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  1. Update from NASA on Schiaparelli... http://www.nasa.gov/feature/jpl/further-clues-to-fate-of-mars-lander-seen-from-orbit
  2. What he's getting at is that commercially viable, useful Earth-based SSTOs are essentially science fiction. In very brief summary; How big (i.e. How much can one carry) before a SSTO gets to big and becomes ridiculously inefficient? not very much - useful payload is essentially zero with chemical rockets What would be the best engine setup for an SSTO, only rocket engines, jet and rocket engines, or SABRE derived engines? staging where used engines and tanks are dropped off at intervals What's the best design for a SSTO, rocket or plane? rocket would be the best as it do
  3. Wow that is an old post. I've learnt a bit more about rocket engines since then though I'm still no expert. I'd guess that (depending on the engine cycle) failed ignition and venting propellants through the engine would cause either no harm whatsoever or very bad times - depends on why the ignition failed in the first place. I refer you to the following though for information on the S-IVB and it's propellant pressurisation system; http://heroicrelics.org/info/s-ivb/s-ivb-v-propellant-pressurization.html Particularly the following paragraph; So the force generat
  4. Just revisited this after some time away. Looks amazing and everything works perfectly... Except... Jool is completely black. I've read back a few pages and seen at least one other person having this problem. Any ideas? Not forcing DX11 or openGL. Other mods are minimum (Procedural Parts, KER, RCS Build Aid, Real Plume & Smokescreen).
  5. I think my favourite sci-fi craft would have to be the GSV Sleeper Service.
  6. The LEM. Had a soft spot for it ever since I was a kid. Only true spacecraft ever flown with a crew, looks cool as all hell and well, you know... it went places...
  7. Going back to Moho after a break from the game. Thinking to yourself; 'I've played this for hundreds of hours, I know what I'm doing.' Whizzing past Moho with empty tanks at 3km/s Realizing you're not such a smart arse.
  8. Cool post Brotoro. I think it would be interesting to take the same equipment on different aircraft to see which provide the best (or worst) shielding. I imagine there would be far too many variables on commercial flights to produce any useful results though. I wonder what your graph would look like if you made a trans-polar (magnetic pole) flight at the same altitude? Would you see a large spike as you approached the pole? Ever-so-slightly off-topic I was once a long haul flight from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi and gently snoozing away. Suddenly saw a flash of light in my right eye accompanied by
  9. Great feedback! I did not want to set in stone what the mission planner should be, rather what it could be and open the subject for discussion. Cpt. Kipard and Red Iron Crown; I understand your concerns of the potentially repetitive nature of the tool described above. The thing is I just cannot think of another way to do it without becoming too complex (and therefore opening up it's use to as many players as possible). To make the proposal more feasible and attractive to the devs I decided to suggest the use of the Fine Print visualizations as they may be implemented in to 0.90 along with the
  10. I'm a fervent user of KER, would never want to play KSP without it. For me, having hard numbers to work with while trying to work to a given delta-v budget is indispensable. What I tried to describe in the OP above is a visual system that lets you chain together a series of maneuver nodes, each at a different point in time and space whilst giving you the ability to edit, refine and save them for use in flight. Personally I think that a system that does this visually in-game is the preferred option for most players. As useful as they are, spreadsheets are accessed by dipping out of the game and
  11. Seeing as though Fine Print is currently being integrated in to KSP it gave me an idea on how we could improve the game. Fine Print has some pretty cool visualisations of target orbits and the like; assuming these make it through the integration in to stock why not put them to use for other purposes such as mission planning? Below is a rough outline on how it could be done: Create a new scene that is outwardly very similar to the current tracking station. Lets call this the Mission Development Centre (MDC) for the sake of argument. Upon entering the MDC the game is effectively paused and a 'sn
  12. Hell I just bought it again - never really wanted to convert my KSP Store version over to Steam - now I have both =o)
  13. This takes me back a bit... and no, low-level aerobatics in a HeliTrucker never end well... M7dbELg
  14. How else do you think - they build the capsule around the Kerbal of course! I guess that would make BionicJeb?
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