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  1. I think that the problem had been already reported here: https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS/issues/353 I have left a comment there just in case.
  2. Hello! I am experiencing some misbehavior of KIS in an heavily modded save (about 100 mods). If you accept bug reports from non-vanilla games, I will produce all the logs and so on and so forth. Otherwise pretend I said nothing ...
  3. Hello! I am playing an heavily modded game. Coming back to KSP after a couple of years of break, today I installed all my old beloved mods using CKAN. The KSP version I play is 1.9.1 but some mods are rated only for 1.8.x, bacause some reputable sources on this forum stated that this should not matter and 99% of the mods for 1.8.x should work on 1.9.1, too. However I still experience some random crashes when I change view (especially when I enter the VAB). I have more or less 90 mods all installed together, so I have no clue which is the offending one. Uninstalling the
  4. Thank you very much for this clear and detailed explanation!
  5. You are right. If the vessel is properly landed the "floating" survey stakes are correctly recognized ... but they explode as soon as I enter warp, rendering them pretty useless ...
  6. What is KD? I usually apply the ground tether, too ... I will try to reapply it just in case. Maybe it has become disabled in the meantime. Another solution could be to use the MKS ground launchpad like this old base of mine: https://i.imgur.com/IJbDGIP.png
  7. Thank you very much for the hints. I will let you know if I find out something else.
  8. Hello! I don't use WS but I noticed that exact behavior every time that the vessels are loaded (they are loaded in midair and then gently set back down). I suspect that MKS is implementing or packaging something like WS. I also use KJR continued v3.3.5.
  9. First of all, thank you for this wonderful mod. Today I played KSP after some months of inactivity and I noticed two issues with EPL (one old and one new). The old one is that the vessel productivity doesn't get updated (increased) in real time but only on vessel load. The productivity depends on Kerbal skills and location (inside the vessel), so if a Kerbal goes on EVA the productivity is changed in real time (most probably reduced). But when a Kerbal goes back to the vessel the productivity is not updated until the vessel or the game save is reloaded. The new issue is that, when lo
  10. It is true but that is a kind of a pre-release and not the official updated version. To quote RoverDude:
  11. As far as I know, there is no version of MKS compatible for KSP 1.5 yet
  12. Do you mean a Pull Request to the MKS code or EPL code? In any case, do you know if the latest releases of MKS and EPL are compatible again? Is this the commit that you were referring to? https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/pull/1401/commits/e4d39fc9becb712d44b0b81185e54ca5784adef2
  13. I have done some more testing and I noticed that the mod misbehaves if the root part is not in the last stage (the one that makes to orbit). So I ask: is this intended? Do I always have to make sure that the root part is in the last stage?
  14. I am experiencing the same strange behavior. Moreover, sometimes the mod shuts itself down on stage separation for (apparently) no reason. Another issue that I am facing is that the mod works properly only if the stage that makes to orbit is the one that contains the root part. If the root part is inside the ship that lands the ship in orbit is not saved. I play a heavily modded game, that is why I haven't posted a log. I suspect that all this little misbehaves are somewhat related but I cannot make up how. This video shows the kind of launch I am doing:
  15. So if they are in a vessel in the same physical range (but not the same), is the bonus not received? So if I am at the boundary of 3 biomes to maximize resource availability and I set up 3 different mining rigs, would I theoretically need three kerbals, one on each of vessel?
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