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  1. Version: Linux 1.1.0 x64 Operating system: Mint 17.1 KDE Mods used: Kerbal Engineer Redux SpaceY Heavy Lifters 1.12.1 ModuleManager 2.6.21 (included with SpaceY) I'm having a weird issue where my computer is unable to open any of my KSP installs, regardless of version, as it won't do anything when I click the executable. This I don't think is a KSP glitch, but I got here through a series of game crashes first. I was re-entering the atmosphere early on in my hard career mode, my vessel flipped over and burned up and I had to redesign a new one. I built essentially a stack of FL-T200s with a Swivel engine on it. That was too tall so I offset it into the pod a tiny bit until it was small enough for the tier 1 launchpad. Pressed launch with Jeb and two tourists inside and the game crashed. ...this is where I didn't make a copy KSP.log before starting it again. I did scroll through and saw a lot of stuff about wheel modules not working or something when the game was loading. Load to menu, open save, click on vessel sitting on launchpad, crash again. Open game again, it loads about 100 pixels tall and I can't click on anything. I tried to resize the window and it snapped to show just the window bar at the top and wouldn't budge again. Closed KSP. Open AGAIN, it instantly loads into the unusable window bar thing and won't work. Getting desperate, I removed all my mods and tried to launch on both x86 and x64, neither of them actually did anything when I clicked them, nor showed up as a process in system monitor. I rebooted my computer, redownloaded KSP, copied from my SSD to my HDD and still got nothing. This is probably an issue on mine rather than KSP's side but the game crash before this happened did make me suspicious. Last-minute update before posting: I did get KSP to open by running it as root from the command line, and it doesn't crash on loading the vessel. I blame the computer.
  2. Entered the second half of my Eve rescue mission into orbit, consisting of a rover that'll parachute down and drive Burming Kerman to the lander and the pod he'll return home in. Here it is entering a 175km orbit around Kerbin: This thing has an insane excess of delta-v on the lower stages which all has to be dumped when the rover enters Eve's atmosphere. Guess how much the return pod has? ....that's right. Not enough. At least I put a docking port on so I can swap that out for a bigger one...
  3. Haven't been logged in on here since, er, before the forum revamp at least, returned to my 1.0 career save to de-rust my skills in preparation for 1.1. ...immediately I got a rescue contract for some guy on Eve's surface, accepted that, spent the last two days simulating some landers. I came up with this monstrosity, weighing in at 2579.56t on the pad. At launch, this thing had in the region of 400 parts so it was running at 3-5fps. A very wobbly ascent only resulted in my inclination being off by 2 degrees, somehow. Anyway, here it is in orbit: The lander has been tested in HyperEdit twice and managed to reach a 150km Eve orbit both times, and the mobile launchpad carries an ore refinery to refuel its tanks and save 10t on lifting the lander with fuel in it. Probably didn't make too much difference given the size of the thing, to be honest... It lands by stopping dead in space, falling slow enough to not get too much heating (all my contraptions to protect the payload flipped over and exploded) and lands on about 40 parachutes. Although I'm yet to do that outside a simulation.
  4. Wow, you got Jeb scared. Yeah, may have been an important part. I got this station into Mun orbit: Unfortunately I did it using nukes, and hadn't realised how much heat they produce. Fortunately docking ports are the best insulators of all, despite clearly being made of some sort of metal
  5. This mod seems to work in 1.0 for me, without many bugs. The only bug I've noticed is the Engine Nacelle and the precooler have some scaling issues and are too small. EDIT: Just noticed you can't delete some winglets when you place them in the editor.
  6. I use this tank on practically all of my probes, it's really useful. My most notable use for it would be in my 0.25 career, where I did a 45k fund Jool moons mission on the coalputer that died when the part count went over 50. It was also used on my first Duna lander and for laughs I had about 150 of them on a nuclear tug. Good times.
  7. I messed around with some rovers until one flipped out at 60m/s on perfectly flat ground going in a straight line. So after that failure, I got a plane to take off horizontally on the Mun by ramping it off a crater, and got some majestic screenshots: Edit: Landed it safely, after spinning out at 2km/s. Normal day.
  8. Ah, I knew I had derped slightly. Was building a Linux machine for myself and forgot that AMD's drivers work better on other systems. Anyway the Seagate drive is slightly cheaper than the Western Digital for the same capacity and the cheapest 8GB DDR3 RAM I could find is Corsair Vengeance at £52 for an 8GB kit, I'd also like to add that the R9 280 is really cheap at the moment, you can get a Sapphire one for £130 on Amazon.
  9. Looks like a nice build, but bear in mind you won't be able to overclock that 4690k with a H97 motherboard. You'd need a Z97 for that. What's your budget? My similar i5 build cost about £800 and you can go quite a bit cheaper if you make a few cuts here and there. For a budget build I'd recommend the Pentium G3258 with some sort of GTX 750Ti, or an R9 280 as the price of those has dropped massively.
  10. I did science with a probe. Result: Communotrons make great parachutes and can breakdance across the desert somehow.
  11. Launched a ship to wherever (11km/s delta-v), started oscillating dangerously, spammed spacebar to abort, regretted not installing KJR. I also made a VTOL jet, it worked well at first... ...until I tried landing it. Jeb's glad those cockpits are indestructible.
  12. Wasn't trying to go to space, but this is slightly suboptimal. As is this.
  13. By any chance did you hack gravity (accidentally or otherwise)? It would probably explain your trajectory with that velocity.
  14. 20-Kerbal crew SSTO docked to my station in LKO. Pretty impressive considering I'm using integrated graphics at the moment
  15. I attempted to run KSP on integrated graphics (GPU was faulty, long story). It did not go well. Fully loaded Space Center screen. Terrain only loaded within 10-20m of the camera. Framerate is negative. My space station does not like turning the camera. But at least I could go to space today.