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  1. You'll end up in a highly elliptical orbit around the wrong game Of course it's a little sad to see KSP 2 get delayed, however... Rather have it late and polished to a diamond sparkle, than early and glistening like a turd Hopefully our amazing modders will feel no need to park their projects any time soon, expanding the potentials of 1.x.x and helping the player base get even more value for money Everyone who partakes of modded games now knows they have loads of time to try several different setups and they won't become irrelevant OTOH, this won't be the first sof
  2. Mine still do. Every single career
  3. You're very much not wrong and it does indeed solve the problem - at least, if your original Mun vessel has oodles of range and can be refuelled to let you keep doing this. On the other hand... it's a solution to a weird problem that doesn't really feel like it needs to exist at all. Rendezvous is not exploring. Docking is not exploring. Crew transfers are not exploring. They don't involve going to new places and thus don't belong in the "exploration" contracts list. By all means have world's first rewards, and have separate contracts because maybe I like to put a station around ever
  4. I mean, it's all a really good idea ...but I wonder how many players want to go to that bother? Just a hunch, but I suspect that most people would prefer to just launch one big rocket at a time rather than track two simultaneous missions around the system.
  5. Great tip, thank you! Maybe I can look to write a little patch for the dust later
  6. Share and enjoy! (I might be mixing Sirius Corporation with Sirius Cybernetics Corporation...)
  7. Yaaaasss! Thank you to everyone who has been involved! ...the question now is whether I p-p-p-pick up a planet pack and play a new career, or learn how to give Tylo an atmosphere and some dust storms... I feel like a lot of stock bodies would benefit from a hint of sky.
  8. My observation is that the Squad of modern times hesitates to engage in anything that might require them to do maths... How long did we wait for delta-v calculations? Which is not to say I lack love and respect for the devs, I just kind of notice they prefer making new parts to altering existing code
  9. Thing is, it's easy to find satellite, science, or tourist contracts for places you've already been. Making money from previously explored bodies isn't hard. Being given an up-front bonus to go to Eeloo however... I don't know how to achieve that without visiting every other body in the system and doing every 'exploration' activity at each of them. On the whole, I just wish the Exploration contract was a bit less conservative. It should be suggesting Duna the moment I've landed on Mun, and Moho/Dres/Jool as soon as I've done Duna. I'm fine with it sometimes suggesting previously-visi
  10. Brought them home! ...which wasn't all that hard, since most things went to plan. What had been forgotten was to actually put a decent antenna on the Dunaworrybehappy's crew section, with the result that as soon as it left Dunan orbit, all signal with home was lost until it entered Kerbin's SoI. This meant that instead of spending 250+ days processing and transmitting data from the lab, it instead arrived in LKO with over 5000 raw data points. While the initial descent plan involved discarding the empty lab and letting it burn up, mission control really didn't want to say
  11. Subject as per title... Example mission: Launch a multi-part vessel Relay/fuel tank stays in orbit at the destination, lander descends Lander may include rover and contact multiple biomes Lander returns to orbital relay, picks up more fuel, returns home By all reasonable thinking, this body is done with, explored, and I'd like to move on, yet the next exploration contract insists I return to the same body to perform a crew transfer, or a docking (because they were the same vessel). What a boring, tedious, mundane thing to put under the heading of 'Explorat
  12. Having recently tested and rejected a concept for a solar-powered Eve drone, mission control locks up the snack machine in the engineering department and instructs the team to try harder if they want to see it again. This seems to spur many brilliant ideas, and a new, more efficient design is put forward, using an alternative type of electric propulsion (as provided by the Thor Tech mod, which is far more powerful than stock propellers, and doesn't fall apart in timewarp, but also costs a lot more electrical power to run). At this altitude, Evodrone's solar panels are functioning far
  13. Toying with the possibility of an electric drone for Eve... Now, it does work. Needs a few more solar panels, but it does fundamentally do what you'd want, i.e. flies in the direction you point it, turns, lands, takes off again, etc. However... the BG propellers do not handle so much as 2x timewarp, and this thing only flies at about 90-110m/s, and it can't be driven by Bon Voyage autopilot. And Eve is a big planet. An extended expedition with this thing will be... painful beyond belief. Also it doesn't have any real ability to manoeuvre while on the ground, so putting a scanning arm
  14. Finding that hinge movements could be coupled to wheel steering input was unexpected but amazing. It makes articulated vehicles just work - and much better than trying to drag an unlocked hinge
  15. Tasked with collecting data from a number of biomes across Duna's surface, Bill and Sakura Kerman set their autopilot to full speed and watch the red rocks whizz past for quite a few hours before a strange sight begins to creep up in the landscape ahead... Whether this is evidence of an ancient civilisation or a curious but random rock feature, they aren't sure, but it's certain to give the boffins a lot to think about when they get home. A number of days elapse while Dunamite ambles across the red ground (thank you Bon Voyage for not making me pilot all that distance!), and in
  16. Definitely agree... I mostly don't do tourist contracts at all because it's rare to find one where they all have compatible destinations.
  17. With the Dunamite's six wheels all working, Bill and Lilly begin an initial assessment of the Midlands Sea in which they landed as a suitable place to bring down the Dunaworrybehappy. (Technical note: the Dunamite's trailer hinge is wired to the steering controls, giving it a lot of directional control during testing on Kerbin - however the surface friction on Duna turns out to be rather low, and with SAS on, the rover still doesn't want to change direction quickly. It's not a major problem, and on the whole the unconventional design handles pretty well, although it is possible to kn
  18. First day in a while I've had time for KSP and of course it's christmas morning Anyhoo, a couple of mundane satellite deployments and a Munar impacter happen, but after the success of the Wren spaceplane, the public seems to consider Kerbin and its moons to be conquered and less interesting, and pressure mounts to set our sights on further away. Keen to oblige (and secure further funding), mission control greenlights the Duna program. Engineering acknowledges that it would have been possible to launch the Dunaworrybehappy's multiple segments separately, but that requires maths a
  19. I agree However, I'm not going to make an entry on this poll. I have a lot of love and respect for all KSP modders, because they make the game so much bigger and more interesting and more replayable. I strongly suspect KSP would have died in maybe 2016-17 without the work of all these people who've been expanding it for free. Last time I tried to pick out a 'core' mod selection for 'bare minimum' gameplay (last month), it ended up with about 20, but it doesn't even matter if a specific mod only lasts for one career - it was still good fun during those weeks/months when I had it, and
  20. There is nothing concerning about this vessel.
  21. Despite having slightly tweaked thoroughly redesigned the Freebird, when it comes time to actually send something up, engineering instead recommends a newer, lighter, cheaper model. This one, apparently, does everything we need, and does it better. Despite looking like a passenger aircraft with rockets on the side, engineering are largely correct. The Wren may only weight 16.3 tons, but she gets to orbit with the same 400 m/s in the tank as her predecessor. While two of the passenger seats and the docking port have been dropped, this sporty little number has excess SAS control and en
  22. Faced with over a year to launch windows for either Eve or Duna, mission control greenlights a few basic money-making missions. Yuki, Tora and Jinx Kerman take a Munwolf VI lander to deliver a science package to a new Munar biome. The mission goes so well that everyone forgets to take photos, even when there proves to be enough fuel to re-route via Minmus on the return leg and pick up a few bonus data points there too. Everything, in fact, is going perfectly. Kiss the edge of kerbin's atmosphere, eject the engine... eject the engine... EJECT THE ENGINE? Well flarp. Turns out Munwolf VI h
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