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  1. Finishing the Near Future mod suite would be nice, and I also like Dodo labs and the Stockalike Mk2/mk3/mining expansions. I can help with adding more mod support if you would like.
  2. This looks awesome! I'll definitely give it a try, and I'm excited to see what other mods get supported.
  3. I've actually been working on a contract pack for KTT, inspired by the Probes Before Crew pack. Is there any way I could help out? Those ideas are awesome!
  4. Talking about 1.11, should the 1.10 version still work fine, or is that something we don't know yet?
  5. I'm having this weird glitch where the terrain texture just disappears. I feel like it's an issue with the way I installed but I don't know exactly whats wrong. Here's my log file: https://mega.nz/file/Aeok0ZBR#Bc4h1F23kP3u4BtS8PHaF3maKhswKpsk6RE44TgN5lo Update: Reinstalling Kopernicus fixed it
  6. Distant Object Enhancement can help, but if you mean reducing the brightness of the stars overall, you would need to do some texture editing.
  7. I saw that some things on the Github roadmap were labeled with "help wanted", I'm guessing that means you're open to people helping you out with the mod? I've been thinking of getting into modding and I wanted to help out with getting some part mods compatible.
  8. Will there be new Mission Control and Admin music? Your stuff is amazing and I would love to see what you do to replace those stock tracks. EDIT: Apparently its not switching to the tracking station music when I switch to the building.
  9. I can see it, which is a bit strange. Maybe @KingDominoIIIis busy?
  10. So I'll be restarting my career, after thinking about it my CRPUs wouldn't be powerful enough. I'll probably do an approach similar to camacju's.
  11. Here's the first OTRAG launch I did, got into orbit and came home with over 200 science! https://imgur.com/a/vSFRz4f
  12. This sounds right up my alley, I'll give it a try. EDIT: Just realized, do I have to screenshot my first 2 science gathering missions?
  13. Nice seeing more mods built around 2.5x scale, I started playing with it and I'm loving it. Also nice to be seeing some sounding rockets!
  14. i found a weird issue where the magnetic field survey of the Mun contract doesn't seem to register my inclination as correct despite it being correct AFAIK. I don't know what logs to provide exactly but if you need them I can go looking,
  15. Do the engines in this pack have RealPlume configs?
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