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  1. Hello, I was launching some communication satellites in my 1.3.1 Career Mode save when the rocket began to glitch upward, increasing my apoapsis by about 5 kilometers every time. I am not sure what the problem may be, though the amount of mods I have may be to blame. I post this in hopes that someone has experienced this problem, and found a solution to it. Here is a recent crash file and here is a snip of all my mods, if they help.
  2. KSP was patched to 1.3.1, so my 1.2.2 mods no longer were compatible. I have opted in to the 1.2.2 beta on Steam, but my KSP still crashes when I load the modded 1.2.2 beta. I am sure that all my mods are at least for 1.2, so I do not know what the problem could be. If anyone has any possible solutions, it would be greatly appreciated. If the output log of the crash is needed, it can be downloaded here.
  3. The version that I downloaded (on Curse) does not come with craft files. Is it meant to be like that?