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  1. I don't understand this debate, it is not the mod author's competence to dictate what tool the user uses or doesn't use to install their mods.
  2. Yeah my B, I was looking at the wrong link for sigma, got dev version now.
  3. owww, I really wanted to try landing on pluto
  4. Seriously, why don't you just contribute to the existing free/libre project instead of just creating more pointless fragmentation?
  5. I think the boosters are only shifted when carrying buran aren't they?
  6. github has bandwith limits iirc, it's not a proper alternative, ckan has had issues iirc.
  7. I give up in trying to set docker up, i'll make code improvements though.
  8. I'm helping out running the spacedock site, even though the name will be changed from spacedock to something else. I don't know if we will get a full database dump or something.