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  1. I'm having a bit of trouble. I'm trying to use the terrain editor, but the entry in the wiki for it seems a bit complicated. I'm trying to put a flat surface on Duna so that I may put a base/colony along with some static objects from various KK mods, but I don't know how to even begin making the flat surface. The wiki I think references things that are beyond in-game, and I'm no modder.
  2. Perhaps you can make a version of the landing pad for Duna, ala SpaceX's plans for a Mars colony around their ITS?
  3. Where is the cockpit with the docking port on top? Was it removed?
  4. It's always a shame to see mods as creative as these ones die.
  5. Hello. While I really appreciate this mod and find every part in it great, it's very large and I'm running into lag and memory issues using it along with the other mods I need (I'm playing with kopernicus mods and those can take up a LOT of space, pun not intended). I only need the centrifuge and inflatable parts along with their respective IVAs. I'm not quite sure how the file structure works, so can anyone tell me what to delete to isolate the two things I need? Or alternative maybe the mod maker or someone else can provide me a zip with that already done? Please and thank you!
  6. Hi. Is it possible to make a custom coordinate preset for landing guidance, such as the KSC pad and VAB ones? And if so, how do I do so?
  7. Would it be safe to install both TR and TRR to have access to all mods that require one of either, or would compatibility issues arise?
  8. I assume they're underneath that floating platform thing that's probably not supposed to be there.
  9. Be sure to share with us the problematic mod I have way too many mods, this would take me hours XD
  10. I'm having the same problem as Astraph. Atmospheric effects are there, as well as city lights, but no clouds. Not even on the other planets like Eve or Duna.
  11. For some reason I seem to be getting this at the end of KSC's runway: That's not supposed to be there, is it? And if not, how do I get rid of it?
  12. Any chance at looking into, or incorporating Michael Hester's Stanford Torus? It'd be nice to have that in the game and be able to play a Type I or II civilization where (having not yet mastered the graviton to harness artificial gravity :P) Kerbals live under simulated gravity on city stations in keostationary orbit.
  13. Just realized this was on the previous page. Sorry about that. Thanks!
  14. How can I install the HX parts only? I need it for some sci-fi interstellar ships, but don't want to install the entire B9 pack, not because it's bad or anything, I really enjoy them, it's just that I need to save up on RAM.
  15. Hi! I'm new here, and as an avid Kerbonaut and mod user (GameData, exceeding 4 GB and violating access since 0.20. #thestruggle), I've decided that I want to make my own mod. Thing is, I don't know where to start. I don't necessarily want to make parts, though that would be nice, I just want to make something more script based. The tutorials I've found seem to only talk about making parts. Here's the thing: I'm already quite familiar with modeling, having used 3DS Max for about two years, the skills of which I'm sure I could transfer to Blender. The thing I have jack squat knowledge about is coding. I was really hoping I could get some experience in this by making a mod for a game. After playing KSP, I've chosen it for my first mod. Again, I'm really hoping to get some useful experience in this. Any tips would be nice, any points in the right direction, any recommendations to which languages to learn, etc etc. Perhaps, as a starter project, you could teach me how to make a specific script/plugin, like say for instance a plugin that programs a rocket to burn in a certain direction. Like I said, anything to help get me started would be nice.