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  1. I am indeed, in fact I tried both. I am using the 64 bit linux version. I love the mod otherwise, gives me the ability to make some of the more obscure American rockets most mod packs don't cover.
  2. I did that and it still happened. This didn't happen under 1.0.4, though.
  3. Is anybody else having this issue? Whenever I launch a vessel and it goes above 20 km and the effects kick in, my frame rate drops down to less than one frame per second. I don't think it's mod related, but I'll post a list of you guys think it would help. Edit: I fixed it, it was because I was running in OpenGL mode.
  4. Half the parts are missing from the American pack, please fix.
  5. I'm using steam. So far it just keeps freezing up on me. Yay....
  6. With mechjeb there is more than enough fuel in the proton to build a MIR.
  7. Bobcat, please notify us next time you remove parts from the pack, it sucks having to rebuild and relaunch several rockets when an updated parts pack is released.
  8. The N1 looks brilliant, Bobcat. I can't wait to try it out.
  9. I dock manually all the time, It's not that difficult.
  10. I put together a quick little explorer 1 look alike, works pretty well. Not trying to hijack the thread, sorry.
  11. So I went through with it. Yeah this looks safe... I think. He looks so happy too! Seems to be going well. He's not enjoying it so much now. I think I broke the Kerbal. DO NOT WANT!
  12. Thank you for giving me the most kerbal idea ever....
  13. Messing around with Asteroids and part gravity.
  14. 3D computer monitors already exist, and have for quite a while.
  15. Honestly, I'm not that bothered by it, using the old parts fixed it, so it's obviously an issue with the new parts, but it works now, so meh.
  16. The game runs fine without the new parts, but doesn't run with the new parts (it crashes at startup), so yes, it broke my game. If it was a problem on my end I would have fixed it by now, I already found a download for the older parts and my game runs fine now.
  17. I hate to say it, but the new soviet parts pack update broke my game, looks like I get to find a download for the old one.
  18. Glad to see I'm not the only person who noticed this problem, I was planning a multi-year mission to duna last night, went to try it out today, and found kerbals invading my (supposed to be unmanned) command pods.
  19. He is an American Pointer.
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