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  1. Hello everyone! Thanks for coming to check me out. i'm a small time KSP youtuber, who is just trying to get into some simple KSP streams. I am going to be playing some KSP with Kerbalism, and a long list of other mods, and I would love to have you all join me starting this journey out into the Kerbal Solar System. Come check it out when you have an opportunity. I'll be streaming from 9:30 pm CST till around midnight. rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2
  2. In this revised video of Geology in KSP, I explore a feature much closer to home, and try to discover what the mass of the object would have been, to create the large crater on kerbin.
  3. I am proud to announce that I have released the next video in my series, Geology in KSP. In this video, we explore the potential and explosive origins of the Kerbin crater.
  4. In the early days of the space agency, the key to the success of the program was the early rocket and satellite development, that showed the program was capable of building and launching rockets and satellites from the space centers. In this modded career mode playthrough of KSP, I follow a set of rules. Listed below. 1. All uncrewed flights must use kOS. 2. All crewed flights of any vehicle must be livestreamed. (Will be livestreamed on my discord server, link below.) 3. All crewed flights, unless under specific conditions, cannot use time warp in any way. 4. All crewed flights must be IVA only unless going on EVA. 5. No revert to launchpad, or VAB, and no quicksaves. A list of the mods used in this career mode playthrough. 1. KAS 2. KIS 3. Parallax 4. EVE 5. Spectra Clouds 6. TAC life support 7. Near Future Spacecraft 8. Near Future Solar Panels 9. D-magic Orbital science 10. De-IVA extension, with raster prop monitor 11. SCANsat 12. Planetary Base parts 13. Conforming Decals 14. Unkerballed before kerballed with community tech tree 15. Contract Configurator 16. Restock, and restock plus. kOS space core script pack provided by bodryxon:
  5. In this episode, I go into a deep analysis of the potential ways that the Minmus Flats formed.
  6. The Culvers Minmus Program was a Space Program set up to establish the origins of the Minmus flats. (Although conspiracy theorists believe that it was a ploy by big icecream to discover if Minmus is made of Icecream, and then when they discovered it wasn't, they sent the probe and declared the crewed missions unsuccessful). It involved a single flight of a crewed mission, which hoped to gather surface samples to see if they could possibly peel back the curtain to the orgins of the incredible feature of Minmus, but with the astronauts strong desires to eat, instead of examine and study the samples gathered, very little of the sample remained unexposed to the inside of a Kerbals mouth. As a result, the decision was made to send an uncrewed seismic probe.
  7. Have you ever looked at the massive craters on the Mun, and thought, "I wonder how they formed?" Have you ever wondered how you would even answer that question? Well wonder no longer, I have taken the liberty of answering the question that nobody wanted the answer too, and gone out to explore the surface of the Mun in order to discover the origins of it's 7 large craters.
  8. I appreciate the offer, but I am going to be doing the narration myself. I know my voicework isn't the best, but I can't afford to hire a voice actor at the moment, and I feel my channel is too small for that right now.
  9. I have started to become curious about the geology of the solar system in KSP. Wondering how the most striking formations, such as the large craters on Mun, or the Valleys on Minmus, have formed. So in an effort to find these answers, I am starting a YouTube series where I am going to be exploring the solar system with the express purpose of finding these answers. Come join me, as I send my Kerbals out to find the origins of some of the most incredible features on some of your favorite planets in the Kerbin System.
  10. I wanted to share my complete series for KSP Made Easy. I want to help new playere start a science mode playthrough and teach them the techniques and skills ive gained after years of ksp. This series teaches new players how to build their first rockets, their first aircraft. Their first flight to mun, and minmus orbit, their first space station and their first mun and minmus landing. I wanted to make sure that there was a fresh tutorial for ksp, as I know the steep learning curve required. In this series, I do my best to not use complicated terms, explain everything the best I can, and show you the simplest, while not always the best, ways of getting to your locations. Each lesson builds upon the last. And before you know it, you are a ksp master. Come check out the series, let me know how I did, and share it with other new players to help them get started in this amazing game.
  11. Landing on the Mun is one of the first big steps for a KSP player. Being able to do so will often require you to use all the skills you acquired while starting out your game, and requires for you to use some new skills as well. Join me, as I simplify the process, and show you the easiest way to land on Mun safely, and return safely to Kerbin. Let me know in the comments of the video that you came from the KSP forums, and if this helped you out at all.
  12. In preparation of launching the final episode of KSP Made Easy on my YouTube channel, and to continue to spread the word about my tutorial series, I wanted to share the complete playlists for new players. In this series, I assist you in starting a brand new science mode game, and show you how to design and build some of your first rockets, aircraft, space stations, and deep space exploration vessels. While not perfect, it is a great starting point for new players to help them learn the basics of KSP, and show them the easiest way to send their brave Astronauts out into the Solar System, and bring them safely back to Kerbin.
  13. In this episode of KSP made easy, I have made a simple tutorial on how to build, launch, and deliver crew to an orbiting laboratory. Show me your designs for orbital taxis, and launch vehicles in the comments below.
  14. In this third episode of my series KSP made easy, I teach new players how to use the maneuver planning tools, and how to fly to the Mun, and Minmus and back safely, and gather as much science as possible while doing it.
  15. In a continuation of my KSP tutorial series, I have made the second episode about the lower level aircraft. How I build them, and how to fly them. I hope this helps everyone out with where they where having trouble.
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