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  1. This is my idea. To go along with the VAB and SPH, a smaller facility for the construction of ground vehicles. While the SPH does fulfill this function, I think a much smaller scale and possibly a different control setup (like the difference between the VAB and SPH scenes) would help. This also allows for another set of building upgrades. One possibility would be to upgrade to "Proving Grounds" where the Rover, or what have you, could be tested on different terrain. I know this sounds a little like Kerbal Konstructs, but I am not suggesting anything nearly as ambitious. It would be a way to get Kerbals to EVA's on different parts of Kerbin, without requiring a Rocket or Space plane.
  2. Hello/Bonjour/Goeiendag riocrokite, I'm enjoying the mod, immensely! I would like to suggest that you add Kermangeddon Industries as an Agency/Company/Manufacturer. I know RoverDude has done it for USI, as well as NecroBones for his SpaceY and Modular Rocket Systems. This seems to make an Automatic Filter, for all parts with that manufacturer. If I'm not using the correct terms; in VAB/SPH it's the little factory symbol. It seems to be simpler than implementing a new tab, as was suggested: If you have done this, then I'd like to report a bug... Thank you again for all your hard work. I'm looking forward to what you produce next.
  3. I believe Github supports TeX and LaTeX. Is there a method to embed the output of that? Or am I mis -taken/-guided?
  4. We've all seen the splash screen as the game loads into the opening menu. The screen cycles through several funny messages. One of which is 'Adding K to Every Word' I've always felt it would be much funnier, and appropriate to the tongue-in-cheek style of the game, that the phrase should read: "Adding K to Kevery Kword" Also if 'Kerbiculating Splines' popped up I'd be ridiculously happy.
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