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  1. Tyr Anasazi

    Round-Kerbin Planes

    Spinner M2 can fly at 5000m at mach 2.1 until the cows come home or you get bored watching. https://kerbalx.com/Tyr_Anasazi/SPINNER-M2
  2. Hi, I think that my placement of the forward wheels can be tuned to relieve this fun feature. During takeoff run it will lift its tail, you need to wait until it's going pretty fast before giving it a little pitch up - or wait until it flies off the runway then pitch up. Personally I use mechjeb and set the pitch angle to 10 degrees. If you are using stock SAS, you might find that it "bounces" as you try to pitch up. Try hitting space when it bounces to jettison the wheels and it should take off.
  3. I think it's fair to say Spinner exceeded my expectations:
  4. Now Mach 2 capable!
  5. Spinner is the gift that keeps on giving. More than 600 m/s level flight achieved today. Mach 2 is getting ever closer for this X-plane
  6. UPDATED: Mach 2.1 level flight! Spinner M2 is the result of MANY hours of building and testing, rebuilding and testing again and a bit of blind luck. Thanks to Squiddy and others who have posted guides and shared their craft - I wouldn't have started this project otherwise. Max level speed is 705 m/s (Mach 2.1) at 4500m altitude. It can maintain this speed indefinitely. I have observed the craft moving at 620 m/s, mach 1.8 in a dive. The craft doesn't handle high G's well so manoeuvre slowly. I use Mechjeb's SMARTASS for control. Spinner M2's great top speed is partly due to extreme prop blade pitch. Because of the high pitch, max thrust is achieved only at speeds greater than 450m/s 475m/s. In order to reach this initial speed, the pilot must first climb to 5000m 6000m, then perform a shallow dive to approx 2000m 4000m to reach 475m/s. From there, level off to 0.1 degrees pitch, switch to each propeller in turn, select the propeller blades and reduce the Authority limiter from 120 to 80 (unfortunately this can't be done using action groups). From there the craft will (slowly) accelerate to Mach 2 and climb to 3900m 4500m. Craft Files (KSP 1.4.3) Spinner 566 Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Tyr_Anasazi/SPINNER-566 (Mach 1.7 version) Spinner M2 Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Tyr_Anasazi/SPINNER-M2 (Mach 2.1 version) The changes made to Spinner 566 to make it go faster were strakes instead of wings, moving the blades back, and adjustment of blade authority limiter in flight. CHALLENGE: Spinner M2 still has lots of potential in my opinion. Please take this craft and modify it. Try different blades, blade position/pitch, different wings, play with the bearings, whatever you think could improve it. I would like to see who can achieve: Highest top speed (Gold star for Mach 2, platinum star for Mach 3) Highest altitude Better high-G stability Possible integration with ion or Nervs for SSTO Testing on other worlds Multi engine builds
  7. Update: This craft is soon to be Spinner 400 as today it is flying sustained level flight speed in the high 390's!
  8. 23 tons Part count 186 Total 60 large reaction wheels in 2 contra-rotating engines Total 60 RTGs Bearings: Stayputnik and M-1x1 structural panels 4 x elevon 3, 8 x elevon 4 Spinner 377 is still experimental. When the project is complete I will upload the craft to Kerbal X. Meanwhile, please enjoy these images of the craft in flight and in the VAB: Spinner 377
  9. Tyr Anasazi

    Post Your Cinematics Here! (Cinematic Enthusiasts)

    While designing and flight testing some demanding designs I decided to make a film showcasing them, then saw some videos by Stratzenblitz75 which were so visually great and entertaining (alongside many rather boring showcase videos by other less artistically inclined kerbals). I invested some time installing visual mods and my KSP experience has really improved. I'm no pro but this is the story of my craft building so far, I hope you like it. HD & good speakers or headphones recommended
  10. Tyr Anasazi

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    I want to thank Stratzenblitz75 for his amazing videos, which gave me inspiration to install mods which have made my KSP experience a hundred times better than before! My original design for an SSTO spaceplane has matured and I feel it's ready to share now. Craft file uploaded. Amadeus is a 100% Stock, easy to fly, stable and reliable heavy lifter. My flight testing hasn't gone beyond LKO but my guess is it can go quite a bit further. Having the cargo on the outside rather than in a bay means that within the constraints of TWR and drag, your imagination is the limit. Wait till you see what Rocco can do (coming soon). Here is the video of the flight of Amadeus, enjoy: Get the AMADEUS craft file here The link includes Action Group info, flight profile info and more.
  11. Tyr Anasazi

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Excellent summary, thanks
  12. Tyr Anasazi

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    I give you: the Dyna-Lifter. The mission: Using a 100% stock, fully reusable SSTO spaceplane, lift a Kerbodyne S-14400 tank into orbit and return to Kerbin. Keep the design simple and elegant. Make it stable enough so that it flies itself with timewarp enabled. It was harder than I thought it would be! However, after much flight testing and many design changes, here it is: Craft files coming soon!
  13. Tyr Anasazi

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    This is incredible, and of course I watched all the rest of your videos, and they are awesome. However, I still want to know how you did the hinge!
  14. Tyr Anasazi

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    My current work in progress. She carries a full Kerbodyne tank into orbit. Issues that still require work: 1. Tweaking required for stability in all flight phases 2. More testing required to find ideal fuel/oxidiser ratio & most efficient flight plan 3. This craft has an open cargo bay with running wheels and its own loading truck. The whole plane tilts to lower the ramp so that loading/unloading can occur while landed. I will make sure the final product is uploaded as a craft file along with my previous orange tank build
  15. Tyr Anasazi

    Mk. 3 SSTO with Large Fuel Margin Wanted

    I just made this today. It carries an orange tank into orbit.