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  1. astrobond

    SSTO Eve no docking or refueling

    LOL yesss I don't remember exactly, but after 1.04, i was unable to SSTO Eve with my old ship... but when i tried again in 1.3, that was ok ! So i tried to scale down because the "vector" engine is exactly the same isp as the "mammoth", and because i wanted to try something new BTW the weight is 4 tons for 1000 Kn on the "Vector", vs 15 tons for 4000 Kn for the "Mammoth', so on the paper the Vector is not so good... but in fact in 1.3, even if that's still very hard to SSTO Eve, i'm sure this is easier than in 1.04 ! The key is also to have the less possible drag, and the "Strake" wings seems to be very good for lift/drag ratio My two cents...
  2. astrobond

    SSTO Eve no docking or refueling

    Hi @Kergarin The big difference with wings is that you can takeoff with a smaller than 1 twr... That's why i choose that ! as you can see, the twr of my "little" Eve SSTO is 0.86 at takeoff...
  3. Paid 1h30 ago, and still not in my account too I want to playyyy lol
  4. astrobond

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Hi All "Light" Stock EVE SSTO in KSP 1.3.1, that was hard and "hot", but done again Jebediah is on a command chair under the shell. (you can see the top of her helmet in the shell...) Youtube video: Ship Landed with HyperEdit on highest Eve mountain, and manually piloted to orbit this time... Full Stock ( Craft File in the Youtube description ) Fly safe with Valentina !!!
  5. astrobond

    MK3 Cargo Bay Eve Challenge

    I don't find the old post, but there is a Foxster ship that is almost the same ! But for this one on KSP 1.3.1 i had to make a lot of changes... maybe not the best ascent path too, but that was very funny Congrat's Foxster !
  6. astrobond

    MK3 Cargo Bay Eve Challenge

    Hi All Eve Challenge.... mmmh All the data in the album --> That was very tight !!! Fly safe with Valentina
  7. astrobond

    What did you do in KSP today?

    lol, i'm a young 52 years old ksp player, but i remember as if that was yesterday my dad asking me to wake up at 4am to see the men on the moon on the tv in France !!! i was 4 years old , that was awesome !
  8. astrobond

    The Go-Anywhere*) Vessel, again

    Remembers me my Tylo landing in the Jool 5 Challenge... that was really tight, and i had to make a lot of F9 keypress ;-) look at the fuel left... Tylo IS a hard part of the game !
  9. astrobond

    Spaceship Endurance: The Anywhere Lander

    Hi All My attempt with a Nuke... and some fuel tanks Imgur album : Gilly: 6 Pol: 26 Minmus: 36 Bop: 46 Ike: 78 Dres: 86 Mun: 116 Eeloo: 124 Duna: 145 Vall: 172 Moho: 174 Homeward Bound (Ok if only the Kerbal alive is good lol ) Infinity and Beyond Powerhouse One Stop Shop Fly safe with Valentina
  10. astrobond

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Hi All Today the part two of the Falcon Heavy to Duna ! The Journey and a test drive of the "Tesla" on Duna Fly safe with Valentina
  11. astrobond

    Falcon Heavy to Duna

    Hi All Here is the Part Two of my attempt... and some pics of the Kerbin "Tesla" Spin/Speed test ! Speed Test on Runway... Jump test... Speed test downhill max speed ^^ Fly safe with Valentina
  12. astrobond

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Hi All Today i made a video of a Kerbal version of SpaceX Falcon Heavy with 3 KOS scripts to recover the 3 Falcon 9 A lot of fun and several hours of testing, coding, crashing... Happy New Year to all of you !
  13. astrobond

    Falcon Heavy to Duna

    Hi All Here is the Part One of my attempt... I wanted to test a KSP version of SpaceX Falcon 9 Heavy, so this challenge was a very good idea !!! I know i will not make a highscore, (boosters on barges and second stage on KSC... not exactly what was asked lol), but i enjoyed playing with this craft and coding with KOS for several hours to achieve this goal... Thanks to @Gotbread For the video and KOS code KSP + kOS SpaceX Falcon9 automated barge landing I used a lot, and And @only_to_downvote on Reddit for the KOS FUNCTION TimeToImpact I will make a Part Two video with the journey to Duna and the "Tesla" Spin ASAP And Happy New Year for all of you !!!