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  1. That's exactly what I needed, thanks for going through all that work! That was my initial idea, but I had no clue on how to bring the engine back and leave the space station up there - until I saw your screenshot. Will try building that later on! As for the docking port, I wasn't sure if I could place a decoupler on top of it, but apparently it's possible and quite useful. Thanks again! Thanks, it looks like a pretty interesting design. As for the upside-down decoupler, it means this decoupler stays with the engine instead of the node? I also assume the decoupler force is really tiny or the antenna would hit the next node, right?
  2. Hello! I'm currently trying to build a simple Space Station early in career mode that's basically comprised of a Hitchhiker with a LAB on top, plus the engines and fuel on the bottom. As I'm playing in Hard Mode and I haven't tested this craft yet to make sure it's safe, the idea was to launch it unmaned and use a satellite for guidance, undocking the satellite after the space station is on the desired position over Kerbin and de-orbiting the satellite to avoid space clutter. What I've done then was building a tiny craft comprised of a Probodobodyne + Ant Engine, some fuel and SAS; and placed it in one of the nodes from the fairing. Between the fairing module itself (the white round part that looks like an older decoupler) and this node, though, is a docking port that I'll need for docking another heavy module for the space station later on, therefore I needed both the small guidance probodobodyne and the interstage node structure themselves to be cleared of the way so I can dock. By quickly testing it on the ground, the satellite seems to allow the craft to be controlled like I desired even though it's only attached to the node, not the rest of the craft directly; but I simply cannot find a way to break the satellite free from the interstage node. Deploying the fairing only seems to break the fairing cover but it doesn't releases whatever is connected to the node. A second problem is that there seems to be no way to break the interstage node support structure away so my docking port is clear. Am I'm missing something, or does the structure stays permanently attached to the fairing module? Also, can you guys give me any examples of uses for the interstage nodes? I thought it could be useful here, but apparently not so. Thanks!
  3. Do Devs honestly ever do that? I've made multiple threads already describing in detail some problems and possible workarounds, asking for Devs opinions or just a confirmation if they read it so we could know those threads weren't for nothing. I even wasted an hour writing one about how to enhance the trimming system and giving out possible solutions with the limited controls we have. Never a Dev has wasted 1 minute to reply or even say they read it. Perhaps that's a thing on PC threads, but there's ZERO dev interaction on the console threads. I'm just done with that. Not to say the interaction on the bugtracker related to suggestions is even lower (if there's anything lower than Zero). They can barely pay attention to the bugs, let alone be able to check the suggestions.
  4. He has a very good point though, most of the ones I reported got simply ignored, I don't even care wasting time there anymore. We have long reported, confirmed and upvoted bugs that haven't even got any attention, while other bugs never had their progress bar changed by whoever is in charge of maintaing all that mess, even though some were said to be fixed, leaving players even more confused as to what is going on. Please check the 1:00 mark so you can at least have a clue on the situation: Yet, priorities seem to be to launch more DLCs and whatnot so we can quickly duplicate the amount of open bugs in that limbo.
  5. I rather they properly fixed the game first and gave us necessary features, such as Delta-V in game calculation, instead of wasting time on eye candy and non essential features. But obviously, that doesn't bring as many $ as charging for unoptimized half complete DLCs that the average player will just gladly pay for with a smile on his face. Not to say that pretty much everyone who would have bought KSP probably has done so already, and I don't expect many more will do after the fiasco with the console launch and the accurate bad reviews. So why waste time on fixing it anyway...
  6. Sorry, but this is the lamest excuse possible. It's clearly a bug/downgrade. I'm with you. This is getting so ridiculous already!
  7. I don't use the cursor for everything in cursor preset though. There is a radial menu by pressing Y still, and even the D-Pad while flying opens the other set of radial - just not during EVA for an unknown bad design choice, since the D-Pad is not even used for anything else while in EVA, so I can't see why they wouldn't have it implemented... The 2 main problems I have with the radial preset are the throttle control - you simply can't (for another unknown bad design choice) move the throttle in small inputs without having to hold a modifier key (LB/L1), unlike in Cursor mode; The second problem is the time warp. While in Cursor I can just press LB+B or LB+X while flying, in radial I have to go all the way through a radial option, selecting time warp, having my controls focused on the timewarp window (forbidding me from flying the craft and leaving it uncontrollable while I'm dealing with timewarp) and then choosing to increase or decrease timewarp. It's a lot less intuitive and a lot more unnecessarily complicated, not just a question of getting used to. With proper design thought and more customizable control option for the players, this could easily be fixed.
  8. Edit: I have just tested again. I was in cursor mode, not radial. Cursor mode has no radial functions specific for the Kerbal while in EVA, only general radial options with the Y button. Radial does work as you say though. It only feels like it's less intuitive and harder to use if compared to cursor mode. But you are right, my mistake, radial preset soes have a open parachute function in a radial.
  9. I don't really have to use my PC at all. Google sheets, scientific calculator and a notes app are all available in my phone and enough for doing all the calculations I need - just like it would be necessary using a calculator and perhaps spreadsheets in the PC just as well. Still, your point stands! While it's fun doing the calculations - teaching me so much about astrodynamics and rocket science I would have never learnt in school - we don't have an option not to manually do these calculations all the time - unlike in PC where you have the choice to use a mod. So, especially when having to do minor changes to a craft you have already calculated its performance before, it can go from a pleasant experience to a repetitive time consuming frustrating one. We really, really need those changes for console ASAP, especially the quality of life ones!
  10. Can't wait to try it out on Xbox in one and a half year. You wish...
  11. Oh, I Fallout 1. The manual even explained the physical effects of a nuclear blast, which wasn't even necessary for the gameplay. Games used to have so many details and care put into. Now we are lucky to have a proper basic guide in games. It didn't, but no worries
  12. The quality of general bug reports is just horrendous. I'm surprised there's so few "Please HELP" as titles for bug reports/threads to be fair. The bug tracker, after the Devs allowed pretty much anyone to post, became just a mess, it's almost funny.
  13. It actually was removed. They removed it and made a PDF file in their website the cheapest way possible, taking screenshots of the pages, for people to download. They couldn't even mark it's topics (table of content) so you wouldn't have to painfully scroll down through the screenshots to find what you're looking for. I don't like to mention other games, but check Sea Of Thieves website for a contrast. They have all the menus interactive, not requiring a lazy file to be downloaded and they have all the sections separated for ease of access and reading.