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  1. Ok thanks dude!
  2. Yeah... I've checked KSP_x64_Data and there's no output.txt log
  3. But isn't that thread meant to help people with modded installs? I have no mods and the game still crashes. Btw my rig is by no means on the low end. I've got a Ryzen 7, 16 GB of RAM and a GTX 1080
  4. I have NO MODS installed, I've tried completely reinstalling the game, I've tried restarting my PC, I've tried launching the game from steam and directly from the directory, I've tried restarting steam, And nothing works. I got no error logs and the game worked before. The only thing I know that might have been the cause is that I've tried installing Realism Overhaul via CKAN and ever since it didn't launch. I have no idea what to do anymore.
  5. I've tested the game and it seems to work fine with the latest version of Kopernicus. If you still have problems I can give you my Skype and we can solve the problem that way.
  6. Okay, I'll take a look at it. I'm still using 1.2.2 because I have problems with changing the language in the newest version.
  7. Hey! Sorry for a late reply. You just need to go to the map view and chose a launch site. KSC removes the ground beneath the KSC for some reason and because there is no launch site there anymore it doesn't really matter. Hope I helpt
  8. Thanks, Stock is about 0.1 of the scale of real life. The mod scales it up to 0.4 so not quite realistic but in my opinion big enough to give you some challenge.
  9. Thanks! They are supported. The distances for the best scan are still the same though. Dmagic doesn't have any special requirements. I've been using it from the start without any issues.
  10. If you encounter ANY bugs related to my mod please report them
  11. Hey, guys! If you've made a video using this mod please put the link on this thread I would really like to see what you guys are up to :D
  12. You have to replace the files in Kopernicus, KSC Switcher and RemoteTech with the files included. That's because I had to include the KSCSwitcher.dll in the file cause the old one was causing the problem that you described. Open 4X Kerbol System and theres a GameData folder in it. Copy that to your install. Then it should work Hope I helped.
  13. I don't use any mod that would specifically change how powerful the engines are. Either I: 1. Use KW Rocketry engines like the 5 m engines that are bigger. 2. Increase the size using TweakScale. 3. USE MOAR BOOSTERS! Hope I helped XD NP