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  1. Yes, Syncrio actually works with Luna Multiplayer already, as the DMP Coop Mode makes Syncrio work with both. However the last time I tested Syncrio with LMP a while ago, so I am not sure if it will be 100% compatible. But, it will be soon, as I am completely rebuilding Syncrio. The rebuild is almost done, and for the most part all that is left to do in the rebuild is to build a UI, and then testing the rebuild. The rebuild will have better support for DMP, and LMP. I am not sure how much longer the rebuild is going to take though, as the rebuild is nothing like the original.
  2. @lukecologne its actually a problem in DMP. I sent them a Pull Request that fixes it, but until they merge it into the main source code in wont be in the official DMP release. I'll pm you with a copy of the fixed DMP.
  3. You are crashing when you revert correct? If so it would seem that something is wrong in DMP, as your logs were spamming stuff about DMP's warp worker. To be precise, it was saying it had a null reference error in it's subspace sorter. Unfortunately I don't know why it is throwing this error. Also did you try running KSP with admin rights?
  4. @mapijs try running the game with admin permissions. I read your output logs / error logs and notice that mono.dll was throwing a access violation error. Also, 83% memory was in use at the time of the crash, which means that ether there is a memory leak or you graphics settings are too high. So you may want to try lowering your graphics settings.
  5. @Umptor if you are still having problems with rep loss then you could try pull requset #418 to see if that helps.
  6. Are you using Dark Multiplayer? If you are, then I know what the problem is. Dark Multiplayer has a bug where reputation will drop even if you don't crash. I did fix the bug in Dark Multiplayer on my own version of Dark Multiplayer, but my version is out dated. If you are using Dark Multiplayer, then I will update my version, and try to send you a copy. If you are not using Dark Multiplayer, then I am not sure why this is happening.
  7. Yes, Syncrio will support mod sync requests in the future, but that is going to take some time to build properly. Also, Syncrio 1.0 beta 4 is now available. The ui and group system have been rebuilt, and some other fixes added. The ui is not 100% complete yet, but it is functional and works well.
  8. Syncrio v1.0 beta 4 is going to support KSP v1.3.1. I have almost completed beta 4, but every time I sit down to finish it something comes up. Never the less, I will continue work on it and try to get it out as soon as I can.
  9. Nope, at the moment only KSP data is synced, so mods that add new scenario modules will not be synced. I plan to add mod data support, but there is a chance that most mode will need to be altered to support Syncrio, instead of the other way around. Although the changes most mods would need are vary small.
  10. @Pyreaus yes it is still being worked on, I have just been dealing with life things a lot lately. But I'm back and working on getting the next v1.0 beta finished. My hope is to get it done in about a week or so. I'm going to start support for 1.3.1 in the next beta, and drop support for 1.2.2. Sorry for the long wait on this since the last update. @DibeX it sounds like somehow you're not connected correctly to DMP. Make sure to connect to Syncrio first the DMP. @stk8472 both manually sync and autoSyncScenarios were removed a few versions ago. In the next beta I'm re-adding the manually sync button as a backup system in case something goes wrong. As for way the de-sync happen I'm not sure sorry. @DibeX @stk8472 I am so sorry for not responding earlier.
  11. Yes, I believe that is possible. I'm just worried about potential slow down and cpu/ram usage. Never the less, I'll look in to it and see if I can find the best way to do this.
  12. @awang mod support is not yet implemented, also most mods will need individual support. So its going to take some time to get mod support implemented. @Ruedii blacklisting mods after KSP has loaded is problematic. It would require reloading KSP's database, which would be the same as loading the game twice.
  13. @Ruedii you can disable mod control in the server settings file. But I should warn you that not having the same part packs, tech tree, and/or planet pack while in the same group will cause errors.
  14. @OmniTitan I'm glad you found a fix. @tolomo Thanks for the encouragement. Everyone, the next v1.0 beta is almost ready. But, I have some other stuff that I need to do first. After the other stuff is done, I'll finish up the work on the next beta. And thanks for your continued support.
  15. v1.0 Beta 3 is now up on Github. It has basic reverting support. This means that data synced during flight will be removed if you revert the flight. However the revert support is still basic and therefor has some logical flaws. In the next (and hopefully last) beta, most of these flaws should be fixed. For now, feel free to try out the reverting system. Just know that in certain situations the system may fail, such as if one player crashes into a building and another player fixes it and then the first player reverts, then the funds that the second player spent to repair the building will not be returned. This is of course a small bug, but I'd still like to fix it. Also beta 3 fixes the bug where scenario data would fail to sync sometimes.
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