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  1. Wow thanks for this quick fix! Now I could take those KerbinSide contracts I like. I'm so excited to take a look at this pre-release.
  2. @Ger_space I opened a issue in GitHub with some other screenshots, hope you find them useful
  3. I think I found a bug in career mode. Whenever I tried to recover a vessel from any purchased KK facility (in my case i tried with Lodnie Isles and Polar Research Center from the KerbinSide package) the crew are not recovered and the parts refund is 0, not matter the facility has a recovery factor. The worse part is when I tried to launch another mission I noticed that the crew status is missing in action! I have checked and I'm pretty sure it is related to the recovery method used in Kerbal Konstruct. Anyone getting this problem too? Here's an image from the console log when I recover the vessel:
  4. @nightingale In first place, thank you for this amazing mod and making KSP such an amazing game. I have installed many contract packs like KerbinsideJobs, Field Research, GAP and KerbinSpace Station, even waypoint manager. But I think I have noticed a little bug in the tracking station, when I try to hide the waypoints and the orbits offered for contract missions. The option to hide offered waypoints works in some cases, but for the active waypoints not at all. I looked in the debug console to find any clue, and apparently every time I turn the filter I get some errors, like this screenshot: Anyone is getting this problem too? To replicate just enter the tracking station and click the filter for waypoints or orbits. Any advise is appreciated
  5. Oh finally I can play again my career with KerbinSide! Amazing mod, KSP is not the same without it. Thanks @Ger_space for maintaining this. Hoping to see all the further update.
  6. Wow I didn't expected this amazing news today! Cannot wait for the new version finish uploading and check the reimplemented edited normal maps again. Thank you man, your awesome .
  7. Ah ok, at least the devs are aware of this. @sarbian and @Nhawks17 thanks for the amazing work, hoping to see the future updates .
  8. Yes, I'm getting this too, when the reentry effect and the engine are both active. Maybe it has to do something with Reentry Particle Effect and RealPlume installed at the same time, but just guessing . At least I'm not the only one getting this behavior .
  9. I have noticed this problem too; no matter if the floaters are deployed or not, the craft behaves the same in water. And with the stack floater attached to my Mk1 capsule, no matter what i do, it always turns it downwards when I splashed down. Hope this problems get solved in the next update . By the way, I love all your mods RoverDude, nice work!
  10. Thanks AlphaAsh, now I can purchase new bases around Kerbin in career mode . One last thing, the Kerbal Konstruct files included in the All in One package is not the new version. So people who wants to install this amazing mod, needs to download KK separately to work in career mode.
  11. I've been playing with Kerbinside for a while (thanks for this awesome mod by the way ) but now since the launch of KSP 1.0 im having a problem in career mode when i open a new site. All appears to be ok but when i close the game and start playing again all the bases I purchased appears closed, like if I didnt bought them. The money I spent buying the bases however is deducted from my funds. Hope this help you, continue making amazing mods.
  12. Nereid, I just update to new version of FF and now cant resume my saved games. I played with FF just fine in KSP 1.0.2 since the last update. I noticed that the debug console shows an exception error when I click to resume a saved game, like this "[Exception]: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". I know Final Frontier mod is the problem cause with just deleting it I can start my saves games normally. Thank you for the hard work, hope you can find an answer to my problem.
  13. Just start downloading! I have been waiting for this update for too long! Thx man, for the hard work and making KSP even better.