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  1. So I think it would be a great idea to create modpacks so people who don't have a clue on how to install mods or if some mods are tricky to install to help people install them. P.S I'm requesting this because I'm not too good at installing mods but i beliveive it would help alot of other people.
  2. Is KSP Ram Saver Trust able? Link To me it seems kinda dodgy. And sorry if this is the wrong forum for this.
  3. Ok its working now. The buildings wernet showing up and the button in the VAB wasnt working but its working now without Kosmodrome with my other mods.
  4. Yes, I just did. I found out that Kosmodrome was the problem.
  5. the buildings are not there. And I have read what you linked.
  6. So, I want to try 64x to be able to use my pc's 12gigs of ram so I could run more mods. My internet isnt too great so i dont want to wait a few hours for 64x to download and then find out it was a waste of time.
  7. Ok, so I installed Kerbal Konstructs with Kerbin side and Kosmopdrome. When I started up KSP and made a new world the Kerbin Side and Kosmodrome things didnt load. Was it because Kosmodrome wasnt updated, but the Kosmodrome forum page implied that it was working with .25. One more thing, first time i tried I had modual manger installed in the folder, but i took it out and the bases still weren't there. I am using Windows 8.1. P.S. I'm using 32x P.P.S. I didnt have them before I updated to .25. P.P.P.S. Other mods I'm using: Bdarmory, Mech jeb, Near, KAS, Hot Rockets, Kerbal Foundries, Real chute, Rasterprop, Time control, wheel sounds and fps viewer.Also my Pc has way more than 4gigs of ram so loading shouldnt be a problem. Yes they are installed correctly.