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  1. I've managed to get 'closest approach' markers and everything. I done that by first escaping kerbins sphere of influence, then making a 2nd maneuver, mainly using retrograde marker to shrink orbit. Think I've got this down - - - Updated - - - Wow maybe not. before my ascending node got anywhere near eve. The delta V requirement was 5k minimum, going upto 8k when trying something different with the node. Baring in mind that's not to encounter Eve, just to get A/N anywhere near it
  2. Maneuver node position Eve position My trajectory is always roughly that dotted purple line, can't seem to get it to 'shrink' inwards towards Eve. edit: I've tried sliding the node to other positions and then altering it some more in different ways, no luck yet. It's always in relation to the sun.
  3. Oh ok, I figured that might be the case but wasn't sure. I've just made another thread about interplanetary maneuver nodes, and the problem I'm having with them. Would really appreciate if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, here's the link to the other thread I made
  4. It seems nomatter which maneuver buttons I edit to try and a decreasing apoapsis, even though Eve is targeted, my apoapsis is always in relation to the Sun, and not Eve. I've never gone interplanetary so there's obviously some things I don't yet know. I have tried different things to get the trajectory closer to Eve, and I've tried rotating the node around my orbit because I figured maybe I put it in the wrong place
  5. Title explains pretty much everything. I've only noticed this after I came back to KSP 1.0 after a long break, so it's conceivable I'm missing something and it's infact not a bug, just a mistake on my part. I do have batteries on the crafts that have this problem. Not sure what else I might be missing. Thanks.
  6. By that I mean by changing the lines in persistent.txt: Science/Funds/RepGainMultiplier = x would their values be changed in game? In my experience, I haven't found anything that I can't change in persistent.txt, but I remember trying it long ago before 1.0 and I don't think it worked, just that in my current career mode, science mutliplier is set to 160% and now I'm doing interplanetary science I'm finding the rewards are too big, but I do wan't to keep this save, as it's my most complex space program so far. - - - Updated - - - It works! The reason I thought it didn't was because last I tried, I looked at contract science rewards, which wouldn't change despite what I'd done in persistent. This time I lowered it, and before changing SciMultiplier, I used a science instrument, reverted flight & quit to main menu, changed multiplier, then wen't to the same place and used the instrument, and it was 60% lower, so it worked perfectly.
  7. ActuallyImad

    [Fixed] NaN - Corrupted 1.0 save

    I've fixed it, thanks for all of the replies though. I really appreciate it. One of two things ended up fixing it, I went through my career save (called Eeloo Or Bust) and simply removed all NaNs (not a number) and replaced with reasonable velocities/ coordinates. It also could have just been closing KSP and opening again, I done both at the same time so don't really know which fixed it, it was most likely removing NaNs but I can't say for sure.
  8. My main career save file's been corrupted. Now whenever I log in, I just get a kind of map view of deep space, no planets, sun, or anything it seems. This is such a bummer, I was just starting to get interplanetary contracts. Unfortunately I never backed up the save file, which I usually do at least once a week or so, but never done it in 1.0, and now I'm really regretting it. I hope there's a way to fix this, and I really appreciate anyone who'll take a few minutes to reply, thanks.
  9. I've seen them being used but haven't been able to figure out how to built them in the Vehicle assembly building
  10. I've just read about ISA MapSat here (and I think Scott Manley's used it before) and it seems pretty good but I can only find .22 releases, which is unfortunate, but I was hoping there are other mods that do roughly the same thing, here's a link to the ISA MapSat thread, and if you don't wanna go read the thread, here's the basic summary: -Automatically scans for artefacts within range which you can show using a toggle. -KSC\'s are marked on maps, show using toggle. -Current satellite position marker available on toggle as well.
  11. Any word on the compatibility of the current version of Interstellar + KSP .90?
  12. A lot of the objects in the Dmagic mod visually work, like solar particle collectors and magnometers, but none of them prompt with "keep" or "transmit" data UI when used. Also the kuarq (DAMN THAT SPELLING) experiments just work until I close the 'Right click' menu (that shows info on the object).. As soon as I click away, in any amount of time if I click back it's no longer functioning. I downloaded a load of mods today and I don't know 100% if I read in the Dmagic post or somewhere else, that some experiments don't work below a 250km orbit, so you should make your whole orbit above that altitude, well I've done that and it's still not working. I was expecting lots more science to do, but right now the new scientific instruments in game are virtually useless. I hope I'm wrong, hence why I posted this. I look forward to your replies, anyway Other mods i installed today; Tarsier Space tech StationScience Near future propulsion/spacecraft & props The near future mod appears to work ok, though I was underwhelmed at the engine withhighest thrust out of all the new items in said mod.. 80.0 Thrust. Can't hurt if anyone has good mod recommendations, thanks - Imad
  13. I'm new to the game, only bought full version today, after my first few missions I had a massive solid booster, at least 3x as big as the FL-T400 and now it's disappeared, I loaded the rocket I've got highest with (35-40km), but it's saying uses parts that are unavailable, I also used these small external boosters, I forget what they're called but I've seen them applied with 8x symmetry all around the rocket, they're also gone, anyone know why? Also does anyone know why most of my flights tilt/ lean, when I made it to 40km it lifted off perfectly, get nowhere near that on almost all other runs. It shouldnt be a uneven weight problem, I use angle snap and symmetry when applying anything to the exterior Thanks in advance
  14. I've made it up to 35km or so with a massive solid rocket booster and FL-T400s as my second stage. The massive solid booster is gone from my inventory now and I don't really know why, it was called rockomax or something to that effect .. Anyway, I haven't yet completed the mission of leaving the atmosphere, I can't seem to keep many of my launches going up completely straight. The 35km launch seems to be a fluke. My rockets are symetical so it's not weighed down on one side. If anyone has any beginners advice for me, that'd be greatly appreciated