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  1. The Habitation module supports 12 Kerbals and the Command module supports 5. I think the escape system should be plenty. You should be able to see both modules as well as the Communication module on the right side of the station.
  2. The escape module is done. You can find it on KerbalX along with all the other stuff: Get the MR-Emergency module
  3. Good suggestion! I shall add an Escape module. The fuel is already there with all the central tanks.
  4. So I created this space station with nine attachment points for the various modules. So far I have been able to build 7 different modules for this thing, but I need some help filling up the last two slots. What am I missing? I would appreciate any suggestions you might have. Starting at the top and moving clockwise: Science experiments/scanner Science Lab Living Quarters Command and Control Communications Refinery Power station ??? ???
  5. Alignment is absolutely critical when doing hexagons. Navyfish's docking port alignment mod helped me. Putting some space also helps as Allocthonous suggested. My Hex Array Frame might be a good pattern for you too.
  6. I had a client that would call the help desk, "The database is corrupted again." It took months to determine that he was laying his right hand on the numeric keypad while typing into a field with his left. I was actually asked how to prevent that from happening.
  7. @sir_frost I just started working on an isoctahedron last night and you beat me to it! Amazing job. Please post your craft on KerbalX.
  8. I do believe the images for those craft were edited before loading to imgur. I used KSP to take the screenshot, loaded it up with Windows preview and then used Snipping Tool to get the exact image I wanted. Then I pasted the image to imgur. I wonder if the problem is because of the odd sizes and shapes. These are not your normal rectangular images. I bet imgur was having issues during the time I posted them. I did all of them very quickly.
  9. I put some red arrows on the flaky thumbnails. I'm on Firefox 47 as well.
  10. Hey Katateochi, The thumbnails for a few of my craft are messed up. It's really noticeable here If I open the page, the image appears normal. I've even tried to edit the craft to see if that will help. The problem starts at the Frame Habitation Pod and shows up on the next seven thumbnails including the Command Pod. All the craft after that look fine. Let me know if you need a screenshot of what I'm talking about.
  11. Flipping fuel rings. Don't you just hate it when that happens?
  12. Sometimes it's just fun to combine various stations into one really big one! That's six of my 3-Arm Station Cores attached to the ring. 645 parts and 535 tons.