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  1. oh nice so a 1.4.5 is coming soon? That is great news. p.s. I wasn't complaining, just looking to make a fresh install and I wanted to try the newest version.
  2. So it's been almost a year since any update. Is the RO project ended? or is there a secret thread somewhere?
  3. So I'm trying to use this in KSP 1.3 with NFP and when I timewarp the throttle stays at 100% as desired, but my ship stops consuming argon gas and outputs zero thrust. The only requirement it lists is module manager 1.5.6 but I am running 3.0.1, I dont suppose that would be an issue though.
  4. Ahh ok I figured it was something like that. I just wanted to make sure there wasnt a glitch.
  5. So I have notice a lot of the tech tree nodes are empty in my game, For instance everything from "advanced heat management" and on show no parts to unlock, as well as nodes such as "advanced colonization" "exotic solar technology" "advanced fusion reactions" "anything at all in the "specialized science tech" tree and various other tech nodes. Are all of these there just for the Far Future Technology mod pack? or are there other mod packs I am missing?
  6. This is amazing! ...Any chance I could use this on my RO install?
  7. Ahh thanks for walking me through that. It worked perfectly
  8. I'm currently reading the tutorial on making an asset from start to finish as I'm thinking I will make a modified version of the shielded NASA docking port designed to survive re-entry and use that as the nose. I want to edit the texture so its black/dark grey, make the part slightly heavier, and give it a super high max temp to simulate that the shell is made of some advanced ceramic material.
  9. That's a good idea. Is this in ModuleManager.ConfigCache? I see a value for proceduralNoseCone that lines up with what I see in game, maybe I could just edit that and it will modify the part?
  10. I couldn't find anything under suggested mods, but under recommended mods>procedurals there is a RO_ProceduralParts.cfg but the only variables to do with procedural nosecone go as follows: @PART[proceduralNoseCone]:FOR[RealismOverhaul] { %RSSROConfig = True %title = Nose Cone [Procedural] @attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0 // allow surface attachment }
  11. I'm trying to create a new type of nose cone that can survive re entry in RO and has similar properties to the space shuttle nose. Only thing is I'm not sure how all the config files interact with each other. I tried to modify the max temp of the NoseCone.cfg under the procedural parts > parts > structural folder but it had no effect. Any ideas on how I can go about this?
  12. Ahh I just found out he technical term for this, it's called a ruddervator, or v tail, or butterfly tail. I'm hoping it will be a viable design as I think the X-37 looks really cool, but perhaps it needs computerized stabilization.
  13. I'm currently running ro on ksp 1.2.2 What if my tail fins are set on 45 degree angles? Do I set just two of the sliders to 100%?
  14. So I'm trying to make an all in one spaceplane/upper stage loosely based on the x-37 and I'm confused as to how to set my control surfaces (e.g. pitch, yaw, roll, etc.) The tail fins are all moving and each delta wing has a single aileron. Should all three sliders be set to 100%? should some surfaces have certain sliders turned to 0? or even reversed? My Issue is that when I press E to roll right my nose ends up pointing to the left which in turn makes the craft rebound and roll aggressively to the left (when I hold E it just keeps making it worse) However I CAN steer my craft fairly well just using my yaw controls (e.g. when I press D to yaw right my nose goes right slightly, which then makes the craft aggressively roll left briefly then my craft auto corrects and banks right pretty smoothly) It works but it feels awkward and gives me the feeling I have my controls set up incorrectly. Side note: What does the AoA% slider do?
  15. The stock alike station parts project sounds really interesting! I will for sure check that out. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.