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  1. A highlight of the ToS: Who's looking forward to loot crates and kerbal skins? Buy ten for $29.99 and get three free!
  2. Updated Terms Notice FEBRUARY 23 1600 GMT - DANIELE.PELOGGIO Please note that the EULA[www.take2games.com] for Kerbal Space Program will be changed on March 6, 2018. Please read this agreement in its entirety. You must agree with the terms of the EULA including the Privacy Policy[www.take2games.com] and Terms of Service[www.take2games.com] to play Kerbal Space Program.
  3. What should the average lifespan of a healthy Kerbal be?
  4. Fuel wings is not compatible with 1.3.1 due to its dependency on modular fuel tanks
  5. I look forward to MKS functionality so that I can include this mod in my career save.
  6. Why wait for release? Help find and track bugs with the test branch https://github.com/ferram4/Ferram-Aerospace-Research/archive/ksp_update.zip
  7. I'm about to try playing the ksp_update branch with 128 other mods. I will have no useful bug reports. I might complain anyways. Wish me luck. EDIT: Nothing is wrong, nothing is crashing, everything is working as intended. I'm frankly quite disappointed, I was hoping for something to complain about. All these mods, and there's not a single issue.
  8. @Svetoch On CKAN, Ground Construction has Ground Construction Core listed as a dependency, and will refuse to install without it. This is also an issue with @RoverDude's USI Kolonization Systems, which has Ground Construction Core listed as a dependency. Till it's fixed, just install them both manually from their download links on the forums, which you can also easily find through CKAN.
  9. I saw the video on the SpaceX subreddit. How's development going @Thrimm?
  10. Can we get some new photos of the parts? No idea what's in this mod.
  11. Funny that Olympic1's ARP Icons updated for 1.2, but has this mod as a dependency when it's not compatible yet.
  12. Would you please make Cocaine mineable, while you're on this? The value is much higher per gram than gold, making mining it almost lucrative.
  13. No error reports come up, but TCA has conflicts with Free Mechjeb Embedded Universal. In Career mode, mechjeb is unlocked through TAC, it seems.
  14. CCS isn't showing up in the compatibility filter for 1.1.3 on CKAN. Not an issue for me, but I feel bad for anyone relying on CKAN and missing out on this mod. Also, the links for the moderated and unmoderated versions on Google docs are both broken.
  15. Working fine with 1.1.3 as well, not that CKAN reflects that.
  16. The nodes are only necessary for symmetry, really. Not a huge deal, in most cases. The real issue is retraction! Mnyah!
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