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  1. Weather Chat Megathread

    well being in texas, harvey has hit pretty hard. i wasn't personally effected but i went down to houston to help out for a bit. Oh also i've been inside tornados before, those are fun.
  2. plot twist: you can change your name twice >:D
  3. KSP development slowing

    no not at all, i saw people saying that it has and hasn't and thought it could be considered a flame war by some
  4. KSP development slowing

    did i accidentally cause a flame war?
  5. KSP development slowing

    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the development of KSP has slowed significantly, almost to a halt? I hope everythings OK at squad
  6. The "Complain About Your School" Thread

    its not even a chromebook, its a toshiba, a really old one.
  7. The "Complain About Your School" Thread

    Oh boy a thread to complain on! lets start: Half a semester of work, in a week. thats just fine, i'll just not eat and do nothing but school, no big deal. Computer is such a potato that google chrome lags, the primary place where my schoolwork is done. no thats fine too, i'll just do it on paper Have to submit all your work online and cant do it on paper. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. KSP Making History

    pls no, just make it an update to the game, we're already broke as it is
  9. i did a thing and it's a cool thing. http://imgur.com/a/j6JEg Side note, how do i embed albums? If the demand is large enough i'll throw up a download, but it requires mods and i'm not %100 sure what all ones i used so i'd just be putting my gamedata folder out there for ya'll to use.
  10. Boy Scouts of America - Compilation

    Oh snap i just noticed Ender got Eagle! gratz man!
  11. X-376 Valkerie

    no pics no clicks
  12. After a long(about a year) time of no Kerbal. I've come back and now i'm more addicted than ever before. As a great man once said, "Chewy, We're home." A lot has changed in so little time, So for now, i'm off to the spacecraft exchange to lurk and download several gigs worth of craft files. You know how to reach me if you need me. Kozak out.
  13. Creating a universe. (On paper),

    Kerballium. Atomic Symbol: Ka Atomic number: 42 Atomic mass of: 6 Freedomantium Atomic Symbol: Fo Atomic number: 1776 Atomic mass: 1911 Brasien Atomic Symbol: Bn Atomic Number: 50 Atomic mass: 11
  14. Don't Click This