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  1. Hi guys, Haven't played KSP or have been to this forum for that matter in the longest time (.90 days). I'm currently setting up my new game. I do however have my old .90 install still lying around with 2 jets i'm kinda proud of. Would this be the correct space to maybe post some pics or maybe some videos of them, or nah?
  2. That all sounds waaaay more important than this mod indeed. And i feel you on the severe financial problems and sporadic depression part, cause i myself am in that place right now. Take care man.
  3. A roller coaster? Well why not eh? This is KSP where not even the sky is the limit! I have subscribed to your YT channel so i'll guess i'll see it appear there when it's done. The wheels are from Kerbal Foundries. - - - Updated - - - Wow looks as if you just entered the speedforce! Awesome!
  4. Well for now i'm working on a Monster truck with the KSX body. But when that is done i might indeed need new parts, so get to work! But in all seriousness, first take care of whatever business it is you must fix in Life. Whatever it is it's probably more important than my need for new parts.
  5. Hey renePRO, that trike looks awesome! And did you use a helicopter landing skid on a car? Who does that? You must be one of those crazy dutch people. Like that other guy from the Netherlands (also not from Amsterdam) from the post above you!
  6. Hey mister Orbit, what do think of my custom Sprinter? She is build for the Wasteland and she's Valhalla ready! Without your parts this beauty wouldn't have been possible. So thank you very much and keep up the good work!
  7. My homage to Mad Max: The MFP V8 Interceptor (.90)
  8. Is there any place i can download previous versions of this mod? I'm still busy with .90 of KSP.
  9. Sorry for the late reply, but i wanted to see if my idea was even going to work. But here is my entry after 2 launches. The main reason i needed part clipping and welding is for the ring section. This for structural as well as aesthetical reasons. Hope this doesn't disqualify me! But anyhow, i'm back to business. I got 3 or 4 launches ahead of me before the station is finished.
  10. Does this mean we cannot use the alt-F12 menu for part clipping in the VAB/SPH? And would part welding be considered "tomfoolery"? And when does the challenge end?
  11. Thanks for the tip. It was my first post, so i'm still trying to get the hang of it. And you're right about B9 and Infernal Robotics, but the rover is mainly made of Lack Luster Labs parts. I indeed used the struts and RCS thrusters from KW Rocketry. Thanks! The other mods i used are Quantum Struts to make the nacelles a bit less wobbly and to keep the cargo in the hold in place, most of the lights are from SurfaceLights, and those awesome landing legs i got from Karbonite. And i think a lot of the design traits wouldn't be possible without the Editor Extensions plugin. Oh and i used KerbPaint to give the stock MK2 parts i used for the nacelles the same shades of black, grey and white as those B9 Sabres. And that's about it i believe.
  12. Thanks Voculus! Those "filter effects" are done by BlueHarvest ENB +SweetFX, makes the game extremely screenshotable. Here's the link: