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  1. I'm for B1 myself rework the stock radiator's via mm patch as maybe a lower tech cheaper version of the near future ones
  2. Some of the parts have a few errors in that the config has use velocity curve set to false.
  3. you could also have the sabre precoolers work as actively cooled atmospheric radiator's with a tweakable switch for going from super cooling liquids to a passive system (super cooling liquid would require coolant tanks but be shared between between all sabre engines.) Just a thought. Also maybe look at adding a scramjet to the pack?
  4. Imho the simplest way to do this is have all relevant resources extractable from atmosphere's of suitable composition by any intake followed by a compressor part convert them to liquid state @ the appropriate ratio's. Have extraction rate represented as as percentage of the total flow rate (IE for kerbin take nitrogen for example you have x number of units of intake resource of which 70% ish is nitrogen so take the flow rate and multiply by what percentage of the flow should be your target gas in the compressor with maybe a multiplier for intakes which either speed compress or actively compress the air (shock cone and ram intake)). Then afaik if my math is right you multiply that total amount by the amount you get once phase change is complete. (so for super simplicity's sake liquid hydrogen for example contains a lot more gaseous hydrogen but is also heavier afaik.) - - - Updated - - - Also antimatter needs to be ridiculously expensive for the purpose of career continuity simply for the fact it's incredibly hard to synthesize irl and kerbin is roughly analogous to current earth technological levels
  5. i just like that your decoupler's don't suffer from the radial decoupler bug and reduce part count while increasing fashion. (Ask Das Valdez)
  6. There is an issue with the ground shader not liking dx 11 the ground turns a nice black @ the ksc
  7. Necro bones have I been setting something up wrong because i can't seem to get the sas module on your reaction wheels to work.
  8. bah drop box is not cooperating. link to screeny work if you click it tho.
  9. poor bill has got to walk too the last part of this mission after I botched a landing by leaving physics warp on.
  10. poor bill has got to walk too the last part of this mission after I botched a landing by leaving physics warp on.
  11. R 10's are also cheap enough early game they can be stacked without stack decouplers, yep as long as the staging is good no decoupler needed.
  12. Jeb is currently mia after a game crash ate my stol craft as I was loading it for a test. So not technically gone but currently fighting his way out of a kraken.
  13. The dx 9 being unstable is a guess but every game that has both seems to be less stable when running x64 and dx 9 so it might be something buried deep in the dx 9 api code.
  14. After my latest ksp x64 crash I was poking around in the log files created and I noticed ksp was using the dx 9 api in x64 mode, now correct me if I am wrong but isn't dx 9 a bit unstable when running in 64 bit mode due to it being compiled for 32 bit x86. so I did some hunting on line and found the command line switch to force dx11 rendering and even though the gui looks bad it seemed to resolve the crashes and slashed the game's memory usage from almost 4gb too 1.9 ( have a few large parts packs installed). For those of you wondering and to save you some time the switch is: -force-d3d11 use @ your own risk!!