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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong area for this question, I just couldn't find any other place. I'm thinking of getting back into KSP, but I forgot my store account password. I tried to reset it, but I can't find the email anywhere. I tried looking in every folder, even ones in the old email address I used. How can I get my password reset? EDIT: Got it to work now
  2. This mod should work in 1.3. Let me know if there's any bugs,
  3. Do the Jool rings in this mod conflict with the ones in Stock Visual Terrain?
  4. Quick update: I haven't made much progress on the mod, but I'll come out with an update for 1.3 once CTT is released for it. Ludicrous Propulsion Systems support might come in the next update as well.
  5. Just a quick suggestion: There should be a "mark all notifications as read" button. I've been away frm the site for a while and I have 300+ notifications.
  6. Alright, shameless mod plug time. I made a mod for CTT that moves some parts around to go into tech tree nodes introduced by CTT. I just thought this was related to the discussion and would like to share it. link here:
  7. Ever wanted your stock parts to be moved to Community Tech Tree nodes, but don't know how to do it yourself? WELL LOOK NO FARTHER! CTTStockRebalance is a simple mod where stock parts are moved to CTT categories, as well as putting parts in different tiers for sensible progression. Dependencies: -Community Tech Tree by Nertea. Link here. -ModuleManager by sarbian. Link here FAQ: Q: I want *insert part here* to be moved to a new node! A: Ask me! I'll see what I can do Q: Will you support mod parts? A: Maybe. Current list of parts changed: Mk1 Lander Can (Enhanced Survivability) Mk1 Crew Cabin (Enhanced Survivability) Kelus Mobility Enhancer (Space Exploration) Mk2 Lander Can (Simple Command Pods) Mk2 Service Bay (Simple Command Pods) Thermal Control System (Medium) (Heat Management Systems) 3.25m Heat Shield (Heat Management Systems) 10m Heat Shield (Advanced Heat Management) Thermal Control System (Large) (Advanced Heat Management) Known bugs: The Kelus Mobility Enhances has the wrong name in the config. Changelog: Download on Spacedock! License: GNU General Public License v3 (This is my first major mod, so let me know what I can do better in terms of my post layout.)
  8. I'm having a problem where icons from one career save are showing up in another one.