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  1. I like a lot of the changes with the latest update. I find it a little limited that the rockets need to be constructed to spec, however. Would you be willing to add some of the old options in as subtypes? Such as a shroud for the Marlin engine or a shroudless booster guidance unit? Options like that would really go a long way to making the parts more compatible with stock, which I'd say is an important aspect for stockalike mods.
  2. After updating some mods and adding others, my progress on the PBC contract line was reverted to Leave the Launchpad. A little annoying, but the bigger problem is that now it doesn't recognize when I fulfill the contract a second time, so I'm unable to progress. Is there a way to fix this, or do I need to start a new save? Edit: Nevermind, user error! I didn't realize that my vessel type was being defaulted to relay instead of probe. Still inconvenient that it reset, but changing it let me progress again.
  3. Sadly I'm not savvy enough to do that myself and I understand you not wanting to suss it all out yourself. I still have my 1.3.1 install too, so if I get sick of the pickings in 1.6.1 I might go back to it. Hopefully someone else has the time and talent to pick it up, though.
  4. Is there a way to make this work with the updated Texture Replacer now that TRR is dead? I do enjoy these suits.
  5. @EdwardB3020 It's true that installing it out of the box doesn't work, but with some manual effort you can make it work yourself. Just install all the latest versions of the dependencies individually, copy the other GameData folders (Joolrings, RealSolarSystem, BoulderCo) and the various .cfg files from each mod, and it should work. The sharedassets9 file has to be omitted or the game can't load and the volumetric clouds need to be turned off via alt+n in game otherwise they render all blocky (I didn't like those anyway). Other than that, follow those steps and you'll have some basic BA features. A new release would be nice, though, so people didn't have to go through all that and to make the clouds work, if you're into that. While some like other visual packs, I enjoy this one because of the clear, vibrant colors and bright phases of nearby planets and moons. I haven't been able to find anything other than Better Atmospheres that feature those, so I'm glued here.
  6. It seems like an asteroid's max volume is determined only by how much the mining factory harvests and not the actual size of the asteroid itself. i.e. If a stock craft mines the resources out of an asteroid while capturing it, it reduces the potential volume for containers and hangars. If mined dry by stock drills, the mining factory won't function at all and the asteroid hatch will stay at zero volume. Is this a bug? Shouldn't the asteroid have the same potential volume whether or not it's been previously mined out?
  7. As samoo said, Mk3 is what the upgrades are noted as in the VAB. To put the issue another way, if you use tweakscale to reduce the large TCS to 0.675t, it still greatly outperforms a fully upgraded, full size large graphene radiator at a lower cost and smaller size area-wise. All in all, I think the radiators need a balance pass at some point, with the TCS getting bumped down a bit and the graphene getting a big increase in performance. Graphene should be the preferred radiator in vacuum, while the TCS and other stock radiators should be more general purpose, operating in atmosphere and vacuum both. That's my take. I'd like an excuse to use the KSPI radiators because they look great, but nothing beats TCS spam, and that's a shame.
  8. I'm confused by the purpose of the graphene radiators. The stock radiators seem superior in every way, even fully upgraded. For example: Compared to one Mk3 large Thermal Control System, two Mk5 Large Folding Graphene Radiators cost more than twice as much, weigh 20% more, and provide only a fraction of the cooling to a reactor (A 3.75 Molten Salt Reactor with a thermal generator at full power operates at less than 8% efficiency compared to about 30% with the single TCS), not to mention requiring much more tech to fully upgrade. Is this working as intended? I don't have Near Future Electrical or anything else that affects radiators (as far as I know), if that's in question. Are stock radiators overpowered, or are graphene radiators underpowered?
  9. Are there plans to update the ORSX scanning capabilities on the Soil Moisture Sensor and the like to Regolith? I rather enjoyed using those parts instead of the big honkin' USI planetary camera.
  10. With IR 0.19.2 and Tweakscale 1.47 installed, I can't scale IR parts down. The option is there, and it appears to work, but it causes my framerate in the VAB to immediately tank and locks the rotation limits. Launching like that just doesn't work. Debug spams the following: [Log]: [TweakScale] Updating field mass on type Single [Exception]: ArgumentException: Object type System.Double cannot be converted to target type: System.Single Parameter name: val Scaling the part back to normal immediately fixes the problem and stops the spam. I haven't had this conflict with any other parts. Any tips?
  11. When I updated to 0.9, the DMagic parts on an existing lander scaled up a fraction, which seems to have caused them to detach and float away from the vessel. Normally I could just reattach with KAS, but it actually caused other unrelated parts to detach, splitting the lander in half. I tried replacing the .cfg for the parts responsible with those from the previous version, but it didn't help. I noticed there's a backwards compatibility package on the first page, but it looks like it hasn't been updated in quite a while.
  12. Do the radiators only glow at a certain temperature? I've had them over 1000 K while still sitting dull on my vessel. I thought it might have had something to do with ATM, but editing an exception into the config did nothing. Also, the Large Argon Tank uses the xenon model and scale, but seems to think that it's a 2.5m part, leading to some untenable construction. Again, editing the part file, even completely replacing it with a tweaked xenon tank, didn't change a thing.
  13. Strangely, no. I didn't think to check that. I just did the ol' drag and drop with the GameData folder. Somehow the .dll didn't make it-- actually. My antivirus nuked it without warning. Imagine my surprise when I extracted the .dll a second time only to see it vanish without prompt. It really doesn't like KSP mods. But, that fixed it. Thank you for what should have been obvious troubleshooting!
  14. I seem to have a unique issue. I installed the mod, the struts appear in my parts catalog and I can place them normally, but they don't seems to actually do anything. No effects in the VAB or on the launchpad, right clicking doesn't bring up anything, and there's no valid actions for the action groups. I'm baffled.