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  1. Reorienting a part and giving it command ability wouldn't be terribly hard.
  2. SpaceMouse

    FPS > Hz?

    I have some family that are incredibly stubborn. They put me to shame. The human eye dosen't quite work the same as a monitor does though. We don't really see in a fixed resolution. I've been quite fond of 4k displays, although they still seem a bit 2D. Kinda wish 3D TV's had caught on more. Would have pushed innovation. I've seen some crappy displays, and i don't think i've ever seen one that was only 30hz. Unless your talking ancient CRT TV's.
  3. SpaceMouse

    Modder Appreciation Post

    Don't forget @RoverDude
  4. SpaceMouse

    Aircraft cannot make banking turn

    I've never had any issues with a banking turn. It's a little ackward on a keyboard since A & D are mapped to yaw, not roll.
  5. SpaceMouse

    FPS > Hz?

    Oh I'm not going to argue higher hz = pointless. I generally agree. I can certainly detect a difference between 60 and 120 (i think 240 might be pushing it though). I have a friend that plays Quake Live competitively and he big deals boosting frame-rate. I've never cared much about bunny-hopping shooters though. XD I've had my brother in law tell me 4K is useless since "you can't see higher than 1080". A claim that's debatable for a number of reasons, I don't know if he's looked at many, but i can certainly tell the difference, and most of those have crown considerably from 1080 so the pixel density is probably not much than 50% better. I suspect my eye's are a good deal less-bad than his though.
  6. SpaceMouse

    I skydived a few days ago!

    Awesome! Not sure I'd be brave enough to jump out of a plane. I'd much prefer to just sit in front and be well-buckled. I think it was probably something larger than a Cessna 172 you jumped from though. The 172 is only about the size of a compact car and only has two doors next to the pilot and co-pilot.
  7. SpaceMouse

    Your avatar and your username

    "mouse" has been a nickname of mine since high-school. "Spaaaaaaaaace" is a direct reference to the Space Core from Portal 2 who seems to be equally obsessed with space as I. I've used some others in the past, but i use this pretty much everywhere now. I should probably make a simple mouse in a spacesuit in Blender, for a profile pic. Maybe one day. XD
  8. SpaceMouse

    Non-Kerman surnames.

    It was a thinly-veiled inbreeding joke. Assuming Kerman has some other purpose though (like caste) still seems illogical since then you'd still see at least two or three. 'Kerman' seems meaningless.
  9. SpaceMouse

    The Kronos Maneuver

    A bit dark for a Kerbal fan-story but still good nonetheless.
  10. SpaceMouse

    [WIP]Mars Direct

    A good-looking ship either way.
  11. SpaceMouse

    What gameplay rules do you impose on yourself?

    Hmmm, some good ones here i use and aren't really worth repeating. I'm a big believer in Kerbal's are people and everything must be done to keep them alive. As far as craft design, no clipping unless the tanks would fit IRL. I've been trying to stay away from Gyro's after learning how inaccurate they are in KSP. Have a few exceptions though, like one is a aircraft I build to fit in a mk3 cargo bay that wouldn't change direction any other way.
  12. I always wondered why the jets were just a tiny portion of a actual jet. Makes sense. not hard to put a empty tank in front of it anyway.
  13. I feel like the BFR needs a Planet Express livery XD
  14. Excellent mod. I flew and *mostly* landed a BFR correctly with very little preparation. All the cargo space is a added bonus too. I anxiously await a IVA for the first *real* Sci-fi spaceship. XD