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  1. Realism Overhaul with Kerbalism

    Just an FYI for anyone who's interested, I've found a very nice RSS profile for Kerbalism. It's not for Realism Overhaul though, so all it really does is scale up Kerbalism's time scales, etc. to work with Real Solar System. Works really well so far, and I think, with some tweaking, I can get everything pretty comparable with RO values. (May need some help with part masses, etc.)
  2. Low lunar/munar flyby

    Did it! Thank you so much for the help. I feel like, through the node tweaking process, I've learned a ton about the way a celestial body's gravity influences a trajectory. One final note, I didn't realize quite how important inclination is to this whole process. My inclination differed from the Moon's by ~0.5 degrees, but prevented me from getting my perigee below ~14,000 km. With ~90 m/s anti-normal added to the injection burn, I came down to less than 500 km. So yeah, I'm learning a lot.
  3. Low lunar/munar flyby

    Sorry for the delayed response. I gave it a shot, but did not have the delta-V to lower my perigee enough for a return. I only have about 295 m/s to begin with, but I usually have to use about 30-40 m/s for correction burns & attitude control. In total, I used around 250 m/s and was only able to lower my perigee to ~160,000 km. I think I have to get as low a perigee as possible from the initial lunar encounter, so my perilune burn is more on the order of tens of m/s. Unfortunately, I still don't think I fully understand how gravity assists work, and I'm still not able to replicate (or come close to) blakemw's first pic. Help!
  4. Low lunar/munar flyby

    I think I'm still not getting it. The only way I was able to put the perilune at 6 o'clock, I had to reduce my overshoot, and ended up with this: (So sorry about the links rather than just embedding the pics, but I for some reason I can't seem to embed the links.)
  5. Low lunar/munar flyby

    Really appreciate the help. After many attempts, I've gotten to the point now where I can plot an ordinary free-return (with a moderately high perilune), but I'm still having trouble finding a trajectory with a perilune under 100 km that sends me on a proper return. What side of the moon should I be trying to put the perilune? If the Earth-Moon line is 12 o'clock, I've been trying to place perilune around 5 o'clock, but I don't think that's right. Is there a particular technique I should use for node tweaking to help me find the correct path?
  6. Low lunar/munar flyby

    Well, I found a really interesting and unique flight path that does get me both a low perilune and basically a return trajectory (tiny correction needed). Only problem is, it take almost a month to complete the entire journey. A whole month in a tiny capsule is a bit too much to ask of my pilots. Anyway, I've got Precise Node installed, so I'll keep messing with maneuver nodes and see what I can come up with. Here's a link to a picture of the trajectory I stumbled upon. I am definitely doing something wrong, so please feel free to let me know what!
  7. Low lunar/munar flyby

    Thank you guys! I'll give it another go today.
  8. Low lunar/munar flyby

    I guess I'm being ham handed, cause the smallest correction burns I can get add up to more than 300 m/s. Is it just not possible to do a low flyby->return unless I have the dV equivalent to get into lunar orbit? Approximately where, around the moon, should I try to put my periapsis? I still don't have an intuitive grasp on how the radial vs. retrograde acceleration (from the moon's gravity) works. I've been assuming that the closer my perilune is to the line of the moon's orbit (in front), the stronger the retrograde acceleration, but it doesn't appear to really work like that. It looks like a combination of a retrograde and anti-radial assist is what I nneed, but I'm not sure how to go about getting it.
  9. Hey guys Got a follow on question to something I asked before. I'm playing with RO/RSS, but I believe this topic should apply to stock as well. Basically, I'd like to know how to get a perilune below 50 km, that will allow me to correct for an Earth return with 300 m/s dV or less. I have a bare bones system with Mk1 pod, lunar heatshield, and service bay, on top of a rocket that can comfortably send it to any type of lunar transfer orbit. I've done a free return successfully now, but I didn't manage to get close enough to complete the contract or get low-space lunar science. I belive I can increase service module dV by 100 m/s or so, but not much more without designing a whole new rocket. (NOTE: I guess if using stock system, think about the service module as holding 100 m/s or so, and the perimun being less than ~30 km) Thanks!
  10. Anyone had any luch integrating these two mods? RO is amazing, but there are some key realism features I miss without Kerbalism, like radiation belts, solar flares, crew comfort/sanity, and limited part lifespans with breakdowns/repairs. On first glance, it looks like I can install Kerbalism over an RO install, and I don't get any errors on startup. I'm mainly looking to see if anyone's made an RO profile for Kerbalism, as the default one is only for the Kerbol system, and I had to make up my own rough estimates for my RSS/Stockalike install. Also, I'd love to know if there are any conflicts between the two mod, before I've spent hours on a career. Thanks all!
  11. Hey all, I'm trying to do a crewed lunar flyby in RSS, and I don't really have the tech yet to build a crewed lunar orbiter yet. I was planning to use the science I got from the flyby to unlock better engines and allow a follow up orbital mission. I was planning to do a nice free return trajectory, but I seem to be having serious problems plotting what I am after. Ideally, I want a free return trajectory with the lowest possible perilune (for the science), that is less than 15 days from launch to reentry (life support), and especially a posigrade reentry. I've learned the hard way that even a lunar rated heat shield is generally not enough protection for a retrograde lunar return reentry. Delta-V is not really a barrier, as I have around 4 km/s in the transfer stage. I keep either getting retrograde reentry trajectories, or trajectories that barely enter lunar SOI and take 13+ days to complete. I guess I don't really understand how free returns actually work. I am also curious about the Apollo 13 trajectory, and specifically how the "PC+2" burn (that shortened flight time) worked. Thanks!
  12. Can I have more flame effects?

    Yeah, I had DR already, cause it's a requirement of RO, but I hadn't tried the particle effects mod. It doesn't change when the FX begin, but it is really cool looking and I'm going to use it from now on. Makes the reentry effects look so much better. Anyone have any other ideas? I notice some settings in the Physics.cfg about reentry effects, but have no idea what exactly to change. There are also similar settings in the Realism Overhaul folder, so I'm not sure if I should try changing those, or the Physics.cfg ones.
  13. Hi all, another (hopefully) quick question. Any way to increase the altitude at which reentry flame effects start? I'm playing with RSS here, and I would really like to see my parts start to burn before they just explode. Also, it throws me off that the ablator starts getting chewed up long before there's any visible heat. Thank you!
  14. Making messages display for longer

    Amazing! There isn't a 1.2.2 version by any chance? I'm playing with RO, which hasn't been updated for the newer versions of KSP.
  15. Hey guys, quick question. Is there a mod or a file I can edit to increase the amount of time messages remain on screen? I'm visually impaired, and when I started playing with the Kerbalism mod, I discovered you could increase the amount of time the messages from that mod stay on screen. It is SO much easier to read them when they hang around for 30 seconds instead of 3. Any ideas? Thank you!