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  1. I'm having a bit of trouble. I'm trying to use the terrain editor, but the entry in the wiki for it seems a bit complicated. I'm trying to put a flat surface on Duna so that I may put a base/colony along with some static objects from various KK mods, but I don't know how to even begin making the flat surface. The wiki I think references things that are beyond in-game, and I'm no modder.
  2. Perhaps you can make a version of the landing pad for Duna, ala SpaceX's plans for a Mars colony around their ITS?
  3. Where is the cockpit with the docking port on top? Was it removed?
  4. It's always a shame to see mods as creative as these ones die.
  5. Hello. While I really appreciate this mod and find every part in it great, it's very large and I'm running into lag and memory issues using it along with the other mods I need (I'm playing with kopernicus mods and those can take up a LOT of space, pun not intended). I only need the centrifuge and inflatable parts along with their respective IVAs. I'm not quite sure how the file structure works, so can anyone tell me what to delete to isolate the two things I need? Or alternative maybe the mod maker or someone else can provide me a zip with that already done? Please and thank you!
  6. Hi. Is it possible to make a custom coordinate preset for landing guidance, such as the KSC pad and VAB ones? And if so, how do I do so?
  7. Would it be safe to install both TR and TRR to have access to all mods that require one of either, or would compatibility issues arise?
  8. I assume they're underneath that floating platform thing that's probably not supposed to be there.