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  1. Here's something I've been tinkering with: still another idea using the flying wing/lifting body concept. It can carry a total of 28 kerbals- four crew and twenty-four passengers- and runs on propellers and fuel cells. Interesting yet uncomplicated to fly the Kerbalwagon
  2. Ok, for some reason this site won't let me post, or even stay logged in for more than 30 seconds... Even so, Im going to try again... The final iteration of the Titan series, the sky Titan has a redesigned fuselage in order to carry a large number of kerbals Sky Titan
  3. Interesting series so far, especially revisiting some designs
  4. Are you still looking for submissions? Here's a straightforward SSTO. It moves ten kerbals into orbit, and returns to land if necessary. Not a flying wing like most of my recent ideas, this is just something more conventional (until I figure out how make a flying wing SSTO ) Skeeter SSTO
  5. Here's an upgrade of the Titan. This one uses Whiplash engines to perform better at higher altitudes- those Goliath look impressive but aren't for high altitudes. Titan II And yet another flying wing. I'm messing around with building new fuselages, I'm tired of using the same old mk.i & II cockpits for everything. Making your own fuselage is notably inefficient, and the poor pilot gets none of the amenities, but more power makes up for it The Tortoise The name comes from its lumbering slow turn rate; it's quite stable but not at all agile. Give it a testdrive
  6. Very interesting episode! It's cool to see what you can do with stock parts- there's more than one way of getting off the ground
  7. I'm still on a bit of a kick with the concept of flying wings. There's just something fascinating about them. Here's a modern version. The Titan is a flying wing; a big lumbering, imposing wing. The stock aerodynamic model doesn't like handbuilt fuselages, so this is rather draggy. I'm going to test this in FAR, which should be interesting. In any case, give it a testdrive: it flies well for something so big and heavy The Titan
  8. Very interesting epsiode; KSP has come a long way with propellers.
  9. ok, I promise: last one. The thrid option is for long range travel. It's kind of a followup to the Bommerang. What is it about flying wings? So Cool... The Waverider isn't fast, but it's got the gas to go anywhere. Perfect for long range cruises. Waverider
  10. Ok, I've got three choices for submission. I like all three, so I'll let you decide which one to include. The first one is tribute to the past; it's all about power under the hood. This is a muscle car in the sky Screamer The second option is a Harley Davidson in the sky. Sometimes you want to feel the wind over your helmet as you cruise The Lowrider
  11. depending on your definition of "large number of kerbals" I've got something that could be ready today Are helicopters allowed?
  12. Another Great episode! Interesting take on my Boomerang; you're spot on that it could be fine-tuned some more . The setup was designed for efficient output- the motors are always at 100%, you control the angle of the propellers to generate/maximize thrust. Cool to see it in action The others were a serious collection of awesome. The last one really reminds me of the Seydlitz from the Battletech genre. It was a small, balls-to-the-wall aerospace fighter.
  13. I think my entry has already been incorporated, but if not (oe even if yes) I've just posted KerbalX an important update.I finally fixed the problem of veering of the runway on takeoff. It turns out that it was a misconfiguration on my part. So now that everything is correctly configured please DL my Boomerang and have fun! Boomerang By the way, loved the first episode, great stuff!
  14. Ok, I've updated my Boomerang on KerbalX. I tweakedthe controls to make it easier to fly, and on KerbalX included a short description of how to fly it. It likes to veer to the right on the runway, but that's controlable enough to get in the air
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