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  1. 294: Randomly googling your own username in an attempt to find your deviant art page when google's auto-complete functionality is only giving you links to your old accounts and stumbling onto an old forum account, then reading through the 10 posts you made until you find a game post then deciding to post one more time out of some odd sense of nostalgia from the time when you used to play nothing but KSP. 295: Reading all the posts posted since you last posted a post at seven in the morning on a Friday. 297: Making the fifth or sixth post about going out of order while genuinely trying to be funny, thereby proving that you didn't actually read all the posts posted since you last posted a post at seven in the morning on a Friday. 296: lying about not reading all the posts you posted since you last posted a post to make a joke. 298: Posting a post so that rule #294 no longer applies. 299: Ignoring the cat tax mentioned in my previous post linked here. 300: THIS IS SPARTA! 301: We're sorry but the URL you clicked has been moved. You should be redirected to the new URL after a few moments. Click Here if nothing happens. 302: Making overly elaborate jokes using links. 303: taking way too many spots on the list of forum no-nos.
  2. 149. Reserved (but I will never put anything here. I will take this spot to the grave.) 150. Getting upset that someone says "GIF" with a soft or hard G, and somehow derailing the whole thread into an argument about it. 151. Jirritating JETA jokes jat jaren't junny, jeven jo jose jat jet jem. 152. Irritating META jokes that aren't funny, even to those that get them which are hard to read. 153. Taking up to or greater than 5 numbers in a forum no-no list thread without adding anything funny. 154. Cat tax.
  3. 119. Creating an account specifically to add to a joke thread. 120. Lying about creating an account specifically to add to a joke thread. 121. Calling it a joke thread.
  4. No problem, not going to rush your brilliance. My issue was more with the obvious repeating textures than the colouration; I should have been more clear.
  5. Is there any chance of separating the wave settings into near waves and far waves? I would love to have these nice looking waves that I whipped up with your settings: but from any large height they just look crap, as there is no transition back to the more flat, shiny reflection look that is default (which I like a lot as it looks very nice from LKO/assent). Basically it would be awesome to have these waves appear when you are close to the water, but the default/different ones when higher up, to avoid having massive ugly white blurs instead of the nice high alt sun reflections that come out of the box. Picture example of what I mean below, perhaps there is a way around it already that I don't know of.
  6. Ah well, I will put on a brave face and deal with the suspiciously evil ghost ocean, as your simulation mod is very good. On an unrelated note: How would you tell if an ocean is spying on you...
  7. The spacedock page tells me this is on CKAN, but I searched through it (looked for your name with all other filters off and only found other mods) and cannot find it. I shall install it manually for now.
  8. Getting a weird compatibility error in CKAN with simple construction instead of EPL picked, not sure if it still thinks EPL is a depndancy or what, but I'm going to install it manually as there shouldn't be any problem, and having your mod selected in CKAN seems to cause it to crash after irreversibly marking all three mods as incompatible with each other.
  9. In case you haven't figured it out, the problem (for most of the incorrect heights) is the terrain detail; kerbal maps is assuming 'high' and not 'default'. This is what the default terrain detail looks like on kerbin. And this is high detail.
  10. First off, good work so far with this! I would highly recommend creating a simple program or .bat file to run this outside of the ksp game-loader itself, to get around the memory limit of the actual game, but other than that it's worked wonders.
  11. Thought I would add a note: It DOES NOT like the Near Future parts to do with 2 of the current cockpits, possibly due to the internal views. No matter what I tried, it couldn't get past them and crashed far more times than for anything else, I ended up deleting the 2 cockpits instead. The first one of the three in that folder loaded fine.
  12. Aww thanks, wouldn't have been possible without this awesome mod! If I was being silly, I would request more aerodynamic massive block based constructs, as strapping wings to that and trying to get it to space is proving un-successful, but I have not maxed out the rocket count yet so I can't be trying hard enough. If you would like, I can take a few more screens of these nutty cars for ya, I'm loving the way I can stack and stack and stack until it gets crazy!
  13. I just created an account here after trying out LLL just to say how awesome it is, I'm having a whale of a time and I haven't even touched space or aircraft yet! This is so much fun, I don't know how I ever played before. Uh, can someone tell me how to make one of those slideshows instead of taking up loads of screen space more than needed?