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  1. SpaceMouse

    IXS Warpship Original Series

    @Denko666 I had no idea you had been through so much. I'm glad your doing better now! I actually talked to @StevieD a while ago and would like to update this. However i have a few parts i HAVE to finish for KSPi first. I wanted to do a few more updates to make the IXS a bit more 'realistic', I have a project inspired by the IXS concept that's reasonably far along.
  2. So I'm assuming this is a user error thing but, is there a specific configuration required to get a .mu to show up as a thruster plume? If i rename it i can even get it to show up as a part, but renfrencing it in the same folder or the standard FX folder gets me a whole lot of nothing. Any ideas?
  3. SpaceMouse

    Moved recently. Venting thread.

    Ok, this probably should of gone in the complaining thread but, It's almost certainly gonna run long and thought i should separate it. Easier to keep track of anyway. I'm intentionally being vague about details here. So background information. I moved in with friends 5 years ago into a big house with the ultimate goal of cheap rent for everyone, a garage to learn to fix cars, and a sizable yard. Sort of worked at first but the one person with their name on the paperwork claimed more and more of the house for their 'business'. Their business wasn't a particularly clean one. No amount of arguing or attempting to compromise accomplished a single thing. This person had two dogs which don't get much more than fed and let outside. One they insisted on getting as a puppy and didn't do much in the way of training. The other actually came in through a person that was there briefly and is about the nicest dog in the world named Zeus. I and another friend of mine brought him to our rooms so he got to be with hoomans that actually care about him. So, there was a final catalyst and we both decided it was time to move. I ended up moving in with my cousin short term although i had looked at several apartments, and a couple houses but held off due to not really having the money saved up and another factor I don't wish to dig into here. As you can probably imagine the previous person in charge wasn't willing to give up Zeus. I brought my cat, but i couldn't bring Zeus. My cousin is in a apartment and most apartments frown on big dogs. My cousin might have a hard time handling him if needed. Although the worst he'd ever do is sit on you. I've seen a number of posts of peoples dogs online lately and it's getting to me. a lot. He's ok there mostly. He gets food and water and goes out. He's getting old though and I'm hoping i can still get him out in the few years he has left. I miss Zeus.
  4. SpaceMouse

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    We have advanced far too much technologically as a species to die off, IMO. The rest of the planet is not-so-slowly dying but we will likely survive. Life will get considerably harder once we are entirely reliant on technology and engineering everything. Unless we happen to nuke ourselves, which isn't exactly out of the realm of possibility. Mutually assured destruction is a thing though, and no-one benefits from a nuclear war. I'd likely expect it's the case for other species. We're assuming culture and environments similar to ours on species and planets we can barely even guess at based on the composition of exoplanet atmospheres. Much of our science seems to lack the ability to think outside of the box. Kind of understandable though, as we have no other point of view to base a theory on.
  5. SpaceMouse

    A simple truss parts pack?

    It's certainly a pretty ship but, I (and probably most other modders here) Have a list of projects a mile long that need to be finished. Yeah, you can get pretty dang close on just Nerta's parts. Some of the DSEV parts are pretty similar too.
  6. SpaceMouse

    A simple truss parts pack?

    These appear to have no textures or UV mapping and without even the original files you've only posted a picture of, your basically asking someone to remake all these from scratch. Quite the request. As others have mentioned, there's a number of parts packs that have similar layouts.
  7. I actually tried this before. Sticking VASIMR's next to it even at highest ISP kinda negates the ultra high ISP of the FFR. XD
  8. SpaceMouse

    Modern PC flight sim.

    I might be wrong on DCS. I suspect XP's code hasn't significantly changed since XP 8 or 9. Well over 10 years ago. I think it might be time for them to move to a modern engine. A little of all actually. I feel like in 2018 a Flight sim should look at least as good as NMS or perhaps Space Engine. ETS and ATS are really good too. There's a version of X-Plane that's actually FAA certified. I think part of the issue is simmers seem to love their ortho photo scenery. Ortho photo scenery is generally pretty terrible everywhere. Unless maybe everything is 50k res.....
  9. SpaceMouse

    Modern PC flight sim.

    Appears to be a good deal older than XP11 and even Flightgear. This looks promising, i prefer GA so I'll have to follow this.
  10. SpaceMouse

    Modern PC flight sim.

    Thought I would drop this thought here. I'm a big fan of flight sims. I've been playing X-Plane for the last decade or so, of many various versions but, I can't help but feel even XP11 is quite.... dated. It's awfully hard to get a consistently good framerate, especially in VR. Other programs easily simulate more now at significantly higher framerates. I kinda get the feeling except for some tweaks the graphics engine hasn't been updated in a good decade or so. I'm curious if anyone might be aware of a more up to date one, that might have slipped through the cracks of my searching. Seems Simmers are a awfully niche market. Maybe Cloud Imperium (Star Citizen) will release a ultra-lightweight version of there engine in 70 years or so?
  11. Because it's his mod. Further, if a race-car hit a wall facefirst at 100MPH the driver would die. Most of those crashes are indirect crashes that they survive because the car bounces off of things until it runs out of momentum. You can do the same thing in Kerbal if you hit things at a angle.