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  1. what he says is true. Usually when I finish my first I have 50 science and 35 more after my second. Try using the science alert mod to help you not miss any biomes. - - - Updated - - - I would prefer a smadeffault sized stack chute that matches the avionics core. Later when you have acces to the action groups you could then enlarge it just like the others.
  2. with .90 you need an upgraded Vab just to use action group menu. By the time you have the money to upgrade it once you probably have access to larger diameter cores. that is of course If you don't use the modified assemblyfile (thanks Nathan) I agree that a .3m stacks chute (with proper node and not an invisible gap between parts) would be awesome. Possibly make the stack chute start at .3m so it is not even required to use action groups on those early sounding rockets.
  3. I'm running into a small issue and I can't seem to figure it out. I am trying to design rockets for the early satellite contracts and I don't seem to have adequate engines for the upper stage. The best choice at the moment would be the aj10 but its thrust is way to high for any logical probe I can make. It says a probe with a battery and an antenna (I actually use 4 like sputnik)but when I add a service module tank and fill it with 4700 ish delta-v worth of fuel I end up with an upper stage twr of over 2. The only other engines that I have are the alternate configurations of the wac-corporal b
  4. ou can toggle crossfeed in the tweakables. I actuall use this to make boat tails on my rockets b fliping a procedural interstage upside down and enabling crossfeed I can the place an engine on the bottom and adjust it so that it looks good.
  5. Are you on linux? For some weird reason texture replacer does this and is often installed and not used with RO.
  6. Are you on linux? For some weird reason texture replacer does this and is often installed and not used with RO.
  7. The rss settings are not ticked by default in ckan so he can just go tick them and install.
  8. I know geostationary is unnecessary I just wanted the challenge/sense of accomplishment of doing and and I figured If I could do it consistently then I could do pretty much anything.
  9. My original intention was to move as quickly as possible science wise to unlock the parts I needed to create my geostationary relay constellation. But that was in .25 before I had to worry much about upgrading biuldings. I may need to rethink things.
  10. I am using mechjeb to display the delta-v and twr of each stage. SO are you saying I should try shifting more fuel to the lower and less in the higher? So, maybe 5000/4500 instead of 4800/4800? If I were to do the GSO insertion would a completely separate stage for the orbital maneuvers be a good idea or should you try to just enlarge the others? As far as GSO goes what I was attempting in .25 was first launch into a parking orbit, create a maneuver node at the DN to raise apoapsis to 35,786 so when you get to apoapsis you should be on the AN and change inclination at the same time you circula
  11. For my first mission in my.25 careers I usually used a sub orbital aerobee like sounding rocket with a barometer and themometer carried internally to escape the atmosphere and complete 3 contracts There are 3-4 different biomes you can hit on the way up and transmit data from each experiment in each one. Doing similar in .90 I was able to end the mission with around 50 science. Not bad for such a cheap rocket (with no heatshield, it cant survive re-entry). I take that and unlock the orbital rocketry tears and launch a sputnik like probe to orbit for my second which gave me enough to unlock th
  12. I see the sounding rocket one in addition to the launch a new vessel, acheive orbit, set alt record of 500 (doesnt work on probes) and the Human orbital one. I think it would be nice to implement some remote tech and maybe scansat contracts in career as well but i am not sure what the on the best way to do that.
  13. What I keep running into and then thinking I have it solved is being consistent with my launches. Sometimes, Ill have 1-200 dv left after I reach the desired orbit and other time I have as much as 500. A few times I might not even reach orbit at all. This is even with the exact same launch vehicle. I then may have to build a different Lv to support a different mission and it seems to make things even more variable despite trying to align the dv and twr of the stages as close to identical to my original craft as possible. Consulting all the launch guides and advice I try to stick with a two s
  14. I ended up using the thrust plate adapter to cluster 9 .2m srbs together (8 on the side nodes and I stuck another in the middle) one thing I was not expecting was the cool explosions about 5 seconds after seperation. BTW, its possible to use the cash advance from the sounding rocket contract to upgrade the contract building, then you can grab the rest of the contracts (don't even need to get the human orbit one either) and easily be able to complete like 5 contracts with a rocket costing like 2-3 grand. Then just get into orbit/etc with another 2-3 grand. I am still working on doing that as
  15. I used the cash advance from the human spaceflight orbital contract to upgrade the building once then i could grab all of the contracts like i did before and make back all the money I spent on the upgrade. no sure what I am going to do once you make human spaceflight contract only available after you get the capsule. Looks like with that file you Pm'ed me, this won't be a problem anymore I had a hell of a time with srbs and the aerobee. Especially since the engine does not gamble so any steering you do right before you leave the atmosphere cannot be canceled out and you just tumble. Ive had l
  16. the firs time you run it the van is fine but the second time you get artifacts when you mouseover stages.
  17. on a non laptop keyboard which key Fn ? Is it the "windows" key (super?) ? Do this in full screened mode?
  18. Anyone else seeing artifacts in the Vab when mousing oer icons in staging?
  19. oh man thats it. Man I am hating .90 so far as I dont seem to be able to do most of the thinngs I easily did before. action groups,contracts, launch pad diameter and height limits. I just wanna go back and play .25.
  20. I just did this, SXT and Ven's are available on ckan so I installed those. Techmanager is not listed so I used the zip from the ckan download folder of my .25 install. Community tech tree aswell. I read the readme for techmanager and it said that "it was expecting the .cfg of the particular tree in one of either 2 places and that one of them would not give the same starting parts" or something similar, so, since the community tech tree folder just has one file (the .cfg) I stuck it in the Tech manager folder with the other .cfgs for the other trees it comes with. So far everything is the same
  21. Anyone familiar with linux able to get the -popupwindow functionality to work similar to the windows version? I was told it did yet I cant seem to get the same results. I can make ksp full screen in the options but then I cannot alt-tab .I can maximize it in windowed ,mode but then the top bar offsets the window and blocks some important buttons. Using ckan to set the parameters I can succesfully use that but then the shift key does not work for any of the hotkeys in the ab, I didnt launch so I dont know yet if I can still throttle. Any solution?
  22. i have notied that the tech lvl on the srbs is able to be upgraded when you have unlocked tiers in tech tree. - - - Updated - - - trying out Ro in .90 and a lot of my "go-to" engines are not there anymore I am curious to find out what I am going to do after aerobee ( new model is much improved over that square ) now attempting a manual instasll of rp-0 as it is not avvail in .90 ckan (whats the holdup?)I see that community tech tree and tech Manager is also not listed. Is there something I can do to help put it in ckan? Since tech manager/ community tech tree/ and rp-0 arent listed on ckan I
  23. I am using .25 since rp0 is not listed in .25 ckan. ckan is not installing the correct version of several important part mods. tweakscale and procedural parts both. KSPAPIExtensions.dll is for .90. pops up saying incompatiable on startup. In game there are no size/shape controls for any procedural parts and the nozzle on the procedural srb is as big around as the casing and is seperated from the main body by a large gap.
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