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  1. SpaceMouse

    A more realistic spaceship / enterprise.

    So, I went back and did a bunch of work on this today. Here's a pic with the radiators off to show the changes better. I moved the rear RCS so they clear the radiators, filled in the rear considerably, stuck a docking airlock towards the front that's mostly a placeholder right now, and added plenty of fuel tanks. I like it mostly but feel I need to do something with the upper and lower tank. I was thinking maybe split them into two each though I won't get anywhere near as much fuel in there. Thoughts?
  2. Just gave the Mach effect thruster a proper test. Epic. @FreeThinker did the EM drive get a boost? It seems a good deal more powerful than the last time I took it for a spin. Like 100x as much.
  3. Shouldn't Kerbal pillows take up like half the bed?
  4. SpaceMouse

    RCS thrust setup naming in KSP

    Figured it out thanks to @Eleusis La Arwall. For any future forum lurkers, KSP is apparently inconsistent with their thrusttransform axis. Regular engines are Z, RCS are Y axis.
  5. Please excuse the noob question but, I'm adding a RCS function to a part for @FreeThinker and there appears to be a trick for naming RCS thrust transforms properly so the game recognizes them. I originally set them all up for the different directions with the exact same name, since that appeared to be the correct way. After investigating some old .mu files it appears they have to be named (something)thrusttransform.001 with the numbers indicating the direction. Would anyone happen to know the directions and their corresponding numbers?
  6. SpaceMouse

    So, I think my motherboards dying.

    And I think it's been on it's way out for quite a while honestly. I've had constant issues with USB's disconnecting and recently started getting system lockups when playing games, and it seems to be getting worse. I just had to reset again when windoze refused to accept anything from the keyboard or mouse. I thought the lockup issue might have been the graphics card, but 1080's are supposed to be quite reliable and newer or older drivers don't seem to make any difference. Originally I wanted to upgrade from my AM3 to a i7 but that means I need to sink $500+ into another motherboard, CPU and ram. and I'm a bit lacking in 'funds' currently, since this is pushing 5 years old now. Thank you for listening to this random rant.
  7. SpaceMouse

    flat kerbin mod request

    you could probably fake it with a very small planet with strong gravity and Konstructs.
  8. SpaceMouse

    flat kerbin mod request

    lol. There's probably no reason it wouldn't work in KSP but it would be confined to regular gravity so, going anywhere besides the middle would be like climbing a vertical wall. Could be a interesting engineering challenge actually.
  9. I'll still take a shot at it if your willing to wait a few months, there's just a few projects I'd like to finish first. I actually stumbled on a model of that I'd kinda like to replicate. *edit* Also mach effect thruster coming this weekend. I promise.
  10. The Orion concept 'IS' fundamentally OP. This is a good representation of it and probably about the only way to balance it as by price, as Roverdude has done. I think there's also a rep hit if you use it in the atmosphere in career.
  11. I could provide files sure. I'm unsure what method your using right now to display and hide subparts. As far as the texture on VASIMR, It's just the end on the texture line that needs to be changed. Squad changed the name.
  12. @FreeThinker and everyone else, Squad's update broke the texture link on my VASIMR thruster. To fix it you have to go into Warpplugin/Parts/Engines/VASIMR2 and update the texture line in VASIMR.cfg to: texture = model001, Squad/Parts/Engine/liquidEnginePoodle/engine_dif Also, Freethinker, my cyclotron cover is still not removable. the part name is 'cover' to toggle it off. It just needs to be added in the CFG.
  13. SpaceMouse

    Mk3 Expansion - [1.4.1] Version 1.4.5 [3/22/18]

    A Mk3 to Mk2 ramp/adapter in that fashion is a interesting idea. If SI has no interest maybe I'll whip one up. Actually did a test with some part clipping and it fits rather well.
  14. Wasn't sure my reactor was gonna show up.
  15. SpaceMouse

    Mother Development Thread

    Great scott!!