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  1. I've been in a situation where I did have a quicksave from before attempting the landing. Then I crash in a ball of fire or what have you. Time to reload, let me just hold down the F5 key to reload. I've done that so many times I've just stopped using F5/F9 and only use Alt-F5/Alt-F9. At least then when I hit F5 instead of F9 I realize my mistake when it asks me for the name of the quicksave.
  2. I ran into this problem when I built wide. First of all, there is no fairing that you'll have available that will be able to cover it most likely. I got it into space, but it wasn't easy. If I didn't handle the incline perfectly then it would tumble out of control.
  3. Extra-terrestrial takeoff and landing. "Hmm...I don't see my shadow yet...where is it? Am I near the grou--KABOOM! There it is." "This place looks flat. Coming down slowly...still looks flat. Touching down...OH CRAP! Its at a 45 degree angle! Throttle up! Oh know, I'm too far down on the fall. KABOOM!" I really wish there was a way to tell how level the ground is before the last minute.
  4. So I installed KAS for the first time yesterday. I remember seeing a Scott Manley video where he used the KAS mod to attach struts via EVA, and to attach other parts as well. It has been a while, but I remember there was some container that your stored the parts in, and then would go to the container during EVA, pull out the parts, and attach them. I can't figure out how this was done, or if there is some other mod that does this. I can't find any container part to store parts in, and I'm not sure how to get the parts to attach them during EVA. What am I missing?
  5. I was trying to setup a base on the Mun, and I just wasn't getting enough delta-v. Well I had the bright idea to use the nuclear engines on the decent phase as a method of getting more delta-v. Don't do this...it's stupid. Anyway. I ended up having to do a suicide landing where I had to start burning a exactly the right point, 8150m. Too soon and I would run out of fuel before I landed. Too late and I would slam into the surface. After much trial and error I arrived at that number, and managed to start burning at 8150, and then run out of fuel just before touching down at 5m/s.
  6. So I am coming back to KSP after last playing it back in 0.24 timeframe. For some reason I can't manage to brake when landing. I've got a plane I built out of MK2 parts, and I'll hit the runway doing about 60 m/s. I'll hit the brakes and slow down at the rate of about 1 m/s/s. I end up going off the runway quite a ways before finally coasting to a stop. My first thought is that somehow my brake action group got messed up by adding airbrakes, but it looks fine. Essentially there is no way to actually land the plane on the runway. I do not remember ever having such an issue before. Usually the b
  7. Ugh...nevermind. I figured it out. I had downloaded both the source and the actual binaries, and when I inadvertently extracted the GameData folder from the source package. All fixed now.
  8. That is kind of what I figured. It wasn't nearby the part of the log where Kerbal Alarm Clock was loading. It was just the only error I could find in the log. Nothing looks out of the ordinary, except the icon for the alarm clock never shows up. Is there some other change in how mods are installed since 0.24?
  9. So I started fresh on KSP after not playing it since 0.24. Back then I had uses Kerbal Alarm Clock (as well as other mods). On the current game I've started on 1.04 I hadn't used any mods yet and now I'm at the point where I could really use Kerbal Alarm Clock. So I downloaded the latest (, extracted the TriggerTech folder and placed it in the GameData directory, started up KSP, and nothing. No Alarm Clock from any view. I tried starting a new game to see if there was some issue with my saved game, no luck. I looked at the output log for KSP and saw it loading Kerbal Alarm Clock compon
  10. I finally perfected my large rover, that includes the ability to land on the Mun from orbit, go up to 60 mph on Kerbin, perform all sorts of science, dock with the science lab I have on the Mun, provide thrust for getting up particularly steep terrain, etc. Tested it all out and it worked great. Then my computer was acting weird, going slow. I shut it down and it just hung there at the shutdown screen for half an hour, so I hit the power button. Now whenever I boot it up it can't find the OS. Not a good morning.
  11. So in this post I was proud of how my design worked perfectly. My lander/science lab/rover landed, dropped the rover onto the surface, lowered the landing gear, blew the radial decouplers to get rid of the engines/tanks, and settle the science lab directly onto the surface, with the lander module on top ready to take off when done, and a docking port on the side of the science lab so the rover could dock and get its science experiments processed and cleaned. It was perfect. Except for one fatal flaw. My rover sucks. I tested it quite a bit on Kerbin, driving around collecting science from the
  12. So I landed on the Mun to establish a base. Notice the rover underneath? I release it to drop the rover to the surface, then move it out of the way. Then I used the radial decouplers to jettison the engines and fuel tanks, and drop the lab down onto the surface. Notice the docking port on the side? there is also one on the rover. The rover can dock onto it so that the experiments can be processed and cleaned. It is the most complicated thing I've designed in KSP yet, and it all went off without a hitch.
  13. So I built a rocket to take my rather large Mun lander into orbit to dock up with my space station (to refuel and link up with other parts of the craft). I put a probe on the rocket, so that I could control its decent, recover the vehicle, and save some on cost. So I launch, get into orbit, decide to do a little science with my new negative gravioli thingamabob. It is then that I realize I forgot to put some Kerbals in my science lab. Revert launch. So I populate the lab with kerbals, get back into orbit, go to extend the solar panels on the rocket itself. No solar panels. How could I have for
  14. Jeb climbed a mountain... With a jet airplane... I...don't know why. I did get some nice mountains biome science.
  15. There's a scifi series by Ryk Brown that used this capability as a literary device to do a flashback. It was a very inventive way to do a lengthy and important flashback.
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