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  1. I would love a binding for trim to axis controls, specifically elevator trim to the joystick throttle axis of my HOTAS setup. Anyone have a way to do this? Or found any use for an extra throttle wheel?
  2. +1 for the option to select an axis for trim. My joystick has a throttle control I don't use (separate throttle) which is just begging to be used as a trim wheel (like in flight sims). Separate key bindings would also be nice for everyone.
  3. I am late to this party, but was still having this issue. I avoided it by mostly playing 0.90 (which still worked fine for me). I had the problem of moving the sticks to select the input sources, then none of them working in-game (buttons all fine) I use CH throttle and stick using CH Control Manager to bypass button and axis limit. In reading this thread, and learning of PumaX's trick of mapping axis to Device 2, which has worked so far. fingers crossed that it sticks. This is great news, as I can fly (space)planes again!
  4. Kilgore Trout

    Most Dangerous Spacecraft Fuel

    Got to this years late, but can't believe no-one acknowledged SubzeroSpartan7's about pentaborane. The wikipedia entry includes this gem: " Long after the pentaborane was considered unworkable, the total United States stock of the chemical, 1900 pounds, was destroyed in the year 2000, when a safe and inexpensive means for doing so was finally engineered." Above 30 °C it can form explosive concentration of vapors with air. Its vapors are heavier than air. It is pyrophoric—can ignite spontaneously in contact with air, when even slightly impure. It can also readily form shock sensitive explosive compounds, and reacts violently with some fire suppressants, notably with halocarbons and water. It is highly toxic and symptoms of lower-level exposure may occur with up to 48 hours delay. Its acute toxicity is comparable to some nerve agents. That said, Chlorine trifluoride is probably more dangerous, though pentaborane must be a close second. The soviets designed a version of the RD-270 engine to run on pentaborane, and was considered for a prototype of the B-70 bomber.
  5. Kilgore Trout

    1.1+ Bydysawd Flags

    I have an image already, but I think you should add the CSA logo to the Canadian flag pack.
  6. Kilgore Trout

    [1.1.2] Realism Overhaul v11.0.0 May 8

    google hasn't been kind to me in trying to solve a couple problems I've been having, so I am asking here. Sorry if these problems are with another mod. Fresh RO 1.05 install using CKAN. #1 is a problem with craft bouncing on the surface of the ocean after splash-down making it difficult to recover. I think I had a solution to this for 0.90, but can't remember what is was. #2 is a resizing issue with the engines from a mod. I think it is the KW Rocketry engines after the RO patch is applied. Engines are too small, though the anchor points seem correct. The ascent and descent engines from Apollo were too big on previous installs, but seem fine this time around. This problem has been around since at least .90 for me. In the second photo, I used Offset to prevent a gap using the RL-10.The exhaust effect doesn't seem to be coming from the right point, though I am not really concerned about that. I think the weight/thrust/fuel consumption are correct for all engines. I know nothing about programming but can follow directions. Are there just a bunch of things that still need tweaking after installation? Deadly re-entry works, but uses up only 1% of ablative material. I am so happy to have KSP to play, especially with RO. I use CH controls in a HOTAS setup, which I love, though still need the NUM pad for action groups (my number pad is separate and wireless, which is nice). I use a word doc on a second monitor rotated portrait to keep track of the ever-changing action groups. If anyone wants to use it, its below. I just keep a blank one on the end for copying and title each page with the associated craft name.
  7. Kilgore Trout

    [0.25] Realism Overhaul w/ RedAV8R [Terminated]

    LOVE RO and all associated mods. I have so much trouble trying to get it installed, and am not really sure how many features are working as they should. I respect that there cannot be a single download that handles the entire overhaul, but maybe a program that checks your install for missing features? I am working my way through the NASA scheme on a .25 RO install (seems really good, best RO I've installed), and am somewhere near the end of Gemini. 2 questions I guess: 1. There are engines (4 of 11) that require a pressurized tank that I don't seem to have. Is this a part I am missing? or a mod/setting I am missing or have installed incorrectly? 2. When re-entering a mk1-2 pod using the unsymmetrical CoB (which is truly fantastic) I find it bothersome to keep the pod level. SAS works fine, but spends fuel fighting pitch change. I tried to use the wing leveler from FAR which claims to only use control surfaces yet uses RCS fuel when activated, but my random adjusting of the settings in FAR did not produce anything useful. Is there a RCS based Autopilot mod where you can isolate pitch out of the equation? I over compensate and waste fuel controlling with the mini joystick on my throttle controller. Keep up the great work by the way!