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  1. SpaceMouse

    IXS Warpship Original Series

    Sorry your not doing well, hope you get well soon. I talked to @Stevie_D a while ago and I might pickup this mesh as a offshoot of one of my current projects with a few new parts to essentially run on top of KSPI, So you may not need to even worry about it. In any event, focus on getting better.
  2. SpaceMouse

    A more realistic spaceship / enterprise.

    Thanks! I'm about at texturing stage. I've added some details to the main drive, I have to add them to the doors, and should probably do some hinge assembly thing for the front hangar doors. I bounce around between projects a lot but wanna get some stuff wrapped up including this in the next couple months.
  3. SpaceMouse

    A more realistic spaceship / enterprise.

    Did some work on the business end. Doors will get magnetic coils too, I'll add a bunch of coolant lines for reactor mode, and it'll get a hydrogen inlet.
  4. SpaceMouse

    Opinions requested on potential job change.

    Thanks for being the first person to not just say more money = better job. I think it's a few things in the interview he said that caught me a bit off guard, he himself called it a hard job with long days. Most interviewers tend to cast the job in a positive light. I have a bit of experience at this from my days of VZW phone service but boy oh boy am I out of practice. I've had a bit less than stellar job history in the last year or so, but the last major job I left I was at for 5 years and left on good terms. It would actually be more although a couple aren't on there for obvious reasons. I'm gonna have to on the spot decide if the pay rate is worth the hassle. Boy do I hate on the spot decisions.
  5. SpaceMouse

    Opinions requested on potential job change.

    Apparently, I had enough to get the interview. I've been out of the IT loop for a while, that's kind of another reason I'm apprehensive.
  6. Opinions requested on potential new job. Please excuse any typos here. I'm on my phone. So in the unlikely event anyone was wondering what happened with the last job post i did everything has gone well so far. Thier lead local tech is here like once a week and he hasn't said a single word to me in the 10 months or so i've been here. Kinda prefer that actually. Anyway, i've been at my current job about 8 months now and got a message from a friend of mine around a month ago that i should apply where he works. While the pay at this place is adequate there isn't really any potential to go anywhere. I did a interview at the new place and didn't get THAT particular job but did get a interview last week with a different department in thier building. The job is basically VOIP tech support for Microsoft Ofice 365 products, which based on my interviewers own statement is a fairly hard job. Objectively, this new position would be better in all regards and even sort of has some potential for advancement within the company. I've done some tech support work in the past but, my gut feeling is even with better pay i might not last long there. I just can't decide if it would be stupider to pass on a objectively better job. Better benefits and office too. Sorry, i know this quick post is probably lacking in details but, i wanted to get posted and not floating around my head. I'd like some opinions.
  7. SpaceMouse

    A more realistic spaceship / enterprise.

    That's kinda what I was thinking. I don't really have any dedicated spots for 'science' parts so I cut out one for something oversized.
  8. SpaceMouse

    A more realistic spaceship / enterprise.

    Still playing with the front. Haven't quite decided how I want to do the bridge, originally I stuck it on the very top but, it looked stuck on, and I wasn't real fond of it. I like this a little better but would still really like some opinions. How do I change it? what do I put on the bottom of the front module?
  9. SpaceMouse

    Tardis with hyperedit powered teleportation?

    While I cannot speak for every law and certainly understand your concern, I'm pretty sure recreating things from franchises is legal so long as you don't profit from it. Otherwise there's about a thousand Enterprises, TARDIS's, Star Destroyers, B5 ships, Stargate ships, Firefly's, and probably a dozen other franchises that have gotten off lucky.
  10. SpaceMouse

    A more realistic spaceship / enterprise.

    More Greebling at the front. FTL is complicated, Yo. Are the dishes too Event Horizon pointy? Should I keep the IXS stuff on the sides or move them to the middle like before? What do you think?
  11. SpaceMouse

    A realistic jump/wormhole ship.

    My understanding was it might actually be easier that all the complexities of warping space but, if that's the cold hard science...
  12. SpaceMouse

    So, you have a plane on a conveyor belt...

    It's probably been said before, but all a aircraft needs is enough airflow over it's wings to get it off the ground. There are a few ultralights that can essentially take off with virtually no speed into a strong enough headwind. I've always kinda wanted to stick a massive fan on top of a building and use it to land a conventional plane 'vertically'. I'd need a plane though, and a building, and a giant fan, and money. None of which I have.
  13. So, similarly to my old warpship thread, I wanted to get idea's going about what it would take to build a ship capable of jumping via some form of stabilized wormhole. Based on my limited knowledge, this might be more realistic but, it's a topic that seems to get seldom discussed. The closest we've probably seen was in Interstellar and there they had a conveniently stable one to go through. Thoughts? Science? Cold-hard reality?
  14. <rant> A little surprised this hasn't been deleted for delving into politics slightly. That said... It's yet another meaningless waste of money That will double our national debt, and drastically increase taxes brought back by a guy (being kind here) that has absolutely no fraking idea what he's doing. And nearly more annoyingly, the number of Sci-Fi fans that think the world works anything like a Sci-Fi franchise. It's the stupidest idea yet. Now, taking that extra money and dumping it into NASA I would PROBABLY support. </rant>
  15. That's a interesting pic, but it has some rather obvious flaws, like, how do you access the bridge when your on Earth or mars? There's no ladder.