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  1. What about the Delta V calculation for consoles? We can't have mods like Mechjeb, it feels like this is a serious part which is missing from the game.
  2. Are we also getting the "To Vee" feature? I feel like that is one of the most important features we need on consoles, especially because we cannot install a mod such as Mech Jeb to do the calculations.
  3. The bugtracker also allows you to create suggestions, so I was wondering.
  4. Hello. I noticed that if you switch to the advanced control mode (turning the orange surface control indicator needles into blue needles), you can use it as a trim - which works a lot better than the old trim mode. There is a problem with this though, once you set the trim as you want, if you switch back to flight mode (turning the needles back to orange) the control surfaces will reset back to center, basically overriding your set trim. Therefore you can't fly the craft after trimming it - assuming this advanced mode was supposed to be used as a trim. Would it be possible that you guys added a feature so that when you switch back to normal flight mode, the control surfaces center is where you set the trim to? For example, I set the elevator blue needle 1 dot over the center, therefore when I switch back to flight mode and let go of my control axis, the orange needle should rest at that +1 dot position. We would also need to be able to reset this trim (setting the blue needles back to center with a single button combination). Since we already have a "reset trim" function in the controls (I believe it's LB+A on the Xbox), it could also be used for this. Thanks Ps.: Should I post this to the bugtracker as a suggestion? I'm afraid Devs won't read it here.
  5. Have they fixed this yet? There has been 3 months already and the progress is still at 10%.
  6. It's pretty annoying that I have to do that. I took so much time doing everything for the 3rd time just to have it all lost due to a bug. Don't even feel like starting another career anymore. Doubt the Devs would let this go on with the PC version.
  7. Arch3rAc3

    mods for ksp xbox version

    Haha. They can't even fix the console version, let alone allow mods for it. Almost 1 year since "Enhanced Edition" came out and I'm again and still stuck on career mode due to unfixed bugs.
  8. I see that after +1 month the EVA issue is still here, therefore I still can't progress in my career because my key Kerbals are stuck on the craft lander on the Mun. So yeah. I'm not even holding my breath anymore. The devs already made it clear with all this time that this game version on Console is not going anywhere. Even the enhanced version looks like a placeholder still. I'll be very surprised if one of the Devs even make an effort to read your post here though.
  9. Perhaps it's because there isn't a clear reproduction step besides getting on the ladder which should be clear enough already? No one seems to have any clear idea of what excatly leads to the problem, it just suddently happens. They might as well do personal anecdotes telling what's happening and what they were doing instead of nothing.
  10. The duplicate was meant so I could report the bug with a higher priority. In my understanding, low priority would be something like small graphical or sound problems, not a gameplay gamestopping problem like this. But apparently, one can't set the priority while reporting the bug anymore, and I also can't delete my duplicate. Another problem about this report you linked is that it specifies the PS4 version and also seems to report 3 different problems. While they might be linked to one another, I've only come to experience the latter one (EVA on ladder). I haven't had the edit parts in VAB problem.
  11. [Edited] Apparently only devs can change the bug priority now.
  12. Ok, guys, the bug has already been reported to the tracker. If you can, go ahead and upvote it ( symbol on the right).
  13. This just started happening to me. Here's the clip: Screenshot of what happens when I try recovering the craft:
  14. The station is long gone, I just ended up deleting it because it was unplayable. I can't tell exactlyt how many parts it had, but that module I'm docking in the video is the 1st of 4 modules (I made a Power one, cabins, science and fuel or something else). The project looked pretty cool, I managed to deploy all antennas and solar panels in specific angles that they wouldn't collide with other parts of the station and would fit very nicely. Unfortunately, I couldn't even use the cursor to click on objects since it would just jump all around the screen. It was probably jumping between 5 and 15 FPS.
  15. Sorry, what you do you "turned up to max"? Maybe I didn't quite get what the option is then, since I believed it would slow down real life time so the game could better process the physics, no? There simply is no time slow down in game on consoles, only FPS drop. Instead of it going into some kind of slow motion, it prefers to run at normal speed at 10fps for example, as if the max Delta physics was at minimum.