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  1. I need some help with making a star system. I would like to know how to make a blue star with a couple of planets with some moons, I would like to know how to make gas gaints (using PF:CE?) and I might also need some help with getting my SpaceEngine exports on a planet. Last but not least, (I know I'm asking for a lot of help here) I need to know how to make atmospheric layers using EVE V7.4 for my custom-made planets... Maybe I can just use the cloud textures that can be exported using SpaceEngine? It's a shame that there are no good in depth tutorials regarding Planet Factory CE, I keep looking for tutorials but none seem to help me. Everytime I find a tutorial it's just a person copying the .cfg files that are already in the PF:CE folders and then editing the main orbital features, but no actual explanation as to what the lines mean. TL;DR I need some help making a new blue star system with gas giants.
  2. I did some editing, for personal use ofcourse, and found out that a texture is missing. It's the "joolLayers2" file... just a heads up
  3. Hello fellow scientists / (k)astrophysicists / kerbal engineers, I know there are already some mods that add these vehicles to the game, but none of them have really suited my needs. And 2 years after the movie there still aren't any good mods for them . Either they're outdated and don't get updated or they just don't look nice and stockalike. This is an example: I'm ofcourse talking about the ISV Venture Star (pic) and the Valkyrie SSTO (pic)! (Why even post pictures? You all know what I'm talking about!) Thus, I would like a stock looking parts pack which can be used to build the ISV Venture Star and Valkyrie (SSTO-TAV-37 B-class shuttlecraft ) from the 2012 movie Avatar. Also, how crazy It may sound (since the ISV Venture Star is 1.5 km long) It would be awesome if it would be big, but I understand that real scale is impossible. For instance the Valkyrie shouldn't be aslong as the ISV Venture Star. I also understand that the Valkyrie could be made using B9 parts or other mods, but I won't really look like the real deal. There are also enough craft files using stock parts, but thats also not what I'm looking for. Just a nice picture of the ISV in Pandora orbit: I don't have any experience with making add-ons for KSP, so I'm left with kindly asking someone else to do it . Maybe my expectations are too high and maybe I'm asking too much, but I hope someone is able to make this and has plenty of time for it so it won't get abandoned like all the other mods! (P.S. perhaps also the Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson, Dragon Assault Ship and the Scorpion Gunship could be made aswell as an extra???) Over and out,