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  1. Hello, my name is Benjamin Gottsch and this is my modded science mode play through of Kerbal Space program, In this second episode, I develop through trial and error, a high altitude research rocket to get into, and gather science from Kerbin's upper atmosphere, Let me know how i did, and what I can do to improve my video quality for the next episode.
  2. I'm starting a modded science playthrough, that I'm going to share via Youtube. I'd love it if some of you guys gave it a watch, and gave me any advice on how to improve my video quality for my next episodes.
  3. The robotics parts are not directly attached to the solar panels. Rather I used a structural beam to hold them and the robotic hing to open them. I have not known that autostrut is a stock feature nor how to activate or deactivate it.
  4. When approaching my orbital station at a 100k circular orbit around Kerbin, I noticed a serious shimmy of the station. The station is made with a series of parts, with the main central section, being the most recently added, having a series of docking ports, a science station piece and a power system using a hinge robotic part from the breaking grounds expansion to expand the panels out at deployment. The Second section is a crew container, and a cupola module, as well as a docking ports and a small robotic arm meant to be used to grasp smaller experiments and modules and attach them to the station, similar to canada arm 2 on the ISS. The final piece of the assembled station was a simple 3 crew orbiter used to transport crew to and from the surface. I was using a new spaceplane system that I was testing for bringing crew to and from orbit to the station, when i noticed that the solar panels on the wing system seemed to be causing a shimmy, as well as a rotation on the wings specifically. I am uncertain as to the direct cause of this sudden motion, as before I left the station when delivering the science and power module, things seemed to be stable. But when I got within physics range with the space plane, I then noticed the shimmy. If anyone can tell me what is happening and what to do to prevent it, I would appreciate it. Attached is a video of the event as I saw it, and attempted to resolve it by pulling in the solar panels and radiators, I did notice that when i swapped over to the craft a distance away that the issue stopped until I approached the station again. I have reason to believe it is a result of how I used the hinges on the solar wings, but cannot know for certain, as the robotic parts in the robotic arm of the main crew module did not cause such issues when approaching the station before. video link-
  5. An update on the vehicle, a second test flight of an updated version of the vehicle attaching two small rcs tanks, the smallest possible, at the center of mass, to ensure the center of mass did not move, and the attachment of several RCS thrusters around the craft, proved that it could rendezvous and dock with an orbiting target vehicle, it delivered Bob and Bill to a space station orbiting at about 150 kilometers, and returned the pilot Jebediah safely to kerbin.
  6. Inspired by the dreamchaser spacecraft developed by the sierra nevada corporation, I give you the dreamflyer. A small wing, orbit capable, jet powered, spacecraft. It is capable of long distance jet flight, of close to the speed of sound at low altitudes <10 kilometers. It is incredibly maneuverable, incredibly stable, and easy to fly. It can transport 3 kerbals into orbit aboard its lifting rocket, and can dock to an orbiting spacecraft with its small docking port mounted atop. (RCS systems not included.) Images included are after its first test flight, with accurate enough orbital mechanics, landing at any location without the use of the jet engines is possible. The vehicle flew to an altitude of 150 kilometers, reentered the atmosphere, an under low power, flew itself to the island runaway. Flying instructions for launch, start your gravity turn as soon as possible, the flight profile would allow for the vehicle to get into orbit even if the gravity turn is not perfect. There is excess delta v in the orbital insert stage, and the OM stage just for this scenario, but it is advised that you avoid such a situation as possible. Once on orbit, it is advised, though not required, that the jet engines be deactivated, as to avoid a burnout within the engine. But it has no effect on the flight profile. By default, the jet engine fuel tanks are disabled, to ensure that there is excess liquid fuel for the return journey, and can easily fly great distances if needed.
  7. Thank you sir, I think I'll do a play through with those parts packs, and the unmanned before manned mod as well. I'm trying to get to all the planets in stock ksp first. But maybe after the next update I'll try a new planet pack. Thanks for the suggestions. I look forward to this play through. Look out for the mission reports in mission report region.
  8. Hey guys I'm starting a new game, since I had to reset my hard drive and usually I play vanilla. It I'd like to try out a few mods. If anyone has any recommendations, I'll gladly try them out.
  9. Hey guys. I am going to be starting a new career mode, and was curious which mods are best. Usually I play stock. But I want a little extra difficulty. I want to use the stock solar system for the moment, as I have yet to conquer it entirely, but I'm looking for some mods that might add some interesting parts and some added difficulty. If anyone has any recommendations. I appreciate it.
  10. I've actually never gotten very far in career mode. I either stop playing for a while, or there is an update, and I just restart, either way, I've never gotten very far in career mode. But today, I just finished leveling up all my buildings. I did this because of the sentinel space telescope. I had positioned one with a nuclear engine and two of the most powerful transmitters in orbit between eve and Kerbin, and was able to use the small amount of liquid fuel and the nuclear engine to make the small corrections required to complete the contracts. I just rinsed and repeated, completing some other missions every now and then to keep myself launching, but because these mission don't require me to launch a new telescope every time, I spent little to no money, and would receive massive paychecks. I am planning on launching more telescopes, between duna and Jool, and between Eve and Moho, to complete more missions. But right now I'm just waiting to get some of my more powerful rocket fuel tanks, to go with the large engines.
  11. I've actually thought about this a ton. And I've devised a plan, that only requires funding. the first stage and its two side boosters are solid, to simplify, and is the largest segment of the rocket. It allows me the easiest access to resources and the flight profile is relatively simple. The second stage is a hybrid. This is because at this stage we should be higher in the atmosphere where we can no longer rely on the air around the vehicle to provide oxygen for ignition, and would allow for thrust control, but it restartability for the engine, the final stage, which will be the payload will be a small liquid fuel satellite who's only job is to take photos, read temperatures and perform small experiments that neither take up a lot of weight, nor require the return of a specimen, i.e. The data can be returned digitally. My first mission will be a proof of concept. Only the camera will be launched as to return images. My preferred launch sight is in the Pacific Ocean, either directly in, or close to the equator to maximize on the energy of the earths rotation. He first stage would take an almost straight up flight path, to simplify to launch profile, leaving the first major maneuvers like the gravity turn to the second stage while it is higher in the atmosphere. From there the second stage would fire and guide the satellite into a high long suborbital trajectory, allowing for it to either get into orbit, or take and transmit as many pictures as possible in the event of failure. Finally the finale stage will fire it's rather simple and as light as possible liquid fuel engine, to bring it into a final orbit. It would then take photos and transmit them back. the satellite itself would be simple, powered by solar panels, with a camera on the front for its most simple model. The fuel would preferably be liquid hydrogen and oxygen, but if I am unable to acquire that, gasoline and oxygen will do. The second stage will use a hybrid fuel system, using a solid based fuel with a liquid oxidizer. This will allow me better control of the burn rate of the fuel, and therefor thrust of the second stage. I haven't picked a fuel system for the second stage. I know of one that uses a highly flammable hydrogen based oxidizer and what is similar to car tire rubber as a fuel. But I have yet to find a way to acquire such a thing. Finally the first stage will be solid fuel, for both eas of the flight profile and control, of the rocket. Not the burn. I aim to get as much thrust from the first stage as possible to achieve the highest of ceiling altitudes for the stage. It will have 2-3 solid fuel side boosters that will fire at the same time and cut out at 2 separate milestones for the flight, then the final stage will stop burning, and release the second stage.
  12. Does anyone remember the Kerbal roleplay room, where we carved out the land masses of kerbin to have a little nation roleplay. It used to take up the space where the fan art section is. All I remember is it was eventually replaced because it started strange wars and a hostile environment. Follow up question. Did anyone have a nation, and if so what was its name and what was its most notable achievement? mine was the sontorum republic, we where a small glacial islands far south of the desert continent. I never did anything noteworthy during the time the rp room was available.
  13. -tasting mystery goo -shaking seismograph -finding qualified scientists -giving up in finding qualified scientists -putting ladders on the hatch -Jeb is the greatest there ever was -Jeb was here -bhfiwnanfifnjfjdnwindnfn -removing Jeb from hint generating room
  14. I used to be in your side man. I did. But I trust this company. They aren't the large developers like ea or Ubisoft, and this game is not optimized for a micro transaction economy, nor does the nature of the game allow people who pay to receive these expansion packs to have an unfair advantage, since the game in itself is not a competitive game, unless you count challenges. The expansions are simply adding an aspect of the game that doesn't exactly fit with the main game, like making history, it's adding an entire new campaign system that allows you to follow historic spaceflight missions, it's a more educational, and doesn't add much to the game as a whole. It's a fun little side piece, and optional part of the game, that yes you can get as a mod, but being developed by the games developers, can help it become a more enjoyable experience. And they aren't charging you for any future updates, they have stated that they will keep that promise. So any major updates, like a 1.4 onward, that adds new content the developers have intended for the entire game and community will be free for you. now look I've been with this game since 2011-12, and bought it when the .14 update came out, changing the game from a free to play demo, to a $10.00 work in progress. At this point, the game is now worth $24.99 on steam. The game has more than doubled in price since I first bought it back when I was a freshmen in high school. Even if they didn't want to make all the expansions free for the portion that got the game when I did, I'd gladly pay extra for the expansions that interest me. And this is where my argument comes into play. Expansions are optional. Nobody has to buy them, they are an optional part of the game that is available to those who want something that the developers don't feel would warant an entire update to implement. Like a making history update. Adding little parts to the game that are built for smaller parts of the community, and as a bonus make a little extra money. Hey aren't trying to Dead Space 3 us, they are putting genuine effort into this. And the fact that they are offering them free to anyone shows how much they care for their audience. But it must be a balanced. If they only focused on keeping the community happy, the game would still be free, it would never have made a cent for Squad, and I'm certain would not be at the development stage it is if they didn't at one point say. We need to start making money from this. This is another point in the development where they have a large enough audience, they can branch out, and build these expansions designed around targeting smaller groups within it, while optimizing the game to continue to grow the audience.
  15. Hello. For a while now I've wanted to start twitch streaming. I am currently on spring break and will be trying a small stream tonight. Of KSP, but I also have several other games to play as well. If you all want to join me. The link is right here.