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  1. I have an idea - a planet with a giant crack on it's middle, looking like an eye pupil of a cat (or Sauron), it has a ring just like Saturn and asteroids orbit it (because of the giant crack), there's lava in the middle of the crack and you'll die if you try to land there, the planet has a lot of small craters because of it's ring, and around the crack there are a lot of minerals. What do you think? Yay or nay?
  2. Unknow0059

    Recover Spent Stages

    I think there's a mod for that.
  3. Unknow0059

    New Part: Interstage Ring

    I think that can be done if someone edits the way fairings work.
  4. Use Active Texture management. And if that doesn't help, then i don't know, use less mods?
  5. This mod is awesome. But there's a single problem that is very frustrating (sorry if someone told this before), and the problem is that the parts sometimes bug out (when i move then from place, or use the IR group menu to use them) and become nonaligned. Like this: [spoiler:AlignBug] As you can see in the second image, it says that it's translated to 90, but it isn't.
  6. What about the in development parts? Are you still making them? I'm looking forward for the ATHLETE rover parts.
  7. Hello. I have the B9 Aerospace installed among other mods, some parts can be scaled while others can't, so how can i make it so X part is scaleable?
  8. Unknow0059

    Boeing F 32 replica VTOL

    It's very cool!
  9. Unknow0059

    Unknow's Compact Rovers

    Thank you!
  10. All of these crafts below use Infernal Robotics and TweakScale. Mini Kerbal Rover Size comparison -Approved by Bill. Features: - RCS - 2 Seats - Inline Support - It's small and cheap. Be careful, don't go too fast, it will turn over. Download Mini Kerbal Rover (SPH) You will need TweakScale, of course. It doesn't have any science, you can add if you want. ICURS (Inline Compact Unmanned Rover System) : Features: - It's compact - Inline Support - It's unmanned - Yeah, that's all. Also be careful when going over 15-10 m/s, it may turn over. You can attach your science stuff on it. You will need Infernal Robotics and TweakScale. Download ICURS (SPH) DICR (Dual Inline Compact Rovers): Download DICR (SPH) Tell me what you think and/or post images of you using these rovers. Feel free to post any ideas of more compact rovers.
  11. Unknow0059

    Procedural Parts can't customize?

    I have TweakScale, but the scaling doesn't work with B9 Parts.
  12. Unknow0059

    Procedural Parts can't customize?

    One last question, is it possible to scale B9 Parts?
  13. Unknow0059

    Procedural Parts can't customize?

    Goddammit i always forgot to install Kerbal Alarm Clock correclty. Thank you very much, its working now.
  14. Unknow0059

    Procedural Parts can't customize?

    Ok. I'm still using 24.2.