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  1. when i load it in it only has the large aerocap. is it an issue with SDHI, tweakscale, or This mod?
  2. of course! i completely forgot about the thrust plate. that would make life so much easier! thanks again for your help
  3. im sorry i didn't think that there was any abrasiveness there sorry for that (im a New Englander yank so sarcastic dry responses are kind of our default) ok ill look into more part packs and then with the different sizes of engines do i just use the small engine strapped onto the larger tank and have the procedural interstage take up the slack? thanks and sorry about the unintentional abrasiveness. i really dont want to you to think that i dont respect the enormous amout of time and effort that is required to manage a huge mod like this
  4. im having some wonkeyness with the new engine sizing. it seems to me that with RO there is significantly less options to strap onto your rockets and fly into space. since they now all have crazy varying sizes i cant seem to make a rocket the same size. then the auto farings dont seem to work??? in the end i have had so many problems with RO that i dont think i can play with it. i have all the required and recommended mods and i think that they are installed correctly i have installed it and reinstalled it so many times that i at least think i have eliminated any chances for a simple mod install error. is this just me and im doing it wrong or is this how it is supposed to be but i am just not seeing it???
  5. I posted earlier in the development where i had an issue with the the wheels not registering and falling through the ground so my ships belly flop, i did a fresh install and i've tried to see what mods (if they were the problem) where causing it. alas i am still having problems, has anyone else had or heard of this issue? -P.S. how to i post a picture that i have but not through imagure and such?
  6. Hey so i have been having some issues with it. every time i spawn in a ship with these they don't interact with the ground. they just fall through and my plane preforms a belly flop. unfortunately i am not near my usual computer so i cant really get any snapshots or show what mods i am using (Approximately one metric crap ton of mods) i would just like to know if anyone else had this issue and i will post screenshots and more info when i get around to it.
  7. Although i can see where everyone is coming from on both sides i feel that this might lead to problems down the road. i feel that it will set a dangerous precedent for "its legal so i can" attitude. what the whole discussion is about here is farrem allowing but not blessing this fork. so what we have is really no argument. for now they allow it. the problem that can arise though is the pushing of this line. i worry that next time it will involve someone pushing the boundary, I.E. just going ahead and publishing their fork. what we have now is a nice mod publishing community that is generally considerate, i feel that once people start just publishing forks that are legal but with out the blessing of the mod creator will create deeply rooted resentment and lead to restrictive licenses and at worst dropped support for mods. i really hope that everyone can look at this and try to moderate themselves as to never let this happen.
  8. Well that kind of sucks.... anyone know if something like KOS would work?
  9. Hello! so I've been playing for a while (1000+ hours ) and recently got into Remote Tech 2 I have a great, abet over kill, com network. I am looking to expand into the cosmos for science! but I've run into an issue with landing probes on far away planets. I can't figure out how to use the RT2 flight computer for landing, and MechJeb (My computer is terrible so the lag is nearly unplayable, it makes Mechjeb a necessity) does not seem to integrate well and does not execute commands at the correct time. So with that said can any fine Kerbonaughts give me some pointers on how not to have my expensive hardware slam into the surface of Moho at 100+ m/s.