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  1. I seem to have an issue after updating to 1.2.11. The parts all appear in the selector, however, they do not function at all, as no OSE - specific buttons show up in the right click menus for the workshop parts. Looking in KSP.log shows the following lines: Which seems to show that the PartModules arent loading, for some reason. Mods Used: ClickThroughBlocker ToolbarControl B9PartSwitch 2.10.0 CommunityResourcePack Firespitter 7.13.0 KIS 1.22 Workshop I think these are the bare minimum for OSE workshop to work. Am i missing any? Downgrading to does not have this issue and works ok. EDIT: log file is here: https://gofile.io/?c=2D7sHt
  2. I am having an issue when docking a rover in a cargo bay. There is a docking port on the base of the rover and on the floor of the bay. When the docking ports connect, all 4 tracks on the rover break and report that they are 'overstressed'. The docking force is set to the minimum level on both ports. I am using the KF Medium Tracks.
  3. Sounds great! When LMP is availiable, will i have to install it on the server again from scratch or will the DMP - updater work?
  4. Sorry to necro this thread, but does anyone know what type of plastic is used in estes rocket nose cones? I can't seem to find any information on the material used.
  5. I have a fair few hobbies. Mine are: programming, archery, model rocketry, model trains, lego, RC aircraft/boats, airfix, 3D design/modelling, electronics, sleeping, eating, gaming, scouting, ham radio. To name just a few
  6. Pretty cool I wonder if he can play minecraft inside of minecraft
  7. Does this mean that existing posts that violate this rule will be removed/edited/moderated?
  8. IIRC, everything apart from the camera in the Asteroid Day mod will be stock in 1.1.
  9. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I will definitely take a look at them.
  10. Sorry if I was not clear enough. I have used OpenRocket for simple designs in the past. I do not actually have rocksim or SpaceCAD, but am considering purchasing one if they provide significant advantages over OpenRocket, such as accuracy and simulation of multiple stage rockets. I was asking what people recommended out of the 3 and whether there is any good design/simulation software that I do not know about.
  11. Thanks, I already use Creo 3.0 for CAD work, so i will see about using it for model rocket design.
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