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  1. God I can't believe this thread didn't really die yet But making this mod was one of my best memories from playing KSP and interacting with the community, I'm so glad to see that the game is still alive and doing well.
  2. Here's my suggestion - Speed-O-Bust 2729 m/s. I could've done better but I had fun anyway
  3. Sorry for hold up :c It changes part's texture by using Firespitter's FSTextureSwitch2 module. For stock texture it actually uses Squad's stock texture from their directory so It doesn't conflict with any loaded stock craft. It's pretty easy to add new textures. You will guess how to do it if you open any .cfg file or read Firespitter's manual here (You can always edit and add textures for your own use or suggest me ones to include in the main mod) I never actually heard about KerbPaint... I'll check it now
  4. Souls series is my favorite <3
  5. I just noticed your avatar... P... P... PRAIISE THE SUUUN!!!
  6. Added probe textures. P.S If you have suggestions then please leave them here
  7. Dammit I'm going to fix it
  8. I didn't notice... but that's even better. Should I leave it like that?
  9. Today I saw this on main page of KerbalStuff Where will we get those glorious mods? How can we live without KerbalStuff? What dangers await us? Let's cry together brothers... Rest In Pepperoni KerbalStuff...
  10. Hello everyone. I just started working on my first (serious) mod. What it does you ask? It adds an ability to swip-swap between textures (actually firespitter's plugin adds this ability and I just use it) on certain parts aka change painjob. Well as I said I just started working on this mod and all I've done is learn how to use this scripts and some textures. I already have texture ideas but mainly for command pods and probes. I want to ask you - Which parts to include in my mod? Which painjobs will they recieve? Just write here everything you come up with. I'll see if it's a good idea or not (You can suggest your own textures as well. I'll give you proper credits if add them) Here some screenshots Requires: Firesitter Plugin Module Manager Download (if you want to try it) - Dropbox (Probe Update) Big thanks to: Snjo for his Firespitter (with plugins) ialdabaoth & sarbian for Module Manager License - CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 P.S. Yes I like formatting
  11. I just started making my little mod and already encountered a problem. Question is - Can I force FSTextureSwitch to switch textures of different objects at same time? I know that you can do that by adding 2 names into "objectNames =" but it uses same textures for both objects and that's not what I want. For ones who want to help - Have a great day!
  12. I present to you a really simple mod - Strut+ It adds only one part - PX-6 Advanced Strut Connectort which is 300x stronger and 5x longer than a standart strut. Screenshots'n'Stuff Download - Kerbal Stuff License -
  13. Jesus christ. I almost forget about that mod... Should I start working on brand new just for upcoming 1.10 KSP 64-bit version of my glorious mod?
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