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  1. UPDATE I downloaded the pkg installer and did another fresh install with that, and it works. So - the problem was with the portable zip version.
  2. Answering the above questions, I offer the following information to the devs, in the faint hope they can resolve this repeating issue: MacOS Mojave v. 10.14 iMac 21.5 inch 16GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 1024 MB MacOS automatically updates with latest updates. No hardware or software anomalies observed. KSP build 02539 2192 functions normally along with Breaking Ground DLC Fresh install of KSP build 02594 2248 (portable) does not function - hangs on black screen Game does not start and no KSP.log is generated. The same problem was previously observed in KSP build 02152 2018-04-26_22-51-14 and was "solved" using ./KSP -force-opengl script This problem existed in a previous build but was subsequently resolved. Now it is back. Using ./KSP -force-opengl in order to run KSP results in inferior performance. Please resolve this issue with KSP 1.73!
  3. So - what can I do to solve the issue and run 1.7.3 on my system?
  4. The latest Yes, as I already mentioned above. Of course. My computer is plugged in too, I just checked. Great! I hope so too!
  5. In this case there really isn't anything more to say. downloaded KSP as I always have as a zip file, click on the KSP executable to start it up and all I get is a black screen. The exact same procedure was followed to install the previous version. CONCLUSION: KSP on MacOS doesn't work. The developers can work the rest out. Fixing what is broken is their job, not mine!
  6. [Moderator note: This topic was split off from the KSP 1.7.3 announcement thread, since it's primarily about a technical issue for an individual user.] MacOS version doesn't work for me
  7. Well done - and you beat my time to touchdown too! Is it a challenge to release at the right moment?
  8. My only criticism of this excellent creation is that this video most definitely needs a wicked soundtrack! I suggest "Aces High" by Iron Maiden
  9. That's awesome. Try integrating wheels with brakes on into the feet to give better grip!
  10. I built one in the past that could fling 2 tons to escape velocity Also, I had another play with the island cannon and it has proven to be surprisingly consistent in its accuracy. Jeb insisted to have a go as well
  11. Space Cannon craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Tyr_Anasazi/Island-cannon
  12. Phantom collider force shenanigan or not, I submit this short video (2:32) as my humble entry to this challenge. 100% stock with no cheats or mods used. Touchdown on the Island occurred at 2:17 into the flight.
  13. So, to answer a few questions: Is it possible to build a supersonic prop aircraft using BG DLC Parts? YES - but they need tons of electricity Is it possible to stack rotors to get moar power? - YES When stacking rotors, can you overcome the 477 RPM physics limit? NO, you just get more torque and have to deal with Kraken Do stock props still look as ridiculous as they did before? YES.