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  1. Landing on the Mun is one of the first big steps for a KSP player. Being able to do so will often require you to use all the skills you acquired while starting out your game, and requires for you to use some new skills as well. Join me, as I simplify the process, and show you the easiest way to land on Mun safely, and return safely to Kerbin. Let me know in the comments of the video that you came from the KSP forums, and if this helped you out at all.
  2. In preparation of launching the final episode of KSP Made Easy on my YouTube channel, and to continue to spread the word about my tutorial series, I wanted to share the complete playlists for new players. In this series, I assist you in starting a brand new science mode game, and show you how to design and build some of your first rockets, aircraft, space stations, and deep space exploration vessels. While not perfect, it is a great starting point for new players to help them learn the basics of KSP, and show them the easiest way to send their brave Astronauts out into the Solar System, and bring them safely back to Kerbin.
  3. In this episode of KSP made easy, I have made a simple tutorial on how to build, launch, and deliver crew to an orbiting laboratory. Show me your designs for orbital taxis, and launch vehicles in the comments below.
  4. In this third episode of my series KSP made easy, I teach new players how to use the maneuver planning tools, and how to fly to the Mun, and Minmus and back safely, and gather as much science as possible while doing it.
  5. In a continuation of my KSP tutorial series, I have made the second episode about the lower level aircraft. How I build them, and how to fly them. I hope this helps everyone out with where they where having trouble.
  6. I have taken it upon myself to try and produce a new fresh tutorial, starting from the beginning of the game for KSP, in order to help new players get started in the game, I plan on continuing this series, to help new players get the hang of the game. If any experienced players and video makers want to help me get better at making these videos, please let me know, and I encourage you to share it with any new players who might be needing help to get started.
  7. The LKO CTV (Low Kerbin Orbit Crew Transport Vehicle) was the workhorse for my space program for the longest time. It was a 3 crew spaceplane designed, launched atop a Mainsail powered launch vehicle. The small vessel was limited in it's orbital capabilities, but limitless in it's utility. While not used to it's full potential, the LKO CTV was used to transport crews to and from the Exploration, where the crew would perform experiments on themselves and for scientists down on Kerbin, that advanced the space program to the place where it is today. While the work on the station is not complete, the job of the vehicle has been replaced by the more capable COTV IV, which can carry a full complement of 6 crew members to the space station, as well as an option to carry small payloads, such as satellites, and station expansion equipment into LKO with a compliment of 2 crew members. As well as the design work on the COTV V having already started, the LKO CTV finds itself outmatched in a new world of space exploration. The last two to fly, where flow to the Exploration I Space Station, where they delivered crew for a little over a month of scientific research. Valentina Kerman, and her crew flew the last LKO CTV from orbit, choosing to land it at the Island Airfield off the coast of the Kerbal Space Coast, to house it within the hangars there on display. Valentina remarked upon landing, "While we end an era of space transportation, we begin a new era of Space Exploration. The CTV as served us well, but it's time to retire her, so that we may move onto the future." Which was then interrupted by mission control reporting that it was a nominal landing.
  8. So I wanted to share the YouTube video which has some segments that I remembered to record from the stream, including the descent and landing, and the docking of the Ascent Stage to the CMSM. It's a bit of a long video, so i understand if you don't watch the whole thing. But in the comments I will have put a time stamp of the actual bits from the live stream. Another announcement. I have decided to carry on the momentum of this stream, and attempt another one. At the current moment I do not know when I will be able to actually do it, but I plan doing a mission to a small orbiting space station using a single crew space plane design, with a couple kerbal day stay on he station, performing EVA's to perform station maintenance, and doing actual science experiments while inside. Again I do not have a planned date as to when I will do this next stream but expect a separate post to come out when I have set aside the time.
  9. I am certain many of you have seen that Beginning on June 29th, I attempted a rather bold project, to fly to the Mun, using IVA, and no time warp. Along with me I brought several pieces of equipment to perform an orbital EVA, to assemble a simple satellite in orbit of Mun, and construct a small rover on the surface. While the assembly systems ultimately failed, due to one of the many aspects of spaceflight, the overall goals of the mission where successful. A safe landing was performed at 8:00 pm central standard time, on June 29th, and at 11:00 am central standard time on June 30th, the capsule safely landed on Kerbin by parachute. A formal report is being prepared and what footage from the stream that I remembered to record will be compiled together with recreation footage in order to produce a short video summary of the flight.
  10. On a list of things I did not expect to come out of this, was the honor of being named one of the threads of the month. Not only does this cement the fact that I will be doing something like this again, but I am incredibly humbled and grateful. Thank you very much.
  11. I want to thank those that joined me on this incredible journey. I will be posting a youtube video summarizing what happened during the flight. I don't know when I will do something like this again, but expect this to become something I do regularly.
  12. I am on the final leg of my journey. Reentry will occur around 10:00 am Central Standard Time. It's been an awesome journey so far.
  13. Slight update to the schedule. The landing will probably be an hour later than originally planned due to changes in the flight plan. Landing is now scheduled for 9:00 pm central standard time..
  14. New announcement everyone, the stream has begun, if you want to join in, between now and when I either crash, or land safely on Kerbin tomorrow evening is a good time. I will post updates as times change. Come join us as we fly to the Mun, and play among the stars. Join me on
  15. I appreciate it. I'll be sure to post a link once I begin broadcasting, i live in the central united states, so I understand if a lot of people miss the launch. But There will still be lots of cool stuff to see once we get started and on the way.