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  1. as there are no known theories or concepts as to how much power it would take to generate gravity, i'm running on he assumption it will still be several times less than required to warp space. I've been aiming for 50-75GW for the ship. I'm mostly treating gravity as a unidirectional thing here.
  2. Eh, my gripe about the IXS concept was mostly poor usage of space inside the warp bubble. It's taken me down a rabbit-hole from which i cannot return. Although it seems making a ring-ship of anything is awfully hard to make it look 'cool'. I experimented very briefly in Space Engineer with trying to make a gravity ship with some form of sphere gravity, and while i could probably just get away with a sphere, the lander bays would very much disrupt that. I'm operating on the assumption that if we could generate gravity then presumably, we would be able to manipulate it on a mostly flat plane. probably with another ring or two inside the warp ring. As such, the gravity thrust would be on all the time, and the rear thruster would function mostly as a backup. I did also briefly consider something like splitting it between up and down and blocking it somehow in the middle, but i instead went with one field for standard gravity and (forward/upward) movement, and 4 other gravity contained spheres for omnidirectional control. Perhaps I've been going about this the wrong way. If your capable of omnidirectional 1G travel your also capable of landing on most planets with little need for a lander or two. I've been fiddling with this design for years now, never really satisfied with the current revision. I currently dislike this one least. I should probably move back to the torch-ship. there's nothing complex about that design.
  3. So, i'm resurrecting my dead thread since the project still moved along in a zombie-like state. I've come to the realization i have issues with creativity. i have a better time recreating things where i can just mindlessly follow 3 views and don't have to think creatively much. I also got a 3D printer which didn't do my completing of blender projects any favors. Anyway, pictures. I've basically thrown away the whole model for the 3rd or 4th time, and started over. I've watched a number of video's on theoretical warp drives and even KSPi seems o concur gravitational control is probably a prerequesite to be even able to warp space. So, the main fusion engine is now secondary, and it's equipped with omni-directional gravity control spheres just to the front and rear of the warp ring. I've also redesigned it for a antimatter collector just below the reactor assembly, I have one remaining question for people. How best to orient the decks? i was going to go with a conventional flat sci-fi layout. but even with omni-directional control, i feel like it should be oriented vertically in line with the now secondary thruster. That would also mean that my lander bays should really change direction... and I'm really not sure where I'd put them. I'd still appreciate any opinions at all, even negative and particularly artistic ones. I like this one better but the lines still bug me.
  4. I want a game that only runs on a Potato. A actual potato. It would probably run on GladOS.
  5. Surely i'm about the 100th person to post this but:
  6. Unless there's some interest in this I'm probably gonna low priority this after i get the collector and the plume exported for FreeThinker. I have a number of non-KSP things I'm working on and a few older meshes I'd like to update for KSPI. I've been loosing motivation for this anyway. I'm not even sure anyone would notice.
  7. Still not dead. Gave the bridge more greeble shapes and moved it up top. Did some work on the RCS cluster. Also added 'transmitters' to the antenna to give a better sense of scale. Also created a radiator grid at the rear although it appears to have vanished from my blender save. Annoying. I'd still really like opinions.
  8. Ships in KSP are wierd. Most add on parts are fairly modular, but even with ship mods, unless your doing a replica, you can't really just stick stuff on top of it. Even with tops of free space. I mention this, because there aren't really any i like. I was blasting along in my little makeshift catamaran with a huge KSPi reactor bushing a huge ship to massive speeds. I feel like it needs a better modular parts set. I was considering doing (a very simple) one myself in kinda a generic Kerbal scalable look, something that works as a small yacht and is scalable to a ship large enough to land on. Dosen't really feel like it would fit KSP though. Thoughts? Opinions?
  9. Haven't posted in a while, saw this and thought I should drop it here. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/05/190506163646.htm
  10. Alright, made a new imgur. Business end of the torch drive. For the first time ever, i made a thruster plume for a thing. except i haven't gotten it to work in KSP yet though. Buisness end of the collector. Current WIP is the habitat. I did cutouts for windows on he side, and a cut a cylinder in the middle as another observation area. I'd really like to hear any opinions or criticisms.
  11. So, this actually isn't dead. I can't get into my imgur account right now but, I've got the torch done, as well as most of the collector. I'm working on texturing the habitat now.
  12. Hmm, welcome to the forum! Unfortunately I don't have much experience with UE4, most of mine is in Unity, what KSP runs on. There's got to be someone here that might know though.
  13. I tried to get a custom mu into the game recently and didn't have much luck either. I've made lots of parts but this is the first thruster i've done. Did you do any specific configuration for the plume mesh?
  14. There are a bunch of tutorials on Youtube. KSPi is a mishmash of many different authors work. Many of the older meshes are eventually getting replaced and/or updated but that's a long term process.
  15. I've messed with it a bit in the past, but i primarily just run Windows now. I was fairly regularly running X-Plane 10 in Ubuntu early in its life when it ran marginally better than in windoze. I ran a ultralight distro on a ancient laptop for a few weeks until its ancientness annoyed me enough to just shove it in a desk. I have to access the state through a Virtual interface in Chrome for work. Works fine for office tasks but i wouldn't try to run anything complex in it.
  16. But wait, it gets worse. I just found out a hour or so ago Zeus got hit by a car. They're at the animal hospital now. I really have no idea whats going on. *Edit* And i just found out he didn't even break a bone! At least this bad situation has a Ok outcome.
  17. @Denko666 I had no idea you had been through so much. I'm glad your doing better now! I actually talked to @StevieD a while ago and would like to update this. However i have a few parts i HAVE to finish for KSPi first. I wanted to do a few more updates to make the IXS a bit more 'realistic', I have a project inspired by the IXS concept that's reasonably far along.
  18. So I'm assuming this is a user error thing but, is there a specific configuration required to get a .mu to show up as a thruster plume? If i rename it i can even get it to show up as a part, but renfrencing it in the same folder or the standard FX folder gets me a whole lot of nothing. Any ideas?
  19. Ok, this probably should of gone in the complaining thread but, It's almost certainly gonna run long and thought i should separate it. Easier to keep track of anyway. I'm intentionally being vague about details here. So background information. I moved in with friends 5 years ago into a big house with the ultimate goal of cheap rent for everyone, a garage to learn to fix cars, and a sizable yard. Sort of worked at first but the one person with their name on the paperwork claimed more and more of the house for their 'business'. Their business wasn't a particularly clean one. No amount of arguing or attempting to compromise accomplished a single thing. This person had two dogs which don't get much more than fed and let outside. One they insisted on getting as a puppy and didn't do much in the way of training. The other actually came in through a person that was there briefly and is about the nicest dog in the world named Zeus. I and another friend of mine brought him to our rooms so he got to be with hoomans that actually care about him. So, there was a final catalyst and we both decided it was time to move. I ended up moving in with my cousin short term although i had looked at several apartments, and a couple houses but held off due to not really having the money saved up and another factor I don't wish to dig into here. As you can probably imagine the previous person in charge wasn't willing to give up Zeus. I brought my cat, but i couldn't bring Zeus. My cousin is in a apartment and most apartments frown on big dogs. My cousin might have a hard time handling him if needed. Although the worst he'd ever do is sit on you. I've seen a number of posts of peoples dogs online lately and it's getting to me. a lot. He's ok there mostly. He gets food and water and goes out. He's getting old though and I'm hoping i can still get him out in the few years he has left. I miss Zeus.
  20. We have advanced far too much technologically as a species to die off, IMO. The rest of the planet is not-so-slowly dying but we will likely survive. Life will get considerably harder once we are entirely reliant on technology and engineering everything. Unless we happen to nuke ourselves, which isn't exactly out of the realm of possibility. Mutually assured destruction is a thing though, and no-one benefits from a nuclear war. I'd likely expect it's the case for other species. We're assuming culture and environments similar to ours on species and planets we can barely even guess at based on the composition of exoplanet atmospheres. Much of our science seems to lack the ability to think outside of the box. Kind of understandable though, as we have no other point of view to base a theory on.
  21. It's certainly a pretty ship but, I (and probably most other modders here) Have a list of projects a mile long that need to be finished. Yeah, you can get pretty dang close on just Nerta's parts. Some of the DSEV parts are pretty similar too.
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