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  1. helmut: it's slightly better with a test craft: - inline cockpit: 1715 m/s - with mk1 command pod: 1718 m/s both were using the same ascent profile, taken at the same time, etc. but i gotta say! draining the monoprop makes such a difference! both were taken with drained monoprop, but on the first run with the mk1 cmd pod i forgot to drain it and it peaked at 1710 m/s. also, about beating you, would you consider flipping intakes an exploit? what about using the mk1 cmd pod?
  2. nice job helmut but guys! there is so much simple stuff you could do to go at least 5 m/s faster XD ! use the mk1 command pod, flip the intakes, etc.
  3. what does everyone think of a complete reset of the velocity board? infinite rep to the person who beats 38:24 without a rapierspike... my heaven would be a 'exploity' division and a 'real' division. who knows :-) will it happen?
  4. zolo, pretty sure the conical shape doesn't interfere with drag. it's always been an improvement in my tests. it might actually have less drag, since the inline dome pokes out a fair bit.
  5. try flipping the intake at the front it won't help much and it might actually be detrimental because of less intakeair but it has slightly less drag that way. one other thing to try: replace the inline cockpit with the whats-it-called, the little grey conical one (i really should play KSP more, damn Minecraft!) and offset it in a bit. should shave off some weight and drag
  6. nicely done noname. anyway, sadly my plane was too unstable to properly land, as well as having too much fuel, too much lift, and full monoprop. also, no parachute but here's a 'demo' anyway:
  7. finally got bored of minecraft again so i'll be back :-) working on a 1 engine plane... 1733 m/s! dis gun be gud edit: 256 posts! ZOMG edit2: argh looks like i have to go to bed :/ will have to finish tomorrow