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  1. Yesterday was a fine day for astronomy in BC (except that it was so bloody freezing and windy) as these three were together. The bright thing next to the moon is Venus and the very dim dot to the top right of the moon is Mars. Two planets in one crappy iPhone photo, what a deal! I took the opportunity to take out my old telescope and got this with my iPhone through the lens: Not a bad picture of the moon using only an iPhone and a cheap telescope from Hong Kong. The ISS also flew over me, but I was too slow to react. Today I tried another attempt at a moon photo, exce
  2. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Happy Year of the Rooster!
  3. Unless if they're Finnish deer. Höhöhö! Back on track, have a very Merry Christmas everyone! If you don't celebrate Christmas, have a wonderful day and a great 2017!
  4. British Columbia is covered by a strange white powder. I think the outsiders call it "snow" or something like that. Our elders had told legends about this mysterious substance and how it can turn into water when heated, but we dismissed those crazy old stories as myths. Now, they are the ones who are laughing. Drivers are driving worse than they usually are, salt is sold out everywhere, and every streetlight holds captive around 20 people each, grabbing them by their tongues. I don't think we can make it out of this catastrophe. We're done for.
  5. I just got Steam a few days ago and bought Hearts of Iron IV, Papers Please, and Cities Skylines.
  6. Many great big hugs to @KasperVld for making the forums a great place to hang around. Good luck to him for his future endeavours! o7
  7. We Canadians already celebrated our Thanksgiving on October 10. Anyways, happy Thanksgiving for those in America!
  8. I remember playing video games...with no DLC nor play to win and had splitscreen. *sheds tear EDIT: I am still young as I'm *censored by glorious Rimiya* years old, yet I don't catch on to modern trends: I don't like modern music, I don't text during class, I don't follow the latest freshest memes, and I don't use the word 'like' every 2 seconds (seriously people, control your likes!!).
  9. Yes! They all left!!! Great succe....STOP IT WITH THE FIREWORKS!!!
  10. Happy Halloween! It's good that it's 5:40 so I have lots of time to......OH GOD THEY'RE HERE ALREADY HELP HIDE!!!!!
  11. Just another tired, emotional roller coaster of a day.
  12. I found out about KSP from Yogscast Duncan's videos. I joined around 0.20.
  13. Ah, jeez, should I or should I not. I got an interesting one, but I feel like I will regret it afterwards. Gah, social anxiety's hard. EDIT: Here it is, Battlefield 1 in real life, in 2016; with authentic Canadian WW1 gear, including the Lee Enfield (not loaded obviously). Yes, I did add 90% more hair with Photoshop, anything for relative anonymity I guess.
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