", and "escape velocity" translate to 9th century. I fear the result would be a bit Up Goer Five.
  2. I do feel that it is an issue, but probably for other reasons than the poll suggests. First of all, it's my firm belief that everyone should play the game as they see fit, that's what's the most important. For most games I play all stock. at least for the vast majority of the game. Exceptions are usually if there's something I find horribly wrong with an otherwise fine game, such as Fallout 3 weapon damage (way too low, and the player can take too much damage, resulting in a way too easy game. There's a mod that changes that). I remember saying at one point regarding mods "I pre
  3. I have: 3 kids 1 wife Full time job A side business Over 2000 hours of KSP I'll sleep when i retire.
  4. Kerbal: Total War Call of Duty: Kerbal Warfare Seriously, tho: flight sim would be great. Some sort of prequel to KSP, where developing flight is the main theme. Similar to ksp, but geared towards planes, and a lot more detailed.
  5. One of my first Duna missions: Despite not moving far away from Kerbin, I was sick of the trial and error portion of building, so I had started using KER to get proper readouts during construction. This had left me with a craft that on paper looked like it'd work. I also had KAS installed, as I liked doing assembly in orbit. Because using KAC from early on, I had pretty much solely relied on launch-to-encounter, as it's more efficient, and a lot more fun. The orange three were about to take of Duna, but with lower dV remaining than I was comfortable with. I sent an engineer out to remove
  6. First of all, instead of going for a powered decent from high up, burn orbital retro until your periapsis is maybe 5000 meters above the ground, coast halfway around the mun to the new periapsis, and go from there. Secondly, it sounds like your navball is in orbit mode. When at your new periapsis, click the speed readout until you're in surface mode. Then start a powered decent from there. A suicide burn is a lot more efficient, but also a lot harder to time right and survive. Try to keep a groundspeed of around 50-100 until the 1000 meter mark and then slow down to 10
  7. 1 never happened to me 2 is what's ended most of my saves 3 has happened twice to me
  8. As a followup to this question, I've started using MKS Lite instead of MKS. I had my MKS base up and running smoothly, but I found that MKS Lite is more to my taste/gameplay. However, I cannot see the MKS launchpad anywhere? Is it not part of MKS Lite at all? Is it possible to "mod it over" somehow? Alternatively, what's the "best" way of building/launching rockets from my Munbase via MKS Lite/EPL? I've never used the EPL parts, as I liked the look and feel of the MKS-L replacement parts.
  9. I listen to Vektor now and then. Not for coding anymore, tho: Like I mentioned, raising 3 kids has taken its toll on my ability to concentrate In my old job, as seismic survey technician, I used to code when onboard a ship, in rough weather, sitting next to the most annoying VHF radio, with the loudest navigational department in the world sharing my desk. All this with the highly eclectic music taste of the geophysical department ensuring that silence was not a possibility. It's perhaps worth mentioning that the main difference between then and now is that I'm now mostly coding in ja
  10. *Extends gecko-like tongue and consumes it* "No there's not." Waiter! There's gecko drool in my soup!
  11. I have that for my car-playlist, along with Meshuggah and Dimmu Borgir. Doesn't work too well when coding, tho. I sometimes put it on at the workshop on my dayjob to bring some counterbalance to the dance-hits our interns usually insist on playing.
  12. I'm a technician by trade (maritime, to be precise. VHF radios, echosounders, sonars, autopilots, etc), but a programmer by hobby. It just so happens that the latter is often paid, so I happen to call this work. Now, I used to have a playlist dedicated to good background music when I needed to concentrate, but I've found that instrumental music works so much better. For quite some time I've tried to build a decent playlist of music that allows me to "get in the zone". Now, I normally have a very wide taste in music (70's progrock, 00's death metal, 90's rock, classical and some stuff that is
  13. Alright, so I'm now at the point where my MKS-oriented munar base is almost self-sufficient (The crew shuttles bring a small amount of materials now and then, which is enough to keep life support running for years). The goal was to have this be a staging ground for crewed interplanetary explorations, and with time I'm hoping to do the same on Duna and Laythe with time. These bases will also be where I build the required hardware (ships, additional base structures, etc). So now that I've gotten the base up and running, i'm having some problems wrapping my head around Extraplanetary Launchp
  14. I'd say it's mostly stable. I only have a few crashes now and then in the VAB, and i use a ton of mods, some of which haven't been updated since 1.0.5
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